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Thursday, June 16, 2011

How Do You Sell Yourself?

How does one let his personality shine amongst hoards of people out in the field? This does not apply only in job hunting wherein obtaining assistance from resume writing services is enough to stand out  againts a number of applicants. vying for the same much-coveted position available. In the dating scene as well, how does one sell himself way better than the others  so he will have an edge over gazillions of men/women looking for lifetime partners?

Another area we can also affix this is the  business arena wherein  there's a crystal-clear  cut-throat competition  in the market. And the one with the good rapport with it's steady customer base will prevail and lead.

Here are some pointers to consider when selling one's self in any "battle field" :

1. Dare to be different but still BE YOURSELF. - Be an original not just a copy cat of someone you look up to.

2. Know your target market. Who are your prospects and what do they like? What can you offer them in return? Let them  keep coming back for more. An air of mystery is also quite tolerable but don't overdo it, just a little dose leaving something to their imagination.

3. Know thy competitors.  Study your lessons and  be prepared like in any battle in life you encounter. To keep an edge you must learn about some quirks or strategies of the other party so you can counter attack!

4. Don't sell yourself short.  Have enough confidence and  belief in yourself. Each one of us is gifted with talents we should use to our advantage and in attaining our goals.

5. Don't easily  quit. There would be ups and downs, it could be a bumpy ride ahead  but then  have perseverance and tell yourself you could do it! One wouldn't die out of a thousand job application rejections, heart aches and bankruptcy. Life is just a cycle of things.


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