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Thursday, May 19, 2011

How Not To End Up In The Buddy Zone

Check out this scenario : Girl meets boy, they hit it off well from the very start, even hanging out all the time...girl has somehow developed feelings for the guy but realized after sometime that she somehow have ended up in the dreaded buddy zone. Happy Ouch! Tongue (May lightning not strike those who are hit by what I just stated. LOL Tongue)

At some point in time, some of us here were maybe put into such a dilemma. We fall for one of our friends and we simply don't know what to do in order to let the person know/feel that we sorta like him/her especially if they just view us as mere friends! (sigh...) Tongue Now what do we do now so as to finally let these special people know that we ain't just "friend materials" ? We gotta take some action peeps! Tongue 

Here are some pointers to consider gals to somehow make a beeline for your cherished gf territory:

Note: Reference material : Love and Lust section, Cosmopolitan Magazine, April 2011 issue. (I just added some bits to the tips mentioned and stated them in my own way Happy)

1. Make a one-on-one time (get him/her alone all by yourself at times) -Of course it's pretty good to chill out with your mutual friends to get to know a guy well at first that is...BUT we have this thing called "buddy association" if a couple of weeks have gone by and you haven't gotten the chance to have him/her solo, he/she might think of you as one of his/her buddies. Happy

According to Christie Hartman, PhD, author of the book, "It's Not Him, It's You", you can break away from the group even for short span of time, let's say about 10 minutes. Get him/her to do things with you , help you out in some things or play a one-on-one game of pool perhaps and make subtle flirting. LOL Tongue (eye contact is a must in this strategy folks!)

2. Utter the "magic word" dear Romeos and Juliets! -Men and women put someone in the friendship mode simply because they assume that's how they view them!To make it crystal clear that you are INTERESTED, without appearing too aggressive or a push over, you ought to learn to use this word :YOU. Happy

Example : Instead of saying " That was funny!" when the person tells a joke, say "YOU make me laugh! " or after watching a movie together, instead of saying , "I had fun.", you can say , " I had fun with YOU. " Those would make the person know you were thinking of her.him. Happy

3. Reduce your obsessive texting spree. - It's but natural to always want to send messages to a special person thinking this would surely make them notice you but it can actually make your relationship TOO BREEZY. 

For men and women as well , texting is a way for them to chat with their male/female buddies and too much of it can cause a rather too familiar and too relaxed state between the two of you.

Go for some mystery! Let them ask for more and be intrigued as to what still lies beneath the surface. Tongue

4. Don't merely be a shock absorbee! Tongue - You may be all ecstatic when the object of your affection is opening up himself/herself to you. BUT what if the person is crying over spilled milk meaning about his/her past relationship issues? You might think that it's too close for comfy and it actually is an alarming one and you as a bf/gf potential is getting slimmer by a nano second. Giving the person advices merely puts you now in the brotherly/sisterly role. Happy

You can make a segway like this but still listen to the person's woes and use this as an opportunity to flirt subtlely : " A sweet/sexy girl/boy like you shouldn't be thinking of your pasts.How about talking about your dating future? " (with wink at the side LOL Tongue Wink )

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