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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ahmm, How Old Are You Again?

    How would you take it if someone out of the blue asks how old are you? Would you nag him saying Its not an appropriate question to ask a lady. Or would just let anyone guess your age or much worst lie about it? I find it fun to let people guess my age each time they pop up the question a few others dread. It pays to look younger beyond your years, I guess.

    Ive read somewhere that we do have a lot of different ages a chronological age, a biological age, a psychological age, an emotional age, a spiritual age. You can have the mind of a 20 year old with the biological age of 30. You can have a psychological age of a 25 year old trapped in the body of a 37 year old. One can have another age I coined, physical age of a 26 year old less 10 years from your real age.

    At the legal age of 18, one begins to think long-term and wonder if the course he took up will prove to be useful after graduation. A nervous career newbie at 22, asking ones self if her first job is well suited for her or not. At age 25, one can be in a limbo or quarter life crisis. Many questions are raised in ones head on this stage. Should I change jobs? Move out and be independent? Get hitched? At times, frustrations set in when things arent turning out the way we wanted. So many choices and yet cant make a right one. A financial status freak at age 28 when one starts to wonder why doesnt she have enough savings yet instead have an outstanding credit balance and high bills to pay.

    A wandering soul at age 30 especially for women when they start worrying whey they havent found the One yet and will they ever still have the chance to get married. While its common cliché Age is just a number, its but normal to feel anxious about the added years and not just the number of candles on your birthday cake. Well, its just a matter of embracing ones precious years.

    Next time when someone asks your age, tell them to be specific. Let them have choices or like a self storage quote with price tags a chronological age, biological age, emotional age, spiritual age, physical age and so on. I do feel like Im still 25 coz Ive stopped aging at that stage and its a choice. You should make it believable though if ever you want to fool people about your biological age.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Wanna Be-Head Shrink's Superman Powers

The rant box. Shock absorber. Trusted friend and confidante. The Sponge. The Good Listener.

I wish I could be a 24-hour hotline with all my friends who need my good ears to comfort them through troubled times. But then like any other hotline numbers, all cannot get through to me even maybe if it’s an 800 phone service. We all have different moods in each running second and you can’t expect your confidante will be available for you 24/7. She maybe experiencing her own personal issues that time and/or cannot attend to you as of the moment.

Not all people have broad minds to readily understand that you have your own life to fix sometimes and you cannot sympathize to whatever predicament they may tell you. But, it’s a good asset I think being a trusted, good listener by your friends. And you maybe quite amazed at times when even those mere strangers or you just met feel comfortable talking to you. Yes, at times, it can be quite draining if 2 or 3 pals pour out their sentiments on you at the same exact moment in time! No matter how much you tell them to look at things in a positive way, their minds are just in one direction – the rot they are into!

It’s not that I’m whining much less complaining but I’m just wondering how could head shrinks deal with all those psychological cases each day ? I can easily give up listening to a whiner, make absurd, obvious excuses but it’s different when it’s your profession. It’s like the “couch” is never left empty, for there are troubled, distressed patients for every split of a second! And you could just imagine all those negative vibes they’re absorbing every time that could suck up all their energy in a nano second?

I have this “6th Sense” which lets me take a peek into another being’s mind and know things even before she tells me about it. When I establish a “connection” with somebody, I can amazingly “read minds” like Superman does – without the need for uttered words. Just simple gut feel and feeling an in depth understanding of one’s behavior. (Now, that’s entirely different from being a “nosy one”). This goes hand in hand with being observant of things around me and analyzing each person’s ways. I let them do the talking most of the time while I do the listening part. Much is learned in listening, guys. So being quiet doesn’t necessarily mean I know less and being afraid to mingle. Quiet ones are simply observing talkative sometimes nonsense people deal with each situation. You may have noticed that silent individuals have more to offer than those all talk no action ones. I guess having a sensitive side is one of the qualities of a good head shrink. They know each person’s situation and how they can help these troubled ones open up themselves and accept reality. When friends trust me with their secrets and tell me their problems, I appreciate it of course. But there would be times I may not be in the mood to be a good listener when I’m having my personal issues too.

Now, if I’m going to be asked if I’d like to shift careers from being a writer to a head shrink? I wouldn’t dismiss the probability as long as I can still keep my sanity for wacking my brains out continuously or I’d be one of the patients.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ambush Conversation With God

This is a work of fiction folks. Just happen to think of what kind of convo one would have with God during one of those rare moments. As there are ambush interviews, this one I refer to as a heavenly ambush conversation.

Feeling drowsy after reading my favorite book in my own nook, my bedroom, I suddenly dozed off to dreamland. I was awakened by a certain sharp glare and found myself in a strange, dreamy, white and blue space surrounded by floating, fluffy clouds with cherubs singing wearing their bright halos on their heads.

Entangled in my confused state, I rubbed my peepers for I still can’t figure out how did I get there. I suddenly blurted out to myself “Oh, no, am I so dead now? As in dead, my soul is in heaven?” Out of the blue, I saw an apparition, someone sitting on a golden couch as if waiting for somebody – thought to myself, well waiting for me? As if time stood still, I finally saw God’s beaming, serene countenance and after a few batting of lashes out of my hurtful eyes because of the illumination, I gathered up my guts to approach her. Yes, God is a woman, not a guy we thought of would be. “I know what you’re thinking, why am I a woman appearing before your eyes instead of a guy. It’s more than a gender thing, my child. I could like being someone everyday. Just likened to your changing clothes every so often. People should learn to look beyond the physical and focus more on inner qualities”, God spoke.

Felt astonished, I still can’t figure out how did I die – out of too much stress working my brains out? Gotten hit by a speeding car on my way home? Or have I died in my sleep this afternoon? I then replied after a momentary spacing out of my senses, “Yes and you created all of these things.” God, with a long, deep sigh uttered “Like any other manuscripts, I knew I made some typos along the way.” Of which I thought “Wow, even God is having a hard time and disappointments, too.”

“I was on the stage of my life when I have many questions swimming through my head like what is the point of engaging in these mundane things? I feel so burnt out at times, I can see no direction my life is headed for. I know you already know these things even without me telling you” I continued. “Everyone, including me have our own share of responsibilities. You, with your daily grind – work, family, friends and me with all my creation, how to keep this place and all”, God answered. “Life doesn’t give me a meaning at this point “, I whined. “Well, I’m not going to tell you the same old things. I could even give you some kind of a self storage directory to choose one for yourself if ever you want yourself locked up first in a room so you could reflect. One day, you will just find that everything else will simply click.” She paused for a moment then continued, “Most of you think that I control everything but actually I don’t. I provide inspiration and resources for each one of you to design your own masterpiece. And it’s all up to you how.”

