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Monday, May 30, 2011

Love Hopping

Is finding love that easy for some while for the others its merely like changing clothes from time to time? Some wait forever for the Right One to come along, thinking one day the love of their lives would just come knockin' their doorsteps.A few have this notion that they should do serious searching for their other "pair" if they don't like to grow old alone.

While others just shrug it off and let time and fate take their own course if someone would really come into their lives even if they're just sitting in their rocking chairs relaxing within the four corners of their humble abode. Why do some girls/boys  find love in an instant without much effort done? They can easily attract the opposite sex, let people flock to them like flies (pardon the pun) while others grow weary and dismay displayed on their faces thinking they are way better (way sexier, more beautiful and smarter) than these lucky ones.But why are they still lacking in this department? 

Have you ever encountered or know someone who change gfs/bfs like they have this flavor of the month or something? Chocolate  flavor this month and much to your surprise after a few weeks, he has this vanilla ice cream on hand! (wink) (wink) Maybe these ones can just readily step on to the next relationship
without bothering to ponder on the past. They don't have troubles "relocating", maybe even using ones like those pods promotional code to help them moved out of one affair to move on to the next.

Or could be these ones are just full of love within their hearts, they've got so much to offer. They would want to spread love, love, love to the world! Or they are really in search of something that is lacking in their lives they thought they could find in another person. Well, happiness cannot be found in another person, it's within ourselves. Maybe some cannot imagine themselves without a lover, maybe they do have reasons even themselves cannot understand. Yes, to each his own as long as we are not stepping into other people's lives hurting them, spreading LOVE is but nice!

The Princess Pack Rat

My room is my secret sanctuary where I can be all day accompanied by the things I do love the most. I've got a collection of stuffs that I have accumulated through the years, some having sentimental values having been given to me by my good friends and the like. Some I have outgrown but the child in me simply can't let them go!

I'm like any kind of lady who loves shopping for clothes (if I have the means) and my closet is so full of them my Mom at times nags me off to give some of them to other people or relatives. I have bought them out of my earnings and though some really don't fit me anymore, I just can't easily give away since I know their prices and that the style and designs are unique. I'd rather let them hang in there where I can sneak through my outfits I used to wear before and at times I "reinvent" my jeans turn them out into skirts; I also design my tops with patches and the like to make them appear newer and hip. 

Maybe I can put up my own "clothes reinvention shop", create it's own website and advertise online using a backpage promo code to boost up my sales! Wow, another crazy, creative imagination this writer has on mind that may well come true in the near future. I also own a vast compendium of books of course obviously being a book worm, I get to buy lots of books of diverse genres ranging from science fiction to detective stories, self-help ones to horror novels as well as spiritual. These are my precious treasures, my refuge when I want to just immerse in my own private world once in a while.

My room is not that  big so imagine a mini-library inside plus stuffed toys plus shoes plus clothes plus bags and other clobbers you could  think of. LOL I'm a princess pack rat yes, I am.Oh, I can hear my Mom's nagging voice again at the background." Arrange your room, it's all a mess. " Of which I reply only to myself, "It's not a mess, I just don't have enough space to put them all in here." Meaning all I need is a bigger room!. (grin)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Signs of Love And Of The Times

Are you one of those who take signs too seriously? As if the heavens and earth cast their burdens upon you once you've seen some indications that something bad is really going to happen sooner. You take it as though these things will predict your future or would somehow bring you luck or something. A bad omen, a negative sign, a premonition of things yet to happen, though there are also good forewarnings but does it hurt to believe in these things?

Take for example this case of a boyfriend/girlfriend as I have read in one book, "Chocolate For  A Woman's Spirit" by Kaye Allenbaugh which I  will now narrate in my own words : The girl was thinking of a nice Valentines  gift for her bf. The guy gave her a rose plant in a pot. She is one who is into "signs" and stuff like that so she readily believes this innocent plant symbolizes their relationship. And so she said to herself the rose must be nurtured and cared for.

They after sometime got into a long distance relationship as they have gone to different universities in far away cities and only see each other twice a month.Her bf had a family affair one Saturday and so she decided to bring along the "symbolic rose". She later found it withering and the leaves are about to fall one by one. Gloom befell her countenance as she stares at the dying plant before her very eyes. The bf then approached her and told her the plant would really die because she have placed it directly where the heater was!

