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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Fun, Fearless Lure of Blogging

   Wanna be an overnight superstar? Blog your way to stardom. Try and explore the sometimes daunting world of blogging! I am one female scribe who brought my thoughts from paper to the Net – to K.I.S.S (keep it sweet and simple), a proud blogger.
    Half of Asians who go online own a blog, and 55 percent of Asian bloggers are women. According to a study, women dominate the blogosphere and in the Philippines, the first Filipino blogger is a female – a 10 year old girl (that time in 1996) by the name of Lauren Dado. She created an online journal and wrote relevant issues about an adolescent’s life and little did she know that quite a number of people are already following her blogs.
    So what is it in blogging that lures most people to write about their musings or any other things under the sun? Quite a number of bloggers suddenly became Internet celebrities because of their followers on their sites despite not knowing them personally. But they do find new online friends who became close friends later on through their social networks once they’ve set up their connections! Fame could be one motivation for some but those who blog for this reason only gain notoriety in the end. Bloggers who became famous whether by chance or manipulation is a good thing because it makes them happy or because the recognition is well-deserved.
  For some, having a blog is like having their own advertisement page. They can promote and talk about their “gigs” or projects in their entries. A few lucky things even earn money from the ads on their blogs – with some being paid as much as thousands of US Dollars per month! Well, I’m just one of those who belong to the bigger chunk of bloggers who do it for free before now I'm starting to earn too! I do love blogging because of the fun it entails. Perhaps the greatest – albeit simplest reward for a writer cum blogger like me is culled from readers simply appreciating my blogs. I have my share of followers, those who tell me they love reading my posts.And I do feel damn proud of that! Having positive feedbacks flatter the wordsmith in me and inspires me to continue drafting my entries about life, love and relationships and sometimes social issues. Little do we know that sometimes our ramblings may touch reader’s lives and that’s one great reason to feel fulfilled and continue on pushing your pen writing down your thoughts to reach out to thousands of people through the Net.
Here is one of my positive feedbacks in my other blog site :

Positive Feedback

I enjoyed reading your blog about blogging very much. I do it for the same reasons that you describe: it's a way to connect with another person in a way that you would not otherwise be able. And, I like the "positive feedback" as well :) I also like its rhetorical immediacy.
I also blogged about blogging recently, so I was drawn to your insights.
I think that if Emily Dickinson was alive today that she would be a raging blogger. Writing a blog is a "letter to the world," almost, too, like a message in a bottle. If only one person bothers to read it, then that's one more person who would read it than if those words rested dormant inside the fragile electric brain of my computer.
Thanks for the pleasure of reading your thoughts!

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