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Thursday, May 19, 2011

On Saying I Love You

Whoever said that these three mushy words would just be for the young and not for the young once? As I was commuting on my way to the office, I overheard one elderly lady saying the final words, " I Love You" after bidding goodbye to her "sweetheart"! She doesn’t have any pretensions and qualms saying these words in front of people. Happy

How come some people from younger generations just blush at the idea of expressing if not affirming their love for one another?Happy Some of us at times get all embarrassed telling our families how much we love them straight to their faces. Yes, it's true that actions speak louder than words but must we delay saying those three words long before people dear to us have gone away and we may never grab another chance to shout "I love you Mom and Dad! I love you sis and bro!" Happy

There are instances wherein we can easily demonstrate our affection to strangers and friends but find it hard to do to our families! How come? Tongue Maybe we weren't raised up in a demonstrative environment at home or out of sheer shyness. But these very people we get to see everyday of our lives and live with and our own flesh and blood! It's not as if we are just mere boarders in our house and strangers to one another. Happy Well, maybe people have different ways of showing their love and affections to the people they care about the most. Happy

"I Love You", three magic words to spice up our lives. Why not tell our loved-ones those helluva words now that they’re still much alive rather than having only to tell them when they’re already gone from this world? such a sad affair, isn’t it? Happy

Saying "I Love You" quickly like lightning speed to a prospective love is another topic LOL Tongue

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