After which the girl uttered in dismay : " It is all my fault! Our relationship would soon be ruined because the rose is now dying!." And before she  bellowed out a girl's sob, her bf  reassured her , " Nothing will happen to our love. Geez, it's just a plant!" Gathering up her senses again, the girl then picked some petals and put them in one box.

Two and a half years have passed, they have gotten married and are now about to have their second child and their bond is still growing stronger! She remembered what silly perception she had way back then of believing in signs and promised herself no too indulge or involve herself much with things that are not yet bound to happen. 

You can enjoy life more if you take it one day at a time. Leave  your worries behind first and focus on what life has to offer you now.Life is beautiful! We are sometimes the ones who make it so complicated.

The Odd Writer In Me

This is one entry I wrote before but only uploaded here now…

I’m at the middle of a mall in Ortigas, Pasig City sitting beside people who opt to stop for awhile by the circular seats. if some take their time to rest and stop and kill time for awhile or just hang around, I’m caught up with storming ideas enveloping my mind, infos circling my head about to explode if I won’t be able to write them down my draft notebook (not the mini computer but the one used by students with paper pages)…I’m not cramming, rushing my articles to make it up for the deadline but it’s just one of those episodes in  a writer’s life when your brain gets flooded with "data", each one trying to outdo the other… 

Geez, I’ve got to take these "crazy" ideas down or they might leave my mind the next 24 hours! or the worst is yet to come - I might lose my sanity!I don’t care about other people’s chit-chats, other’s uncontrollable laughter, sweet nothings they whisper to each other’s ear…I’m gifted with a powerful concentration that I can finish an article or draft amidst enormous noise surrounding me…he he! while others mind and complain a lot, they can’t find a conducive writing environment, fortunately, I’m one odd writer who likes noise at the background to keep me going more than silence…(keeping the TV on, listening to music, a crying baby beside me,my mother shouting)I can bear the silence around me…

I can block any noise anyway…(it’s the power of the mind) or is this the effect of feeding my brain with too much nuts the other night? he he! who cares , every writer has "crazy’ ideas anyway…we’re storytellers, we write what’s on our minds, we have "crazy" imaginations, it’s inborn talent, baby and people love us because of that…

I don't have yet a laptop to directly draft my works but would be saving money to acquire one in the near future. I think it's a must for every writer to have back up files so as not to lose pertinent data online and the like. Save your work in USBs, discs or use a carbonite offer code, whatever suits you fine. Imagine the horror of accidentally clicking on the delete button or any other keys or something happens to your lap top causing you to lose precious contents much more if you're dying to  beat the deadline!

Which is more terrible, losing your sanity or losing unbacked up work? Both I think.

