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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Colorful Sticky Love

Just chanced upon this cute short film on You Tube which prompted me to compose this entry on mushy colorful sticky love. Why the title? You will find out once you get to have a sneak peak of the video below.

Isn't it when we  find someone interesting  who eventually  becomes the object of our affection, we should go out of our way to let them know how we feel? I'm wondering if the younger generation still know about the traditional norms in old Filipino courtship like the man serenading the girl on a pale moonlight complete with back up singers or even going solo. Of chopping woods and regularly visiting her bringing flowers, chocolates and some more food for the girl's family. Of sending love letters and even poems depicting their undying love. I hate to think that everyone now wants "instant relationships" at a glance wherein you just lock eyes for seconds and it means you've got an understanding already which will go kaput the next day.

Who among you here wants to skip the courtship phase and just go directly getting involved with your prospect? Some would have this notion that a long  getting-to-know-each-other stage is a passe yet still others would like to pursue their Juliets and  be pursued by their Romeos.

Modern day 21st century courtship has evolved much with the advent of advances in technology. Even the shy ones or once who get all red-faced and too embarrassed to propose in person can first rely on SMS in sending sweet messages to woe their loves. How many of you finds it romantic if you get text messages from your suitors every now and then? Or from your bf who out of the blue sends an "I miss you suddenly" text  at the exact time you were thinking of him?The constant calls that may leave some giddy while others get annoyed over time.Of using IMs and PMs each day and night and of corresponding through emails and actual cards replaced  by e-cards.(I still prefer to receive snail mail letters and cards though no matter how slow pokes they may be)

Feel giddy on a rainy (here in the Philippines) day,warm your heart as you watch these two somewhat shy lead stars in this short film who have gone out of their way showing the object of their affection their feelings through sticky (hold your breath) POST-ITs!

 Now, I'm not an endorser of this sticky colorful things but I do love them in pink and neon green. LOL 

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