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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Eat, Pray, Love And Blog

How many of you have seen last year's Julia Roberts-starrer, Eat, Pray, Love? It is a movie adaptation of her own true to life novel by famous author, Elizabeth Gilbert. I didn't have the chance to view it despite some continuous proddings from girl friends to have a movie date mainly because we had tight schedules that time.

I own a copy of the bestseller book and it's just so amazing  how one can readily relate to each phase of Elizabeth's journey in life. The story isn't just for women, men can  also quite see a part of themselves here. The audience/readers would laugh, cry and dream with the storyteller exposing her real life drama. A woman's struggle againts post-divorce depression, her search for true meaning in her life and finding love unexpectedly while travelling.

Gilbert brought her readers to Italy to indulge herself in flavorful Italian cuisine. Found her soul back and gained inner peace in India and  fell into the throes of new love  while travelling to Indonesia. It depicts how hurtful it is to undergo a divorce and how it can leave deep scars on someone's being, the process being a painful one. A film describing how some people try to combat depression which can somehow paralyze one's life.

If I would have 3 country stop overs to travel to like Gilbert, I would eventually  choose Spain, Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the city of love, Paris in France. Will first immerse myself in some Spanish cuisine, some of which Filipinos are quite familiar with since we were once colonized by the Spaniards. Maybe also trace my roots there having a tinge of Spanish blood running in my veins. Next stop is to have a religious pilgrimage to Medjugorje to feel the miracles surrounding the place and then tour around  the City of Love , Paris, let my eyes feast and marvel at the grandeur of the infamous Eiffel Tower.

I would blog about my escapade to share the journey of my life with my constant readers. If you would choose  3 countries to visit, which places would you go to for you life-changing trip? Could be like choosing ones  just near you likened to  when using this job map to point some workplaces accessible to you. Or if you could afford it, have the means to cover  an extravagant travel, can book flights to luxuries  cities around the globe! Now, that's called globe-trotting with a difference making each chapter of your life worth remembering!

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