My Niche In The Blogosphere

Picture this: Obama and Steven Colbert and other distinguished writers/authors as my co-bloggers. Who would think I could possibly “rub elbows” online with these famous personalities, best selling book authors, film makers ? I have already requested President Obama if we could be neighbors in Red Room and I do hope he approves it!
 I am just an ordinary Feature Writer but I found my place in a blogging website, Redroom – Where the Writers Are one fateful November day of 2008  and it has been quite a long fruitful and joyful ride as I blog away about any subject under the sun. Redroom is my first ever blog site that showcased my published articles, poetry, short stories and blogs about life,love and relationships.
 During periods of idle time and my mind is not that cluttered with too much worries, pressures and stress, I find myself doodling away ideas that come out of the blue almost about every possible thing one can conceive of. I found my world in the blogosphere through Red Room, one writer’s website where I came across with different writers and authors of all writing genres from all over the world. And it is truly a wonderful experience to connect with co-writers globally as we become friends and stay connected through the website. It’s though you’ve found your “home” where you could be your true self, no pretensions and anonymity, just your desire to be heard and express yourself in a world you call your sanctuary. I gained insights from my co-bloggers and have somewhat “spoken” to them through the comments they’ve posted about some of the blogs I have written. And I should say I do appreciate their positive remarks and they are not just ordinary bloggers but established professionals in their field of writing. Opening my member page everyday and checking on my dashboards to see my statistics and know how many have actually read my entries is an exciting routine to do. Reading the latest blogs also refreshes my mind and I do gain advices on how I could still improve my craft, get a peak into each bloggers lives as they write down topics that concern not only them but other people as well.
 Red Room is not just about blogging but you can find the latest books published by your co-writers and you get a sneak preview of what is the book about. There are also podcasts, videos, published articles, stories, poems of all genres. Indeed it is exciting to read all the entries by these famous personalities. I have so much to be thankful for the day I became a member of this writer’s website. What’s really wonderful to learn is that so far I’ve received positive feedbacks about my blogs! It is truly an ego-booster to know that other writers like me from other countries do recognize and appreciate my works and that has given me much more confidence and belief in myself as a wordsmith and will continue to doodle and blog away as long as I live!
I have gained online buddies , fellow writers and poets and our friendship went beyond the website as we added ourselves in another social networking site. 3 years later, I decided to put up my own blog site at and came the birth of "Looking For Your Half-Orange?" this 2011! I even customized the page so it would be appropriate with the theme so people can see the background is in orange. I am now drawing visitors to my site through different traffic sources, social networks wherein I am a member, Twitter, writer's networks and with the help of course of my friends and co-writers. 
Maybe I could use a prweb coupon  in the future to attract the attention of netizens towards my blog site, what do you think folks? I've got so many other  contents to put into it not just my blogs but as well as my poems that I have composed early on and my published articles. So much construction, modifications to do to improve my site but all hard work has it's pay offs. My hobby is now also a source of additional income and that's one thing that keeps me busy nowadays. 
It feels so great having fun  sharing your ideas and being able to pay some bills out of your hobby, too! So this is the fun, fearless lure of blogging folks!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Do Sparks Fly? Nope? (You Might Have Plugged At the Wrong Socket)

    So what’s this chemistry all about? An invisible electric current flowing through two individuals as they relate with one another. A certain “click”, magical that is, no amount of scientific explanation or logic can fathom.
    But do sparks fly the first time the two of you talk? If he makes you laugh, literally roll on the floor laughing or is it simply being comfortable with the person no matter how nonsense you are discussing about. Is it his mere presence that leaves you breathless and a sense of belonging like you can be you and act naturally without any put-ons? You can meet a lot of people smarter than he is, more good looking, but physical appearance is not the “be-all” in achieving those “sparks”. 
     Countless people want to feel each damn spark every time they get to chat with a prospective love. A lot would shrug it off and say they don’t seem to click at all and that they don’t match. While others get along well as buddies or develop a purely platonic relationship with the opposite sex, there is one person who will stand out from among the rest. Though it’s but silly to readily assume someone could be your soul mate the minute you two chat online and you click, some would have romantic fantasies of being with the object of their affection. Ask yourself first or directly ask the person you “cathect”  (psychological term for a “loved-object”) if he\she feels the same way to save yourself from a future heartache. It should work both ways unless you want to experience unrequited love. 
    There is spark in the air if you two laugh at the same things, enjoying the silence when you don’t have anything to say and you two have gone quiet. If you are both interested to get to know each other well and develop a certain connection only the two of you can explain. If despite your differences, you’ll be patient in discovering things and be surprised you both dig a few things. You can have many friends but this someone makes you really feel special and always paints a smile on your face recalling the convos you just had. Some say don’t search or wait for these sparks to fly or you may not find someone if this could be the main consideration when dating. But it is essential! “Sparks” can’t be faked nor magic can be created if there aren’t really any romantic feelings towards each other. “Liking” can lead to “loving”  as time passes by you get to know a person much better. You’ll come to the point you’ll feel in love and that’s the time the two of you sing beautiful music together.
     Friendship is the strongest foundation of any given relationship without this, how can you two have that solid ground when you can’t be friends first and foremost before the thing you’re having evolves into something stronger- LOVE.

Buy The Whole Package

We live in an imperfect world but people search for their "ideals". They require too much qualifications for a future wife/husband that sometimes some may feel they're like entering a contest or competition or better yet applying for a job. She should be like this, like that...he should be like this, like that... Don't we realize that all the qualities we may be expecting cannot be really found in just one imperfect person?We all have flaws, we commit mistakes as being part of our human nature. 

