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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beware: Intimidating Women Of The World

This blog is in connection with my previous blog on why men feel intimidated to approach women they like. What's the anatomy of an intimidating woman after all? Is it a grave sin if we women are more accomplished compared to other men out there? Nowadays, its but common to see women in the corporate world or a yuppie gal working in a plush office occupying a high position in the company. We women can land in interesting, fulfilling, financially-rewarding jobs because of our hard work, sweat, tears, bloodshed, nosebleed and what-have-yous. But it doesn't mean we're actually competing with our partners or prospective love interests. But why does it have to be a BIG DEAL if the girl you like to woe is more successful or earning double-digits than you??Would that be a "frailty" if the girl is more intelligent or more business-minded than you? If she has accomplished something and has a title next to her name?

I've known men who let their chances of being with the object of their affections pass them by because they've backed-off. What could be the real reasons then men of the world? How many here found the women of their dreams but ended up letting them go because they felt insecure about the ladies' accomplishments? Now, this case in the entire opposite of those men who are quite afraid of pursuing relationships for fear they would just be used for their money or something. This time it's the women who's got something. Not just beauty but also great brains. Some men prefer beauty with brain types but then would shrug it off to woe them for they get intimidated, right?

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