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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Of Dating A Stingy Guy, Dutch Treats And The Like

They say when a guy likes a girl he does everything to capture her heart and soul. Give luxurious gifts if he can afford or even just simple ones just so to endear him to the object of his affection.  That's in the courtship stage of the dating game. But what if you discovered that your man is quite stingy in the course of your relationship?Would this  somehow affect your  blossoming bond?  

Money could be one controversial issue affecting relationships nowadays. Eye-popping questions :  Can a guy afford or rather provide his gf all  the things that she needs/wants? or  I will just rephrase this as :  Can a guy  be able to sustain financially a relationship once he commits himself to another?

While in our modern times these days, it is quite acceptable to practice Dutch treat or paying for one's self and not merely relying for the guy to always shoulder the bills each time you have a date,  men's ego still gets hit once it's the girl  who is always acting as the "financier".Admit it guys , you feel bad about that , right?

There are many girls who have their own hard-earned money to buy themselves stuffs and the like without asking from their boyfriends or husbands. And it isn't all that nice too to always rely on men to get ourselves fancy  things if we can afford it or even if we can't, dependence or being a "parasite" ain't pretty. You could  be branded as a scammer sometimes if that's the case. Just kidding here. 

I once read in a magazine about a girl seeking advice as to what should be done to her stingy bf. Her bf as she describes is quite a good guy but his one major flaw  was that he was STINGY! The guy has enough to support himself but can't even enjoy the small indulgences in life. They often just eat in a fast food chain saying he doesn't want to splurge too much on food. But the thing is that they can't even go out  and eat once in a while in a decent if not fine dining restaurant to celebrate their anniversaries  though the guy can afford to! They are beginning to have arguments  because of this she said.

The column adviser were all men by the way. One said asked the girl if what was her expectations in a relationship in the first place? What was she expecting from her  bf in the future? A guy should treat a girl the way she feels she should be treated. The other advised the girl to treat her bf to a fine dining restaurant herself so he could experience how it feels to eat there and maybe he will ditch scrimping on his gf the next time. LOL 

There are yet many ways a guy and a girl can prove their love to their significant others and it need not be that extravagant or something luxurious. Sometimes even the simplest things that your lover does for you is enough to make your heart melt.  It's in the effort and the way you make things special for the love of your life!

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