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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Does Love Fade As Couples Get Older?

They used to be sweet to each other. My dad and mom with buckets of love poems, letters and cards they gave each other during their younger years together. Dad is the romantic type kind of guy, the number one thing I looked for in a partner. I may have looked up to my father as an "ideal man", my future husband should also be like. Exact opposite is my Mom, the strong type of woman who is dominant and somewhat bossy. (thank God, she's not reading this. lol!) So, Dad is the sweeter one here until now though a lot of changes occurred in their 38 years of togetherness. Makes me ponder do couples' love for each other really diminish or just vanish over time? They say as couples grow older, the fleeting feelings of LOVE will just be a memory of the past and that the mere reason they're still together is just COMPANIONSHIP. I hate to believe that but I think I'm seeing the tell-tale signs already with my very own eyes- the subject being my very own parents!
Their love story is quite a good pick to be made into a novel. My Dad having met my Mom at a very tender, innocent age of 16 yrs. old through my Mom's cousin whose husband is my Dad's brother. Still young but he made a promise to my grandmother that time that he would be taking care of my Mom no matter what. My Mom is really beautiful guys! A mestisa, of Spanish decent, my great grandmother being a Spanish. (so I've got a tinge of Spanish blood running in my veins lol!) Ola! Que Horror! hehe
She had many suitors who were enchanted by her long, jet black hair, small lips and beautiful eyes and smile. She looks like Boots Anson Roa during her younger days! But of the many men proposing to her that time, she chose my simple, humble and kind father. My Dad may not be handsome but neither is he ugly though. He pursued my Mom and waited for a long time 'til they finally got married when Mom turned 25! Her wedding gown, she let me see. It was so simple but elegant. How come women before have really slim waists???lol!
The sweet couple before turned into irritable partners. Annoying each other every time and I hate seeing them like that! lol!They are now in their 60's though I know they still love each other maybe LOVE as time passes diminishes really. Or I could be wrong. It could depend on the couple maybe. What do you think? =)

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