I then had this back track to the past imagery for a second pondering on if in my 37 years of existence have I missed a grand chance in my life. This could be then a wake-up call from God “disguised” as a dream in midday. Sometimes God talks to us in unusual ways or in simple messages we can’t easily decode most of the time for we continue to become blind or simply choose to let the blindfolds on our eyes because we are scared, cannot face up reality.

God finally said, “You create your own heaven as much as you are responsible for your own happiness. Even the tiniest of my creations are born masterpieces themselves so what more humans who are made in my own image? Most of you are worriers. Have you forgotten what I have said? That I can provide you with all things you need in this life even if you haven’t asked me yet. It’s just a matter of time and most of you aren’t patient enough or lack proper understanding. In everything that happens there is a corresponding purpose that lies beneath. Live one day at a time and cease the moment instead of worrying what tomorrow might bring. Find joy in each little thing you do each passing day and then you will know what’s your purpose in this world.”

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Happy Place

Ok, so as I compose this post, “I Want To Break Free” by Queen is rocking, playing at the background.

Each and every one of us have this sacred sanctuary, a “happy place” we often go to. To get out of the wilderness once in a while, to get away from the hustle bustle and daily grind of our too fast and hurried modern lives. More than smell the blooming roses as we pass by, more than listening to the humming bees and noisy crickets at a lost jungle incognito.

If there could be a secret hide away from the mountains, where only the chirping birds and the sound of the running river nearby amuses you, that would be my happy place.
Life can be sometimes routinary and burnt out feelings and boredom may strike us at certain points of our lives. There is simply a time you must reflect, call that a moment of silence to awaken our eyes and mind to a possible discernment from above.

A happy place need not be noisy or full of live entertainment and sumptuous foodies to feast on. At this moment, my happy place is our living room with really good 80’s music rocking at the background, composing entries for my next week’s blog writing assignments (yep, still work). With a gray, gloomy weather outside, the heavens still crying but yet this doesn’t stop me from laziness and boredom to wash all over my senses.

Have you ever wished sometimes that you can be “invisible”? If there could be this self storage software, I’ll avail of it and let myself fly into the air and vanish from my world for a second and be in a place where there are no chaos, no conflicts but only HAPPINESS surrounding you. Could be a castle high up in the air with this Princess simply enjoying the enchanting beauty of peaceful silence.

Could be an imaginary getaway on my mind in a secluded beach somewhere in my dreams with cool breeze caressing my blushing cheeks, as my feet walks daintily over the warm white sand while the setting sun at the far horizon is gently waving good bye to me, with the rhythmic sound of the dancing waves nearby as music to my ears.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Colorful Sticky Love

Just chanced upon this cute short film on You Tube which prompted me to compose this entry on mushy colorful sticky love. Why the title? You will find out once you get to have a sneak peak of the video below.

Isn't it when we  find someone interesting  who eventually  becomes the object of our affection, we should go out of our way to let them know how we feel? I'm wondering if the younger generation still know about the traditional norms in old Filipino courtship like the man serenading the girl on a pale moonlight complete with back up singers or even going solo. Of chopping woods and regularly visiting her bringing flowers, chocolates and some more food for the girl's family. Of sending love letters and even poems depicting their undying love. I hate to think that everyone now wants "instant relationships" at a glance wherein you just lock eyes for seconds and it means you've got an understanding already which will go kaput the next day.

Who among you here wants to skip the courtship phase and just go directly getting involved with your prospect? Some would have this notion that a long  getting-to-know-each-other stage is a passe yet still others would like to pursue their Juliets and  be pursued by their Romeos.

Modern day 21st century courtship has evolved much with the advent of advances in technology. Even the shy ones or once who get all red-faced and too embarrassed to propose in person can first rely on SMS in sending sweet messages to woe their loves. How many of you finds it romantic if you get text messages from your suitors every now and then? Or from your bf who out of the blue sends an "I miss you suddenly" text  at the exact time you were thinking of him?The constant calls that may leave some giddy while others get annoyed over time.Of using IMs and PMs each day and night and of corresponding through emails and actual cards replaced  by e-cards.(I still prefer to receive snail mail letters and cards though no matter how slow pokes they may be)

Feel giddy on a rainy (here in the Philippines) day,warm your heart as you watch these two somewhat shy lead stars in this short film who have gone out of their way showing the object of their affection their feelings through sticky (hold your breath) POST-ITs!

 Now, I'm not an endorser of this sticky colorful things but I do love them in pink and neon green. LOL 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jump And The Net Will Come Later

I've derived the title of this entry from one of the stories in "Chocolate For A Woman's Spirit" by Kaye Allenbaugh. There is a saying there that goes like this : "Sometimes in life you must jump, and the net will come later." Many of us go through life's journeys cautiously as if always  preparing a safety net that we could fall into in case we meet some mishaps along the way. Some afraid to take risks practicing low-risk secured route to where ever they want to go or whatever they want to do.Not all of us can afford to have a self storage insurance.As if we can keep all the protective gears and even if inevitable or fortuitous events happen, there is still a fall back. Isn't it that everything in this world is a risk? 

Many of us whine and incessantly complain about our jobs that are  burdening us each and every waking day. But have they done something about it? They still stay in the same pit for long and continue to feel miserable not even appreciating they are more blessed than the other unemployed people roaming the streets. And another thing is that they can  shift careers if they are getting sick and tired of their predicament but they don't dare take the risk since they aren't sure if anyone would still accept them.Who said that nobody worked in a job they ENJOYED? We make choices in life and if we don't take the plunge and jump on another level, regrets would then haunt us when we get old. The "what ifs" , "should haves" , "could haves" will follow you even in your dreams as nightmares and then blame fate as well as people around for your misfortunes and all.What a sad affair.

This just doesn't apply to one's job  but as well as other choices in life and the risks we have to take. In love, setting up a business, relocating, and even in some simple things like buying things. It's all about faith in one's self , faith in God that He will provide you and guide you on your journey, faith that things will fall in all their proper places one day.Tell me if I'm wrong for I perceive that those who are afraid to take risks are quite the pessimistic ones who think about possible negative things first before they have even tried.Being too careful isn't bad at all too but always staying at the safe side either won't get us further in a way for we avoid challenges that could leave a mark if not improve out potentials. 

How can one we attain our dreams and we don't take chances and risks?Dare yourself to jump and  the net will come later  without you knowing it, things would be better in a glance.Simplified : BE POSITIVE!

***Blog pic courtesy of my bf's Landscape and Nature Photography works

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Wanderer

Wrote the draft of this post in the office in between online classes, eyes drooping , ready to close anytime and yet my mind is still struggling to let out enveloped ideas. A "wandering stage"  this is what one of my Korean students refer to his "rebellious  days"  when he was  younger. He used to be a frustrated guitarist - a rock star at that but him pursuing his dream was strongly opposed by his doting parents as he told me. The guy simply adored strumming the chords of his electric guitar and banging drums and was in fact a member of a band when he was in high school.He said he could release his tension and stresses in his life and freely shout to the world his thoughts through these musical instruments.Although his parents were very much against his passion, he found his way and sneaked out of his den to do his thing.