When you decide to enter a relationship, you accept the person for what and who he is and his mere frailties and clumsiness might be some of those that endeared you to him. We don't just dismiss the notion that we couldn't match for a certain someone if he fails to have one of your most coveted fetishes like blue eyes, broad shoulders or his Romeo-like sweet nothings being blown in the air every time you two talk. Before entering a serious relationship, we should know what we're getting into.

Love isn't just a game or a piece of paper you can easily throw away once you get burned. You love the person for who he is- buy the whole package, it doesn't come in small portions or chosen parts only. I think, the more we have this "ideal person" in mind, the longer we would be finding the right One. We shouldn't search for perfection, it's just too impossible with people having different personalities, cultural clashes and major differences in beliefs and what-have-you's.'

To love is a decision, a risk most of the time but then as the world continues to spin around its axis, give yourself a chance to love and be loved. You might let the right One pass you by if you keep on searching for your "perfect prince or princess" but then let us also guard our hearts for its really hell to be hurt again and again.

**Blog pic courtesy of my bf's photography works

Of Dating A Stingy Guy, Dutch Treats And The Like

They say when a guy likes a girl he does everything to capture her heart and soul. Give luxurious gifts if he can afford or even just simple ones just so to endear him to the object of his affection.  That's in the courtship stage of the dating game. But what if you discovered that your man is quite stingy in the course of your relationship?Would this  somehow affect your  blossoming bond?  

Money could be one controversial issue affecting relationships nowadays. Eye-popping questions :  Can a guy afford or rather provide his gf all  the things that she needs/wants? or  I will just rephrase this as :  Can a guy  be able to sustain financially a relationship once he commits himself to another?

While in our modern times these days, it is quite acceptable to practice Dutch treat or paying for one's self and not merely relying for the guy to always shoulder the bills each time you have a date,  men's ego still gets hit once it's the girl  who is always acting as the "financier".Admit it guys , you feel bad about that , right?

There are many girls who have their own hard-earned money to buy themselves stuffs and the like without asking from their boyfriends or husbands. And it isn't all that nice too to always rely on men to get ourselves fancy  things if we can afford it or even if we can't, dependence or being a "parasite" ain't pretty. You could  be branded as a scammer sometimes if that's the case. Just kidding here. 

I once read in a magazine about a girl seeking advice as to what should be done to her stingy bf. Her bf as she describes is quite a good guy but his one major flaw  was that he was STINGY! The guy has enough to support himself but can't even enjoy the small indulgences in life. They often just eat in a fast food chain saying he doesn't want to splurge too much on food. But the thing is that they can't even go out  and eat once in a while in a decent if not fine dining restaurant to celebrate their anniversaries  though the guy can afford to! They are beginning to have arguments  because of this she said.

The column adviser were all men by the way. One said asked the girl if what was her expectations in a relationship in the first place? What was she expecting from her  bf in the future? A guy should treat a girl the way she feels she should be treated. The other advised the girl to treat her bf to a fine dining restaurant herself so he could experience how it feels to eat there and maybe he will ditch scrimping on his gf the next time. LOL 

There are yet many ways a guy and a girl can prove their love to their significant others and it need not be that extravagant or something luxurious. Sometimes even the simplest things that your lover does for you is enough to make your heart melt.  It's in the effort and the way you make things special for the love of your life!

Friday, May 27, 2011

On Letting Love Find You and Getting a Life :P

Let LOVE find will just knock your door at a time you don't seem to get becomes more elusive the more you hang on to the feeling of waiting in vain...girls let yourselves be chased and not the other way around... guys are still the born hunters here... don't be stalkers, the more they'll be turned-off..instead of merely waiting for the One, enjoy your life which has more to offer more than the lovey dovey thing.. :D Some  think  that the emptiness they feel inside is the  lack of a love life, a  significant other that is...but it actuality, this black hole they've created is a piece of one's lost self...

Let yourself be whole first, be kind  enough to love yoursef before loving another person... you can give much love if at first you know how to treat yourself well...Happiness should never  be dependent on another person, it resides within's for you to recognize and accept in your life..happiness may not necessairly mean grandeur and luxury but mere peace of mind and  how to enjoy life to the fullest is what matters most...

Mirrors, Sponges, & Repelling Poles

Opposites attract and like poles repel. We've learned this in Science but can it be applied between two people who chose to love each other despite their many differences?

