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Thursday, May 26, 2011

We Are Pilgrims In This World

Have you ever asked yourself what's the purpose of your mere existence in this world? have you ever wondered what's your true mission in this life? Life starts at your conception inside your mother's womb..a wondrous miracle , life springs out of another being...then comes the day you were born and your mom hears your very first cry as tears well up her eyes upon seeing your little countenance and fragile cute fingers... It is said that each and everyone of us have our own purposes here on earth - be it to touch other people's lives, to inspire others through your words or worthy causes organized; to love and be loved, to dance like there's no tomorrow; to weep and experience pain... all our paths are intertwining and in every step of the way through our journey, we meet at the crossroads...we are all connected in some ways...what one says or does affects or influences people around him...
Life is a journey - sometimes a short one and can be a long ride pilgrims we travel through life's highways criss crossroads meeting at some point in time, must part at the corners as we meet other people again.This cycle goes on and on til we reach our final destination...
Life is a constant change is composed of different seasons, each one having distinct characteristics that we may either enjoy or hate...our pilgrimage  through our entire lives entitles us to experience the joys and sorrows this world of us brings.A season of happiness - feeling as if you're on top of the world not mindful of those around you for you wanna feel that once in your life then suddenly without any clue, a season of grief, surmountable sadness - loss of a lover, family, a friend or loss of a precious job, your bread and butter...your whole world then suddenly collapses before you, as if the heavens closed its gate behind you and you were left stranded and helpless in a deserted island, a dark and lonely place...
Yes, it's hard to cope up with any loss especially if they mean everything to the pilgrim goes through his jorney, he might lose a thing or two along the way but must move on and carry on his travel and tell himself my time has come and  finally reached my abode! These experiences taught me how to be a stronger pilgrim - to battle life's up and downs, to face any obstacle that would dare keep me from reaching to my own sacred place...til then my pilgrimage has just begun...
Note: Blog pic courtesy of my bf's photography works

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