Teenagers go through some "identity crises" at that phase of their lives wherein they are in search of their "true selves" and their niche in this world, what they really wanna be and the sorts. These teeny boppers are often misunderstood and if not guided properly by adults could turn out to be juvenile delinquents of society.

In my own perception, this "searching for yourself phase" comes knocking at any given point of someone's life when we feel at a lost, our souls begin to wander somewhere. Our thoughts clouded with conflicting emotions all locked up in a sort of self storage of our own creation.

With no vivid direction of where we are headed for,  we sometimes take the wrong routes...but with anyone who gets lost will one day be found again, finally following the right way out, a brand new world would dawn on us opening doors again. And all we have to do is allow  a new beginning to take its course again. The once vagabond no longer would travel aimlessly but would now meander to the right path where  he truly belongs under the sun.  

Beauty Pageant Style Job Interview

Some if not all of us maybe have gone through on toward awkward job hunting incidents before. Like any other job seeker on space before, in my quest for a decent bread and butter, I've had my share of disappointing rejections, funny interview propers and disgusting encounters of the third kind. Suffice to say, it has even made it quite an adventure and learning experience for me!  For job hunters out there, it takes more than obtaining a good resume service or preparing your own. It's the screening, testing  and the series of interviews thereafter that is the life blood of any job searching escapade.

There was a time I even applied at a big mall as a salesperson but was readily turned down because I was overqualified! Was just a new graduate that time and I was just looking for some job experiences so I tried my luck. I still can't be choosy since I'm just at the genesis of my soon-to-be career life. I think being rejected because you're OVERQUALIFIED is better than losing the position to someone whom you think isn't worth it.

Pushed my way at some call centers when I switched in between jobs searching for my niche in the "underworld" (odd job schedule) likened to a vampire's. Before I landed in a fairly good one, I had this most ridiculous job interview conducted. Imagine 5 applicants being interviewed by just one "personnel" at the same time.And this is his idea of a "panel interview", huh.  The "gay" HR Officer asked me first this question : "Ma'am are you sure you know what you're getting into? I mean you've got an impressive resume and here you are applying as a call center agent? " (is this the proper way an "HR Officer" should  ask questions in a formal interview?)Heck, I know what I'm getting into, I 'm looking for a job! (eyes rolling) To make it worst, "he" asked next : " Can you please tell me why should I hire you over your seatmate here? ( another applicant) What do you have that she doesn't? DUH! I think that he must have come out of a bad dream, he being a ghostly apparition in front of me. I still gained my composure and refrained myself from  butting in to tell him the interview came out straight from a beauty contest  and ask was he a frustrated judge and all that?

I wished we could have traded places and I'll be the interviewer. I could have been a better one you know. That was the lousiest job interview there is and it sucks! To think it is one famous call center  before. And since I was overqualified again, I went home with a rejection slip in one hand but it's not a lost! Was even thankful I will not be associated with them. LOL I got myself 2  high paying call canter jobs after that, one in  sleek, classy building but had to quit for I can't continue being a night owl.

Hunting for jobs can be fun at first though it's somewhat tiresome and your feet would really ache with all those walks you have to do from one building to another and the brain-drain exams and interviews. I love the interview  questions a lot for I even memorized them already since they were asked to me a hundred times before! LOL Mind you, I'm referring tho those good ones not the beauty pageant style I had experienced.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just Enjoy The Ride

Life is an endless journey with up turns and down turns likened to an adrenaline-rushing roller coaster ride. There maybe stop-overs in between crossroads at some certain points. A time to reflect on the things that we may have taken for granted and continue to set aside. Could be a different kind of adventure if we know how to live in stride. Have ample time to smell the roses and feast our eyes on the grandeur of nature, appreciate the beautiful dawning of a  brand new day; really listen to the cries of a new born baby and hold his dainty, fragile fingers. 

Life is what we make it, we live the life  the want. We might have some callings that were remained unattended to for we can't truly decipher what's hidden inside our hearts.We could have forgotten what's the real meaning of LIVING as we continue to be insensitive to other people's woes and the things that are happening around us. In this case, we are PASSIVE RIDERS, only thinking of our own selfish needs. 

Like any kind of expedition, we could encounter turbulent seas and rough roads before finally reaching to our final destination. The bumpy ride should make one stronger for problems can break us or bend us toward God. At one of your stop-overs when we need to make "refills", we should take time to unpack those "guilt", "bitter feelings", hidden grudges that have eaten us up to the bone for so long. Get them all out of your RV storage (recreational vehicle storage) that were kept hidden for as long as you can remember and threw them all into the valley! These "garbages" may give too much weight on your ride home.It's time to travel "light" and leave all those negative vibes aside.

When we see from a far the land of our dreams, when we're ready to cast down the anchor, we can tell ourselves we had such a wonderful exploration of the world for we have weathered many storms along the way triumphantly! Life is simply created beautiful and so we must just enjoy the ride.

***Blog pic courtesy of my bf's Landscape and Nature Photography Works

Thursday, June 16, 2011

How Do You Sell Yourself?

How does one let his personality shine amongst hoards of people out in the field? This does not apply only in job hunting wherein obtaining assistance from resume writing services is enough to stand out  againts a number of applicants. vying for the same much-coveted position available. In the dating scene as well, how does one sell himself way better than the others  so he will have an edge over gazillions of men/women looking for lifetime partners?

Another area we can also affix this is the  business arena wherein  there's a crystal-clear  cut-throat competition  in the market. And the one with the good rapport with it's steady customer base will prevail and lead.

Here are some pointers to consider when selling one's self in any "battle field" :

1. Dare to be different but still BE YOURSELF. - Be an original not just a copy cat of someone you look up to.

2. Know your target market. Who are your prospects and what do they like? What can you offer them in return? Let them  keep coming back for more. An air of mystery is also quite tolerable but don't overdo it, just a little dose leaving something to their imagination.

3. Know thy competitors.  Study your lessons and  be prepared like in any battle in life you encounter. To keep an edge you must learn about some quirks or strategies of the other party so you can counter attack!

4. Don't sell yourself short.  Have enough confidence and  belief in yourself. Each one of us is gifted with talents we should use to our advantage and in attaining our goals.

5. Don't easily  quit. There would be ups and downs, it could be a bumpy ride ahead  but then  have perseverance and tell yourself you could do it! One wouldn't die out of a thousand job application rejections, heart aches and bankruptcy. Life is just a cycle of things.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Eat, Pray, Love And Blog

How many of you have seen last year's Julia Roberts-starrer, Eat, Pray, Love? It is a movie adaptation of her own true to life novel by famous author, Elizabeth Gilbert. I didn't have the chance to view it despite some continuous proddings from girl friends to have a movie date mainly because we had tight schedules that time.