While some couples enjoy the fruits of their compatibilities in diverse areas, there could surface differences too along the way. Just imagine how predictable it is and somewhat boring if you two are exact reflections of each other! It could be wonderful at first, smooth sailing, no hassles but could get really routinary and bland to the taste if you don't find some things to argue about! lol! Tongue

It's not that I'm looking for loopholes to spark any future petty quarrels or something but always agreeing on similar things for the mere sake of preventing clashes won't help the relationship to grow and evolve. 

Would it be a big deal if your partner is always saying "Yes, I like it, hon. " to you every time? Or when you guys ask your gfs where could be the best place to go for a candle lit dinner and she will always say"It's up to you, sweetheart. As long as we're together." That would be sweet at first of course but get could really annoying for the two of you should contribute your ideas and speak your mind- you are not a "sponge" just absorbing whatever it is that appears right before your eyes. He/she could have chosen a lifeless, brainless, stiff mannequin if you don't have a say to everything that you converse about.

Spice up your conversations, share your experiences and ask questions. Your significant other won't be such a grumpy fella if you ask things in a subtle, sweet, suave way I think. Wink

You need not always agree on all things that your lover tells you just so to please him/her when you've got something brewing up on your mind. It is free anyway to express your disinterest or disagreement in a way that would be kinda diplomatic and will not either insult or hurt his/her feelings. We just have to be quite sensitive to others feelings when we air our sides.

It's but a another issue if the couple cannot be on the same boat on almost all things and ideas- that's a total clash of personalities which would entail endless, pointless arguments.

When Fools Rush In :P

A blog I wrote for a dating site :

This isn't about the movie of Salma Hayek...Happy This entry is all about people who are into "instant things", in a rush and to those who think they don't have enough time to find LOVE when in actuality they've got so much time in their hands! I could have entitled this with another monicker like "Finding Love for the Wrong Reasons", too. Tongue

Scenario 1 : I just noticed that too many young people nowadays not just here in the Philippines but all over are into a rush to get hitched or to find their lifetime partners when they've got some other important things to prioritize like studies, their future careers and the like. And much to your surprise, you would discover they're just in their "tweeny years", too young to take commitments seriously and what more to raise up a family. Happy

Scenario 2 : Some out there find LOVE just because they feel kinda LONELY...It shows up in their status messages, in their moods, in their posts, how they're living their lives.Is this a good reason to fall in love with someone? Coz one is lonely or bored in his/her life?? You would be unfair to yourself and to the other person if you think that is it REAL LOVE when if you dig deep inside your heart, you are just plain feeling miserable! Happy Get real, get a life! Find yourself first before committing with another person.Happy What's much worse is when both parties are desperate people thinking that happiness must be dependent upon others. Wrong notion! Happiness resides within you! HappyAre you LONELY or are you CONFUSED?? Tongue

Scenario 3 : Raging emotions of couples who just met but mistaken lust or infatuation as the real thing! Tongue These are the ones living in fairytale kingdoms with fleeting feelings of being in love, love , love! Happy Once they've discovered their partner's flaws and they've awakened one day that they ain't a good combination, they back out like lightning just like how fast they've been into each other at first! Ending up breaking each other's hearts out of sheer stupidity and/or desperation. Tongue

Scenario 4 : Now, is this true? They said that one must find another love after heart break as this would speed up if not mend or heal it. Not true! Tongue You must give yourself and your wounded heart enough time to heal completely in a matter of months, some even take years to forget what happened to them before loving again! HappyYou would be unfair to yourself and to your prospect if you will just use him/her to forget someone in your past! This is the REBOUND thing we commonly call. Happy Unless you're into basketball, you could use this term then. LOL Tongue

I'm running out of things to say here, just composed this in the office while waiting for my pay. hahaha Tongue Even though I've got eyestrain causing a headache I still manage to come up with this because of my observations of people around me. LOL Tongue

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Hundred Things to Remember But One Thing to Never Forget – Love!

