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Friday, July 5, 2013

Fate, Passion and Compassion

I was fortunate enough to have been featured in more than 30 international anthologies so far, some of which are actually for global charities. Some of my international advocacies have been for cancer research, for the children in Africa, for the victims of  rape and domestic violence, etc. And you know what, here is something I'd like to share with you my constant readers and supportive friends, I gain much fulfillment doing global outreach anthologies than those that just give me opportunities to expose my craft. Yes, it does matter that I get to share my works with people around, gain recognition and even get royalties in the sales of my own international poetry book (which by the way goes also to donations, one of which is UNICEF) but there is nothing compared to the feeling of being able to help those in dire need through my writing for I  also don't have the extra money to donate directly. Another truly important and enriching experience is my chance to collaborate with fellow writers/poets/artists from around the world! I have learned so much working with these people who share the same passion and compassion to help the unfortunate. I am proud and happy to be a member of the Indies In Action (IIA) group spearheaded by Stephen Wilson, a group composed of talented and compassionate authors, poets, artists from around the globe working as a real team for various charitable anthologies for the benefit of those victims and survivors of tragedies.It is the same group that gave you "Angels Cried" for the benefit of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy victims. As I have mentioned in one thread posted on the Facebook group of IIA before, nothing can compare to the teamwork Indies In Action members exhibit each time we are working on a project. The other anthologies I am in simply let us submit our contributions and await for the release of the book. The contributors are not given opportunities to collaborate behind the scenes before the production of the anthologies. With IIA, you can truly feel you belong and that all of you give your best efforts for the fulfillment of a great advocacy- to help. "Distance, beliefs and culture are not barriers if one really wants to help the unfortunate and get involved in global charities." (this is my own quote). Kudos to Stephen Wilson and to my co-authors, co-members in Indies In Action! (IIA).
Official IIA Logo

And now to bring you the good news- the other reason this blog feature was written. Indies In Action has once again produced yet another love offering "Twist of Fate", for the benefit of the May 2013 tornado victims in the city of Moore, Oklahoma, USA. 60 kind-hearted, talented authors/poets/artists from around the globe from 9 various countries collaborated and contributed their pieces to bring you this global charity anthology. It is now available in paperback edition via Amazon. You can get your copies at Twist of Fate (simply click on the text "Twist of Fate" and it will take you to the Amazon page where you can buy the book)
Book Cover Courtesy of Navigator Books
The anthology is also available in ebook versions also on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords. For more details, you can visit the official site Indies In Action . All proceeds go to May Tornadoes Relief Fund, managed by the United Way, which in turn is used to help the victims of this tragic display of nature's fury. Grab your copies now and make a difference! Thank you for your support in all our advocacies!