I own a copy of the bestseller book and it's just so amazing  how one can readily relate to each phase of Elizabeth's journey in life. The story isn't just for women, men can  also quite see a part of themselves here. The audience/readers would laugh, cry and dream with the storyteller exposing her real life drama. A woman's struggle againts post-divorce depression, her search for true meaning in her life and finding love unexpectedly while travelling.

Gilbert brought her readers to Italy to indulge herself in flavorful Italian cuisine. Found her soul back and gained inner peace in India and  fell into the throes of new love  while travelling to Indonesia. It depicts how hurtful it is to undergo a divorce and how it can leave deep scars on someone's being, the process being a painful one. A film describing how some people try to combat depression which can somehow paralyze one's life.

If I would have 3 country stop overs to travel to like Gilbert, I would eventually  choose Spain, Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the city of love, Paris in France. Will first immerse myself in some Spanish cuisine, some of which Filipinos are quite familiar with since we were once colonized by the Spaniards. Maybe also trace my roots there having a tinge of Spanish blood running in my veins. Next stop is to have a religious pilgrimage to Medjugorje to feel the miracles surrounding the place and then tour around  the City of Love , Paris, let my eyes feast and marvel at the grandeur of the infamous Eiffel Tower.

I would blog about my escapade to share the journey of my life with my constant readers. If you would choose  3 countries to visit, which places would you go to for you life-changing trip? Could be like choosing ones  just near you likened to  when using this job map to point some workplaces accessible to you. Or if you could afford it, have the means to cover  an extravagant travel, can book flights to luxuries  cities around the globe! Now, that's called globe-trotting with a difference making each chapter of your life worth remembering!

For Fun Not For The Moolah

There is this one test question in some English speaking tests that goes like this : "If money, were't a problem for you, what kind of job do you think would be fun to do?" So it's not about how many figures you would get as compensation as your first priority but the fun it entails.
There could be some odd jobs not usual and somewhat "weird" in our own perception but simply bring joy to the undertaker. You call this SELF-FULFILLMENT and no monetary returns can substitute the feeling of accomplishment one gets out of something he enjoys doing! Sometimes, it's not all about the money, honey.

What are some cool jobs  under the sun that one could venture into to give one's heart a  barrel of laughs out of merriment and just enjoy the moment? Can we find them using  this resume distribution stuff online to help us get one soon and start kicking our butts off? 

Perhaps one can be a magician. A number of people are amused with magic and  the air of enchantment simply brings children and the child at heart in a momentary respite out of  reality.

Do volunteer work for the universe. Be part of Green Peace Movement and be an advocate of taking care of Mother Earth.  Take part in other  non-profit organizations within your community to contribute to society and  be a good citizen of your country better than  just being a "bum" and a "burden".

A writer writes not out of the fame or popularity it can shower us but we simply scribble down notes, do our craft for OURSELVES and for those who appreciate our compositions.Much more, it isn't a job that would give us  millions in one click! 

As Stephen King said and I quote : "Writing isn't about making money, getting famous, getting dates, getting laid or making friends. In the end , it's about enriching the lives of those who will read your work, and enriching your own life as well. It's about getting up, getting well and getting over. Getting happy, okey? Getting happy!."

This can also be applied to other jobs  that we can consider "fun"  and cool and not just  work which make robots out of us most of the time.

So which job could you consider as fun if moolah ain't that a problem for you?

Office Romance, Boon Or Bane?

Have you had experiences of finding love at your workplace? Do you think it is advisable to date your office mate or it could pose big conflicts along the way? While proximity often brings you easier ways to deal with prospective lovers, working together  5-7 days a week in long and straight 8 hours or beyond, having those occasional lunch outs, company outings or team buildings and the works. Familiarity almost always breeds interests between the sexes.

You have to take into serious considerations various situations you as a couple can delve in professionally and romantically. At times we cannot not simply tell ourselves to set the boundaries between love and one's career especially if you belong to the same team or department, it will surely pave the way for some issues to come up once in a while.

Once the love affair has gone sour, couples break up after some time, there would be a lot of awkward moments between them affecting their work and way they deal with the people around them. Maybe if this happens, they could go to resume builder sites to help them prepare for another job application in another company to save grace.

 There are some thoughts to ponder once you decide to bring romance into your work :

@ You don't mix relationship issues with your work. If you and your partner had misunderstandings prior to going to the office, leave it up first and control yourself from finding faults of the other so you could somewhat feel you've gotten your sweet revenge over some matter you've disagreed upon. Act professionally when in the confines of your workplace.

@ Don't treat it as a competition  between Romeo and Juliet.If you are both on the same team working on some projects, it's not a good thing to let work get the better of you or else you would find yourselves competing with the other to prove to himself he is smarter, more adept or efficient in his work

@ Don't take work issues at home. Don't ever let your home be a mini extension of your office. Have a breather by letting yourself  break free of some job related issues first.

@ Leave lovey-dovey time and petty quarrels at home. Some couples just can't help it but practice PDA (public display of affection) in front of their colleagues. Still in the honeymoon stage? Discipline yourselves from having your hands on each other all the time for its not your own space (not your love nest), there are other people around watching you. And it's not the place for such sweet nothings.

@ Agree to disagree. This is more on accepting each other's differences especially if one of you has a higher position than the other. 

@Quit keeping it a secret.  At first some couples don't want to expose their new found love among their office buddies and their bosses. But there are ill effects of keeping your  romance a secret. You could treat each other awkwardly which could spark office gossips. Don't let yourselves be misunderstood by people by keeping things clear but don't take advantage of you being  a "hot office item" to wanton in deep PDAs!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Real Forgiveness Comes From The Heart

What I'm going to share is part of a homily of one priest in our city last Sunday. The theme of which is forgiving  wholeheartedly.I narrated the story below in my own words :

There was a story about a widow who lived with her two teenage sons. They were living harmoniously together when tragedy struck them one evening. Her younger son was attacked and brutally murdered by drug addicts in their area one night while he was heading home.It's as if the widow felt she was cursed and her heart was split open. 

Fast forward one year after her son's  brutal death.

A priest in their community saw the woman kneeling on one of the pews inside the church and he noticed she was still wearing black symbolizing her mourning for her dead son. He approached her and asked in a calm voice, " Dear woman, I just noticed that it's been a year since your son's death and yet you're still wearing black. Don't you think it's about time you move on and so your son's soul will be at peace too?"
Of which the widow replied back : " I won't stop mourning for my son , Father not until justice has been given for his death. " After hearing this, the priest told her, " Woman, not until you've done something for those who have murdered your son, you wouldn't attain real peace." The widow having heard of this replied back in a raised voice : " Father, I'd be truly happy seeing those murderers rot in jail and their souls burn in hell! There's nothing more painful than a mother seeing her dear son swimming in his own blood!"
The priest reiterated his last reply : " I will say this again to you dear woman and reflect on this very hard.. Not until you DO SOMETHING to the murderers of your child, can you achieve true peace within you."
A  mystical calmness enveloped the widow's being having heard the priest's reply once more.