I got this bestselling book of Alin Austin – “ 100 Things to Remember and One Thing to Never Forget” 5 years ago one day while I was doing my usual thing of strolling down the mall. They conduct the occasional book sales and discounts and this book caught my eye. It’s not just an ordinary book for as its back cover says: “it is written with wisdom and sensitivity…poetic messages are presented in a very touching way, with personal feelings and universal thoughts that reflect a lot of love!”
The first part starts with these: “Your presence is a present to the world. You’re unique and one of a kind. Your life can be what you want it to be.  Take the days just one at a time.” Many of us feel “left out” in our own world, ignored, with bruised egos and live the life of a “hermit” for many years. They think that they don’t possess what it takes to make it to the top and are too obsessed of gaining the approval and attention of others. Each individual is unique so it says here and each of us has our own talents and skills we can offer to the world. We just have to step out of our comfort zone and be willing to take the risks, prove to ourselves and not merely to other people that we too can make it!
I was once a “hermit” too, caught up in my own world, keeping my thoughts to myself, me and I.  But then the innate talent or what I consider a “gift” from heaven in organizing ideas on my mind and writing them down is just too hard to resist. I finally let go, changed careers and enjoyed my life as a freelance writer and what a relief I felt! I wasn’t the old Elizabeth everyone knew before – I was free as a bird “casting” my magical powers in every article, poems, short story, blogs I write. Like one passage again from the book: “You’re an original, an individual, a masterpiece- celebrate that. Don’t let your uniqueness make you shy. Don’t be someone other than the wonder you are. Every star is important to the sky.”
The last page bears this passage: “And don’t ever forget – for even a day- how very special you are.” For me, that one thing to never ever forget is to love yourself first which leads you to loving others sincerely, honestly and unconditionally. In that way, everyone you meet in this lifetime wouldn’t ever forget you, not even a single day!

We Are Pilgrims In This World

Have you ever asked yourself what's the purpose of your mere existence in this world? have you ever wondered what's your true mission in this life? Life starts at your conception inside your mother's womb..a wondrous miracle , life springs out of another being...then comes the day you were born and your mom hears your very first cry as tears well up her eyes upon seeing your little countenance and fragile cute fingers... It is said that each and everyone of us have our own purposes here on earth - be it to touch other people's lives, to inspire others through your words or worthy causes organized; to love and be loved, to dance like there's no tomorrow; to weep and experience pain... all our paths are intertwining and in every step of the way through our journey, we meet at the crossroads...we are all connected in some ways...what one says or does affects or influences people around him...
Life is a journey - sometimes a short one and can be a long ride pilgrims we travel through life's highways criss crossroads meeting at some point in time, must part at the corners as we meet other people again.This cycle goes on and on til we reach our final destination...
Life is a constant change is composed of different seasons, each one having distinct characteristics that we may either enjoy or hate...our pilgrimage  through our entire lives entitles us to experience the joys and sorrows this world of us brings.A season of happiness - feeling as if you're on top of the world not mindful of those around you for you wanna feel that once in your life then suddenly without any clue, a season of grief, surmountable sadness - loss of a lover, family, a friend or loss of a precious job, your bread and butter...your whole world then suddenly collapses before you, as if the heavens closed its gate behind you and you were left stranded and helpless in a deserted island, a dark and lonely place...
Yes, it's hard to cope up with any loss especially if they mean everything to the pilgrim goes through his jorney, he might lose a thing or two along the way but must move on and carry on his travel and tell himself my time has come and  finally reached my abode! These experiences taught me how to be a stronger pilgrim - to battle life's up and downs, to face any obstacle that would dare keep me from reaching to my own sacred place...til then my pilgrimage has just begun...
Note: Blog pic courtesy of my bf's photography works

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beware: Intimidating Women Of The World

This blog is in connection with my previous blog on why men feel intimidated to approach women they like. What's the anatomy of an intimidating woman after all? Is it a grave sin if we women are more accomplished compared to other men out there? Nowadays, its but common to see women in the corporate world or a yuppie gal working in a plush office occupying a high position in the company. We women can land in interesting, fulfilling, financially-rewarding jobs because of our hard work, sweat, tears, bloodshed, nosebleed and what-have-yous. But it doesn't mean we're actually competing with our partners or prospective love interests. But why does it have to be a BIG DEAL if the girl you like to woe is more successful or earning double-digits than you??Would that be a "frailty" if the girl is more intelligent or more business-minded than you? If she has accomplished something and has a title next to her name?