One month after, the priest saw the woman again now in immaculate white with a certain glow in her countenance. She was the one who approached him this time and said : " Father, you just never know how you changed my way of thinking. And guess what. I DID SOMETHING to the murderers of my son. I called the Bureau of Pardons and asked if they can give clemency to them.After what I did, I felt this surge of unexplainable calmness within my being as if I was born again! I know my son is at peace where ever he is now. I believe, I've experienced how it is to truly forgive and forget!."

How many of us still carry deadly grudges deep inside our hearts that's eating even our own souls? True forgiveness as they say is not simply saying : "I've forgiven you." And yet deep inside we still carry this certain bitterness that gives us rotten feelings each time.It should also mean "forgetting the offense" or condemning the sin and not the sinner for all of us are.What the woman in the story did was  such one hard feat to make!

True peace could only be attained by freeing ourselves of guilt and bitter feelings not just towards other people but much more forgiving ourselves for the past mistakes done and seeing the world in rose-colored glasses once again!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Attack of The Food Statuses

In every conversation, there is this "universal topic" which we all can relate to - FOOD. Even if we aren't good cooks or are not knowledgeable in different cuisines, this is such one enjoyable if not one  "stomach growling" experience. :)

Some of us if not all are guilty of indulging ourselves with this "trip". Flooding sometimes the wall thread with mouth-watering, delectable, oh-so-yummy foodie statuses that's enough to make one crave for some and would even dare them to go shop outside pronto just so they can try tasting what they have read. :)  As much as you can see in their statuses, "I'm cooking_____ for dinner..", I just have observed that commonly, women are the ones involved in this but why? LOL :P

Well, even here we can see them at times. :P

I post at times where I dined and when I've satisfied my dire and ongoing cravings for chocolates and cakes. :P

Have you ever wondered what prompts people (including me and you) to post such stuffs?

A fan page in a social networking site made a survey out of this and here are some of the reasons :

1. wants to gain attention (In Tagalog. KSP Kulang Sa Pansin) :P

2. doesn't intentionally mean a thing just like the whole wide web to know what she ate (burp)

3. they  are "endorsers" of such food LOL :P

4. they are born to "flaunt" what they have letting people know they've dined in a posh, classy restaurant last night so they may appear part of the elite in society (high-class)

5. they are just day dreaming...what they've posted is just a by-product of their wild, hungry  hallucination and result of overdue cravings :P

6. they can't think of a good shout out to enter and so they just posted the gummy (gammy) bear they had for dessert :P

7. just want their friends to envy them (In Tagalog : "manginggit lang") :P

8. they want to simply appear "cool"

9. simply want others to crave such foodies too

10 some want others to learn about such rare exotic finds they have

11. they simply want to post it without any motives at all (democracy) :P

Ok, I admit I added a bunch here since all the answers to the survey boiled down to one reason: "To let others ENVY them!" True to some, yet not to the others. :D :P

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Designers Of Our Own Fate

We are the sole designers of our own destiny  and what's in store for us in the future are the results of what we planted today. The Almighty just lays out His plans, we do the cad jobs like architects of our own dreams we  make them  all come true by  hard work. An apple tree cannot bear plums so we reap what we sow.How many of us just leave it up to  mere luck and "destiny"  their very own  future and simply go on with the flow but unceasingly complain  that life hasn't been good to them? 

God gives us answers in His perfect time. At some point, His reply is a blurred NO  that will eventually  be a YES as we realize too that what He was saying that time was NOT NOW...or NOT THIS MOMENT... How many of us simply surrender and  quit on dear life as if there aren't any opportunities left or no tomorrow to hold on to?

Life is amazingly created beautiful by God and it's up to us how we use up our talents, the skills we have, the resources available to make it one breathtaking  ride! It could be a roller-coaster, bumpy trip but it will all be worth it once we have attained what we hope for.Life is what we make it. So, stand up now and go on with your designing for who knows it could turn out to be a great masterpiece!

Application For A Wife Now Ongoing

It has always been the  butt of jokes  that a man should find himself a "slave" instead of a wife if he reiterates that the prospective lover must know things around the house - cooks real good food up to his tastes, knows how to do the laundry and iron them and other stuffs. While a woman must really know how to be a good housewife, get around with the household chores, it is simply but annoying  to hear these- she should be like this, like that.

I even encountered here once, a guy who laid his "platform" once he gets to marry the girl he was pursuing (and that time it was me). The future wife  should just be actively immersing herself on the ladies volunteer club of the company he is working for, should take care of the kids and CANNOT indulge herself with other things such as personal hobbies and/or have  writing jobs even if it's home based! Whew! To think that he was still  courting me and here I was feeling as though I'm one of his "applicants" for the said "job". (eyes rolling) Maybe if he thinks, it's but necessary, he can look up to some  maid service on the  Net so they "supply" him of YES-woman types up to his standards. LOL The guy needs a "trophy wife" I guess...

Pressure also overwhelmed me at that very moment having told myself, " Nah, it ain't the life I want to be in. " Even if I'll be "economically-secured" with this man, I won't be happy. For it's like everything I would be doing will be dictated by him. And that he will deprive of my happiness of sharing my thoughts to people which I know is my mission here on Earth and not just go forth and multiply!

One cannot confine me to the four corners of the house doing just mere cleaning stuffs for I need to have my brain continuously working!And my partner should be able to understand that and so I  chose my  current  bf over that guy and I'm happy with my decision.

I could still see the man's "classified ads" stating "Applicants for A Wife  Now Ongoing" since he doesn't have one yet  and he knows his time is running out. 

Will The Future Still See It's Majesty?

The world  doesn't  belong to the present alone, it belongs to the future generation who have the ultimate right to witness the enormous beauty of our wonderful nature.

The Philippines is really blessed with rich, pristine waters and majestic getaways. Our country’s exoticism abounds with the conglomeration of natural rain forests and urban stretches.It was also endowed with mystifying  marine life. The Western Pacific have the highest marine biodiversity in the world.  But sadly, out of 400 species of reef forming corals in the country, just  5% remain.

According to Ocean World, 10 % of the world's reefs have been completely destroyed and it is the worst in the Philippines. A shocking news recently revealed that the destruction spot is as big as the city of Manila!There are countless threats baffling our country's seas and how can we in our own little way help save it?

Such threats may well  be man-made or mere accidents like the ship carrying coals.  But what about those abusive exploitations like the recent wanton destruction of coral reefs areas involving a syndicate in Zamboanga City? 

There are other news of  merciless killings of  marine animals like turtles for they use their shells for making up decorations and accessories.  Such a sad affair. 

If we don't initiate the prompt actions today and/or let  the public and especially the authorities know that they should do something about such drastic exploitations of our natural resources, who else will? Now is the time to take the lead!

Our future children must be able to still enjoy and see their eyes in dire  amazement while looking at these majestic beauties.Let us not just think of our own motives and temporary riches  brought by  abuse of these God-given resources.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Netosphere Creating Order Or Chaos?

According to Wikipedia, the history of the Net started way back in the 1950's and 1960's with the development of computers. A drastic impact on culture and  commerce rose in the mid-1990's alongside with the emergence of emails, text-based discussion forums and the spread of the world wide web.

With the influx of social networking sites, people can just "fb me", tweet their pals in an instant. The Net closed the gap for families and loved-ones separated  by vast oceans and miles.It changed the way we think, communicate, shop and learn. One can also work remotely in the four corners of his dear abode without the hassles of daily commuting, the irksome pollution and the like. You can also build your own web site using this wix reviews nowadays pronto! Have your own online garage sale of things that are just occupying too much space in your dainty room.

As much as the netosphere, ( I coined this new term) creates order in  our modern lives, there are also some draw backs that can build up CHAOS (Create  Havoc Around Our System). Information online can spread at lightning speed. Some can't help diss each other in public via  their malicious tweets pushing some to file libel cases againts each other. Be careful what you post on the social net working sites especially if they are deemed too personal since they can stand as proofs againts you in  court. Much so when you are applying for a job, prospective employers can trace you out if they're conducting a background check on you.

The Netizens should be responsible enough online as much as they are offline. What you post can have a deep impact on your own reputation and/or can change if not ruin one person.  Have you heard of some celebrities who have committed suicide  because of  the rumors about her circulating in one forum site?

The Price Of One's Diploma

Having a degree in college doesn't guarantee one a great job after graduation. This isn't always the case even if one attended the best if not popular universities in the city. Though some companies are quite choosy as to where did the applicant for the position graduated, it doesn't necessarily mean too that the candidate would be a more efficient employee than those who went to less famous, classy schools. Once you stepped out of your academic world, it's a far different jungle out there where the famous cliche " survival of the fittest" is deem fit.

I didn't find it hard to land in a job after graduation since I had a cousin who was working in a bank before who recommended me and you bet I didn't like the idea. And as I have stated in my previous rants in my blogs before, I don't like my course and was just made to take it as I ditched my dream first of becoming a journalist/writer. This lass who abhors numbers as much as they dread me, found myself working as an accounting assistant for a bank in Makati! Though some would be amazed how I got that position so soon and how envious they are, I feel the exact opposite of it. I'm not simply ecstatic about my new crisp uniform and that I am one Makati  yuppie girl dragging my feet inside  a high class building each morning.  

I do feel sorry for those who find it hard searching for jobs. I think before, we don't have this thing called a job map yet so one can easily look for appropriate works within  their  vicinities or nearby places that are quite accessible to them.My first job was 2 solid hours away from home and so imagine me all too exhausted and worn out at the end of the day. You have to consider the accessibility too and your transportation allowance, budgeting and stuff.

Too  many fresh graduates each year,  but not enough  jobs to fill in. So there is this tough competition as many are hunting for immediate work. The high percentage of unemployment rate each year is such a drag and we couldn't blame a  number out their  who just opt to leave the country to search for greener and  silvery if not golden pastures. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Dating & Relationship Nightmares And Bloopers

What are some of your worst dating nightmares? Are they enough or too much to spare yourself from entering the dating scene once more? From the minor just run-of-the-mill ones like " He/she stood me up" or "He  never called again" sob stories to serious fax paus, some frightening, disheartening at the same time , enough to create an insane person crawling under the covers out of you.

Based on what I have read before, my experiences as well as others', I've divided this into two.  The dating boboos and relationship blunders.

Dating Boo-boos :

1.  Talking to your cell the whole night away . - If you want a second date, ditch your fone first and focus on your date across the table. You can  be  half-crazy updating your frantic friends  of what's going on, if he's truly charming and a gentleman and all that but it can be pretty annoying you know. 

2.  You're a TMI dear! - TMI for too much info, information overload. You've just bumped into each other for a nearly hour and a half and yet here you are divulging your abusive past, archives of your "ex-files" and blah blahs! Leave out intimate stories and emotional baggages (and luggages) at home for at least a few more dates.  Before spilling the beans baby, allow enough time in getting to know each other and pls GIVE CHANCE FOR YOUR DATE TO TALK. It's a two-way street and it isn't merely about you!

3. "Red-in- the-face" Moments- It is your first date, so you must leave a lasting good impression. But if you drink too much margarita or what have you and worst threw up on your date, do you think you will still hear from him/her again?
     Here are some "ruin-worthy" crawl under the table  moments :

     - having an amnesia, forgetting your date's name!
     - not realizing that you've forgotten your bulky wallet until after the bill is in front of your red face
     - spilling food all over your blouse/shirt and pants like a clumsy toddler
     - choking on some piece of  "cheese" (some pieces of food) letting your date hit you on the back !
     - belching like a crazy car motor loudly! (PUFF the magic dragon! ) :P
     - having "butterflies" and other "intestinal  issues" always saying brb (be right back) to go to your fave room

4. Opening up  the "ex-files" - He/she seems to be perfect but the problem is the person still  can't get over the EX. can't stop talking how sweet and handsome he was, how thoughtful and charming she was and stuff.
This is  big NO NO when you're on a date!

5. The  "Emotionless" Fish - The exact opposite of the "love at first sight" homie thing, this date just goes through the motions and is effortless in knowing you.Catch the red flags like not prettily responding to your queries that much, doesn't ask questions about you,  he undecidedly took you to unromantic places. It could be that  HE IS NOT ENTIRELY INTO YOU but is interested  with the girl on the next table or the man sitting at the bar.

Relationship  Blunders That Women Do :

1. Acting Like  His Second Mom- You are the gf not the Mom! He grew up  having one so don't act like one.Overly nagging, scolding your bf for every bit of silly things or promises broken ain't nice.Give him chances to make up for it and just practice  diplomacy. LOL Some gfs tend to let their bfs feel grounded for some bloopers they've committed. Talk to him like a lover not like an annoyed mother dear.

2. Ceasing to be Pretty For Him and For Yourself - It doesn't mean that when you're already with someone, you will ditch prettifying yourself and all. Like some wives/gfs who are called "pindanggas" (untidy, not taking care of themselves) by their bfs/hubbies because they've stopped making the effort of looking good. Men are visionary creatures. And we women must take care of ourselves well if we don't want  their eyes to wander somewhere else.

3. The Possessive Green-eyed Monster Gf - Men don't like it when their gf's put them on a leash for the more  they want to break free from you.This one's tried and tested  by me. LOL You don't have to know every bit of thing he is doing and where is he is, checking on him minute by minute. Give him space to do go bonding with his chums and do his own things.