I've known men who let their chances of being with the object of their affections pass them by because they've backed-off. What could be the real reasons then men of the world? How many here found the women of their dreams but ended up letting them go because they felt insecure about the ladies' accomplishments? Now, this case in the entire opposite of those men who are quite afraid of pursuing relationships for fear they would just be used for their money or something. This time it's the women who's got something. Not just beauty but also great brains. Some men prefer beauty with brain types but then would shrug it off to woe them for they get intimidated, right?

Are You An Ennie Minnie Moe Lover Or Just Plain Choosy?

"Why aren't you married yet?"
"Don't you have a bf/gf right now?"
"When will you invite us to your own wedding?"
"Oh, you must be too picky, that's why."

Have you actually encountered these annoying inquiries before? I've have had my share of these deliberating, nauseating questions pointed out at me hitting me on the face but I simply ignored them before. Smile I am enjoying my life and I don't mess up with them so they should let me be, right? Smile

Who says getting hitched is the ultimate be-all in this life? You choose to be happy on your own and you don't actually find happiness out of other people. How can you end up in bliss when you can't enjoy your time alone a little bit? Yes, some friends are already married but end up in annulments in just a few years of being together after realizations came out of the surface that they aren't that compatible with the one they chose to marry. Gosh! Smile I don't wanna end up like that for goodness sake! Smile 

Being alone is not equated to being LONELY. These are my personal views regarding pressuring one's self to get married or be in a relationship just for the sake of having someone! What a pity! You don't have to be in a messy relationship just to say you're attached to the hip with a guy! (eyes rolling) Tongue

Why is there a stigma fixated on matured women or at least those in their marrying ages, who aren't tying the knot yet when they hit their late 30's and beyond?? More so in women branded as "spinsters" or "ajuma" in Korean, than with men, which isn't that fair enough I guess.

How come one is taunted as "choosy" when he/she finds it hard to search for his match in the love arena?

It could be having set one's standards of conformity haha! or qualifications as if the prospect is applying for a job complete with supplementary requirements. Tongue Some wouldn't settle for anything less. Another could be a result of "phobia" over a series of failed relationships or a series of multitudes of unfortunate events! lol SmileOne is more cautious than before.
Who says it's bad living up to one's expectations? But it should be REALISTIC though! As nobody's born perfect and those attributes we might be looking for we cannot find in just a single person out there. 

Sometimes all it takes is an instant connection, a spark igniting your interests with each other. The one we're eyeing may fall short of our expectations but it doesn't mean we can't get along well with the person.

Sometimes it's not the idea of being "choosy" or "picky" but a decision to remain single until the right one comes along. But how the heck may we know if he's the right one? Smile 

Leaving it up to fate if you would still meet the one destined for you. That's the perception of some. While others go out of their way to be able to find their long awaited love but then again some aren't that lucky enough to find theirs for that elusive LOVE. Sad 

Not yet their designated tome maybe to meet their Prince Charmings and Princesses but if it's meant to happen, it's gonna happen no matter what the odds are.

God Sees The Truth But Oops!

I own a copy of a "Pocketbook of Short Stories" with distinguised anthologies of masterpieces by the greatest continental, English and American writers like Ernest Hemingway,  W. Somerset Maugham, Guy de Maupassant, Edgar Allan Poe, Mark Twain, Saki, Anatole France among others but Leo Tolstoi's story is the most significant for me.
 I have this fondness also of reading classical short stories and one story embedded in my heart ever since the first time I read it is Leo Tolstoi's 19th century classic , " God Sees the Truth But Waits". Relieving  the scenes in the story is so easy for me for along side it reveals my strong belief and faith in God , having been raised up by a religious family.
The story itself is a masterpiece  that I can hand down to my future kids. It tells of one man's suffering  and how he was able to endure life's tribulations, of forgiveness, perseverance and strong belief in God Almighty; of standing by one's principles  despite criticisms from other people around him.
When I was in college, I first chanced upon the story of Ivan Dmitrich Aksinov in our World Literature subject. For me Aksinov is a role model and young people can draw inspiration from him. It seems like Tolstoi created a "mini movie" in this masterpiece of his.
 There are a lot of contemporary and modern novelist nowadays whom I also admire like Paulo Coelho and Mitch Albom who have their own style of imparting inspiration and life's lessons upon their many readers and followers. It's like once you get hold of one of their books, you can't resist but buy again another one of their books and engross yourself in their stories once more.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Me, and My Love For Stephen King and Supernatural Things