4. Predicting Too Much Into Your Future- While weaving dreams with your bf is quite nice, too much looking into the future will somewhat put pressure on your man for he might be caught between your expectations and his own.

5. Letting Other People Get Involved With Your Love Life - You can  count on your friends for a sound advice  but  you shouldn't let them decide and think for you and your relationship.If you are sure about your true feelings, don't let them get involved or worst interfere between you and your bf. Your man might get offended and things might turn sour if he discovers you've dissed him to your friends.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Readers, Commentators Categorized

A little disclaimer: This was not posted to insult or rather malign and judge people. :D Was created based on observations and dealings with both commentators and readers. Only for info, fun and not solely to criticize each kind. :P This can be applied too even if outside this website. :D

Would a blog/article be judged as a good one based on the number of comments it generates or the number of hits/views it has gotten? This could merely be statistics. A good blog I guess is something which stirs something inside it's audiences. It hits you from nowhere and in one way or the other let your heart skip a beat. In some you would notice, if you are observant, that the same people react on the same blog that makes it gain more comments. When in fact at times, what they're saying is beyond the topic and just for the  heck of saying or reacting to what his/her buddy says. It's called "kulitan" in Tagalog. :D  It could just be 2-3 very same people with nonsense blah blahs which sometimes get out of hand. LOL :D
But hey, let them be for they're having fun! :P Ok, live and let live. :P

Just like there are different writing styles and kinds of writers, readers and commentators can also be categorized as follows :


1. The Browser- goes to the blog section and  just flips through it, choosing which one could possibly catch his attention.Could be the title, the number of views or "weird" comments :D

2. The Active Reader- this one not only reads but comprehends and when he can relate to a certain topic, won't hesitate to drop a commentary sooner.

3. The Passive One - though he has a lot of ideas sprawling on his mind, he might as well share, he just leaves it at that for he's got some other better things to do than type comments.

4. Behind-the-Scene Reader- those who read blogs everyday even on offline or "stealth" mode. LOL But they care to let you know they've read and loved your posts. :D

5. The Critic - This one disagrees with  what he has read , saying negative things by himself and  after gathering enormous energy would then tell the  world what a lousy post (if not the writer) it is. Spewing hot lava here and there. Well, it helps if its a constructive criticism but if directed personally to the one who wrote isn't nice I guess. :D

Now, down to the  COMMENTATORS:

1. The Ranter- she readily came across what you want to express in your entry but then  will  start saying about her issues on hand as "comments". LOL :P

2. The Kilometric Commentator- need I say more? Longer reactions than the blog itself. Well, can't blame them for some really has a lot to say and they  just wanna share. :D

3. The Scene-Stealer - she just wants to gain attention from the readers that she is still existing! So out of nowhere even if she doesn't know what some people are talking about, just butts in. :P Even commenting on things that are out of the topic and should just be discussed in chats not publicly. :P

4. The Fanatic- this is the every loyal fan of your blogs who always comment back and tell you how he appreciates your post every now and then. :D

5. The  Blocker/Know-It-All- one  who thinks it 's just a waste of time posting things that people shouldn't be worried about. Then states about "things" that are off the topic to appear great in the eyes of the readers.

6. The Repeater - Yes, one who just repeats what the others just said or what the writer has just said.Or those who just say they have agreed or disagreed then not expounding on it too much. :D

7. The Jolly Commentator- One who always have positive reactions to each entry and shows his infectious sense of humor even of things are rather getting tensed among the other comments.

8. The Offended -  the one who barks, thinks the post is entirely about him and would then  have this mega reaction of negativity. :D Keep your cool even if you are guilty! LOL :P

9. The Preacher Who Lacks Practice- what's  she's saying  is the exact opposite of what she is doing in real life. Just wants to appear good  and righteous stating she has a reputation to take care of.  duh :P

In which category do you fit in? LOL :P I can  be guilty of some of the above  and may not know it at all, too. :D As much as I love reading blogs, articles, I also love reading comments as well. Not just on my own posts but on the others works.

Well freedom of expression and as long as you don't go through prohibited things and stick by the rules, so go and comment on if you like! :P

Saturday, June 4, 2011

When Your GF Thinks You Lack The Big "E"

This is some kinda requested blog folks. And also dedicated for those who think their partners care less about their relationship.A blog extension of my entry before : "Stone-Cold Romeo and Unaffectionate  Juliet".

We often stumble over this word "effort" when we talk about relationships. So, what exactly is real effort done for a bond's staying power? It's so much harder when one is involved in an LDR. Differences in time zones, different schedules, lack of eye contact (real one that is) to gauge if what one's saying is sincere, lack of physical touch among others. Though some are used to just hugging their computer screens, sometimes "kissing" it too.(though it doesn't  necessarily mean I do these things peeps! Oops!) :P Some of you may have, come on, admit it! LOL

There are a number of girls that I chat to, talk to who complain about their bf's exertions. That her bf is "effortless" not unlike her doing all that there is to make the relationship work out and all that. That he isn't making enough sacrifices to prove his love for her.That her bf has other "priorities" in life as of the moment and that isn't being a good lover.That her bf is still immature and needs some growing up to be able to handle the relationship well.Blah ,blah, blah ...

At what point or what age can a man be called MATURED anyway ?Dissing men again here? Nope for this can also be directed to women who are in a lady's body but who have the mind of a 16 yr. old. :P Who give their men and much as other people headaches by being so childish. Tantrums here, tantrums there.Those who make their men crazy by always engaging them into "guessing games". (though I know by nature women, tend to be like that)

The efforts done in a relationship works both ways. It's a two-way traffic like they say. Stated also in a popular quote, " It takes two to tango!" How can you dance the night away with a sweet music on all by yourself?When it's just you doing the works and all? There could be varied and valid reasons sometimes your partner falters. At times, it's not about neglecting ones obligations but rather lack of proper and open communication between the two of you.

Have you set certain "rules" early on before committing yourselves to one another or after you were "officially"  a couple? Or is it that what you have was just a rush of raging emotions that time, got yourselves involved right away without having so much thought as to what you have gotten yourself into? 

What are examples of efforts and sacrifices of those in an LDR? I can name some  below :

@ Setting up a scheduled time for a quality chat/talk when both are free even if from different time zones.Even if its the wee hours of the night, you have to be up and wait for him/her to get online for the designated time you have set up. Even if it's 2am in your man's time, he fights his sleepiness just to be with you. Even if it's already midnight in your lady's time  and she has to get up early at 4am for work, it is still fine with her.Or the like.

@He is very sick and yet decides to be online like he promised you last time.Even if he can't hardly type or talk, just the thought of being with you gives him strength.

@He sends you sweet messages every now and then to surprise you and letting you know he misses you and always affirms his love for you.The girls should do this, too. It works wonders in your relationship!

@He/she calls you every now and then, too.It's far different from the voice chat you have everyday.

@You give yourselves some tokens to let the other feel your love. They need not be overly expensive. At times, e-cards, greeting cards, post cards and some little stuffs can make your lover's heart melt!

@ Sticking to his promises though at times they have memory gaps. LOL And needed to be reminded my gosh! :P

@ Giving up his favorite TV show, past time just so he can talk to you online and  the like.

and many other more ones how effort is manifested.

There are different ways people show their feelings and prove their love to their significant others. Others are demonstrative while others you might call stone-cold. But it doesn't necessarily mean they care less about you.  They can show in their own individual ways. But it's a different story if one doesn't exert effort even if a little for your relationship - it might be heading down the drain so you better talk it out.

Why Are We Here?

I chanced upon this old published essay of mine today after a merely 21 years have passed  me by. I was still this innocent fresh graduate at that time.This is my very first work published after graduating from high school, the second one was a poem in our native language both on a magazine for workers, "Blue Collar" under the publication of Don Bosco Technical College here in the Philippines which circulated nationwide. This one is featured in the "Tinig ng Masa" ( Voice of the Masses) column also in Tagalog and so I have to gather my guts to translate this out for you foreign friends! Original title is : " Bakit Tayo Naririto". 

Note: This is my work when I was  just 16  and so my "writer's voice" is quite different than it is now. Take note of  the "idealistic tone" of the essay.

And so here it is :

I got many questions in mind that I do know all of you cannot seem to answer for even you out there I know for a fact also have so many questions in this life.Isn't it that people live on this earth for a certain mission we  have to accomplish? I believe there is this ultimate reason why we were born - and that is to find our TRUE HAPPINESS! Authentic happiness that can only  be attained by living through His ways.  But it seems that times have truly changed now. Money is what other people worship. They thought all along that money alone  can buy them things that can make them truly happy in this world.

Yes, they can purchase all the luxuries but there is an end to all of these things. It is but impossible to assume money would come flowing throughout their lifetime! If all these riches are gone, all used up one day, can they readily say straight to everyone's face that they've become happy? Yes, maybe a temporary high they have achieved  but not PERFECT HAPPINESS! They would still continue on searching for this PERFECT HAPPINESS. 

At times life can really be boring isn't it? Routinary things everyday and most often than not, we tend to forget to pray to Him. And people tend to have many excuses, alibis or whatever you can call it as such.But I do know this shouldn't happen. Maybe it's about time that we change our ways and our notions about life. We shouldn't be self-centered  and  be much more sensitive about other people's own good, too. Set aside a time to reflect and talk to God even just for a moment amidst our  busy hurried lives.

Ask ourselves why are we here living in this wide world. Is it just to be happy even though we tend to ignore helping those less fortunate brethren? To have hoards of money to somehow ease our loneliness and give in to our worldly pleasures? Is it good to know that we are the richest person and most influential  although we know we have  have taken advantage of some of our poor countrymen along the way?Are we contented doing malicious things to other people, just thinking of ourselves and all?

So many other questions that a whole sheet of bond paper isn't enough space to cover all. If only there are no bad people, no selfish, greedy ones for power, fame, money and the like.And if only people would just live harmoniously, peacefully. And if only LOVE would just prevail, there is no need for earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and strong typhoons as wake up calls from the heavens for us to finally go back to our senses and change!

** Blog pic courtesy of my bf's Nature and Landscape Photography works

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Of Being A Supportive Partner

When we say  being supportive of our partner, what do we really mean by that? To stand by his side whatever endeavor he wants to get involved with though at times you oppose to some of his ideas of doing such things. To  be a moral booster so one can hold his chin up high and attain his goals on a positive note.To be at his back through good and rough times in his career and personal life.

A popular cliche : "Behind every man's success is a woman. " Does this merely mean men always need  guidance and support from their gfs/wives ? For me personally, it works both ways. Who would want a significant other who  happens to be your worst critic? (though a constructive criticism would be a great help) Or one who opposes you all the way though you know for yourself it could do wonders in your life and yet he doesn't think so?

Couples should be able to bring out the best in each other and not the other way around. It's but wonderful to think that both of you are doing great in your respective fields and  that way can contribute much to the betterment, growth of your relationship! You should be able to feel proud of your partner's accomplishments and strive on your own too, not treating it as some sort of challenge or competition between you. Well, that's another controversial issue: when one partner gets jealous of the attainments of the other and/or when the woman gets higher remuneration than him causing a big issue or conflict.

It also helps that the love of your life is quite understanding and patient of your demanding job or your hectic  schedule.  No matter how  busy one is, he must find quality time for his lover/family so as not to have petty quarrels and arguments along the way.

When you share the same interests in some if not all I think it's another plus factor for you can appreciate  the same things. Like me and my bf , we share the same passion in the arts. And that's one thing why we click from the start. We are both artistic, seeing the beauty of things and people around us. A great tandem if you can call  us as such- the photographer and writer!

The success of any given relationship relies greatly on your "team work" in all areas. Who else would feel proud of your lover first and foremost but you. If  what your partner is doing is worthy of  being  proud of that is. LOL :P 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Embracing My Years

So what is good in getting older? Though a good number out there men and women wouldn’t like the idea of them getting older by the years, it is one such inevitable thing no matter how much you try to hide your age under coats and coats of thick foundation, you’ve got to face and accept this dire reality. Age is just a figure as we always say in defense of that dreadful question, “how old are you now?” Do we mature as we age? Definitely not, as they say men mature slower than women. So we’ve got a biological age and a psychological age then? Happy

People nowadays rely too much on cosmetology, hiding their wrinkles and other signs of ageing. The lines, the crow’s feet, sagging skin, eye bags and what have you are all parts in the process of getting old. Each crease on your face no matter how awful they may seem to appear, signifies every knowledge and experience gained throughout your lifetime. I am just one lucky soul who’s blessed to possess a God-given baby face that people whenever I ask them to guess my age, often mistaken me for somebody who’s way too younger. (and that’s one thing that brings a huge smile on my face all the way up to my flapping ears!) Why can’t we just age gracefully and not be too dependent on aesthetics to make us look younger? Tongue

Ageing gracefully is beyond the years, the figures but more on one’s contribution to society, fulfillment in his life through his various endeavors and how one values each of his relationships. I am embracing each year of my life as it passes me by and will still continue to be a better citizen of my country, be a loving daughter and sister to my family as well to my friends. One thing good about getting older? The stock knowledge I gained throughout my lifetime, for nobody could ever take that away from me. Happy

Are you conscious with your age? It's more than just the number, it's how you lived your life that counts. It's how many storms have you weathered along the way, the relationships you've formed and how well may people remember you when you're gone - how have you touched countless souls by your mere existence in this world! Happy