Common reaction from people who are not keen on horror stories - why are you so fascinated with those scary novels? Why shouldn't I? For me, they're not absurd perhaps coz the writer has these vivid wild imaginations of scary creatures from the underworld, they are considered to be weird by non-horror novel fanatics.
 My love for Stephen King's - master of terror's works started when I was young, highschool to be exact. This bizzarre idolatry or perhaps fascination for supernatural phenomena and lucrid frightening stories really began when my family and I used to snuggle ourselves by the TV, watching Wednesday's Shockers featuring Christopher Lee's vampire stories. Classic vampire movies then adventures unto the unknown in Twilight Zone amazed me, brought or rather awakened my senses into having frantic imaginations of supernatural beings lurking around us who can either be friendly or troublesome.Friday the 13th and Alfred Hitchcock's Are You Afraid Of the Dark? caught me at the edge of my seat , somehow glued to the boob tube, full concentration on the story's plot.
How I miss those days of watching exciting episodes!  Be amazed to see my room like a mini-library of King's books. Stephen King's craft in creating best selling horror novels  as he said in his introduction for his book Nightmares and Dreamscapes are largely influenced by his belief in superstitions as told to him by family and relatives and his love for Ripley's Believe It or Not. He believes in spooks and so do I!There's this unexplainable excitement and tinge of adventure in reading and watching those scary stories and maybe one cause is me having this undeveloped third-eye and sensitivity to things around me. I'm not gothic or something but I believe in spooks like Stephen King does!

The Fun, Fearless Lure of Blogging

   Wanna be an overnight superstar? Blog your way to stardom. Try and explore the sometimes daunting world of blogging! I am one female scribe who brought my thoughts from paper to the Net – to K.I.S.S (keep it sweet and simple), a proud blogger.
    Half of Asians who go online own a blog, and 55 percent of Asian bloggers are women. According to a study, women dominate the blogosphere and in the Philippines, the first Filipino blogger is a female – a 10 year old girl (that time in 1996) by the name of Lauren Dado. She created an online journal and wrote relevant issues about an adolescent’s life and little did she know that quite a number of people are already following her blogs.
    So what is it in blogging that lures most people to write about their musings or any other things under the sun? Quite a number of bloggers suddenly became Internet celebrities because of their followers on their sites despite not knowing them personally. But they do find new online friends who became close friends later on through their social networks once they’ve set up their connections! Fame could be one motivation for some but those who blog for this reason only gain notoriety in the end. Bloggers who became famous whether by chance or manipulation is a good thing because it makes them happy or because the recognition is well-deserved.
  For some, having a blog is like having their own advertisement page. They can promote and talk about their “gigs” or projects in their entries. A few lucky things even earn money from the ads on their blogs – with some being paid as much as thousands of US Dollars per month! Well, I’m just one of those who belong to the bigger chunk of bloggers who do it for free before now I'm starting to earn too! I do love blogging because of the fun it entails. Perhaps the greatest – albeit simplest reward for a writer cum blogger like me is culled from readers simply appreciating my blogs. I have my share of followers, those who tell me they love reading my posts.And I do feel damn proud of that! Having positive feedbacks flatter the wordsmith in me and inspires me to continue drafting my entries about life, love and relationships and sometimes social issues. Little do we know that sometimes our ramblings may touch reader’s lives and that’s one great reason to feel fulfilled and continue on pushing your pen writing down your thoughts to reach out to thousands of people through the Net.
Here is one of my positive feedbacks in my other blog site :

Positive Feedback

I enjoyed reading your blog about blogging very much. I do it for the same reasons that you describe: it's a way to connect with another person in a way that you would not otherwise be able. And, I like the "positive feedback" as well :) I also like its rhetorical immediacy.
I also blogged about blogging recently, so I was drawn to your insights.
I think that if Emily Dickinson was alive today that she would be a raging blogger. Writing a blog is a "letter to the world," almost, too, like a message in a bottle. If only one person bothers to read it, then that's one more person who would read it than if those words rested dormant inside the fragile electric brain of my computer.
Thanks for the pleasure of reading your thoughts!