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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Netosphere Creating Order Or Chaos?

According to Wikipedia, the history of the Net started way back in the 1950's and 1960's with the development of computers. A drastic impact on culture and  commerce rose in the mid-1990's alongside with the emergence of emails, text-based discussion forums and the spread of the world wide web.

With the influx of social networking sites, people can just "fb me", tweet their pals in an instant. The Net closed the gap for families and loved-ones separated  by vast oceans and miles.It changed the way we think, communicate, shop and learn. One can also work remotely in the four corners of his dear abode without the hassles of daily commuting, the irksome pollution and the like. You can also build your own web site using this wix reviews nowadays pronto! Have your own online garage sale of things that are just occupying too much space in your dainty room.

As much as the netosphere, ( I coined this new term) creates order in  our modern lives, there are also some draw backs that can build up CHAOS (Create  Havoc Around Our System). Information online can spread at lightning speed. Some can't help diss each other in public via  their malicious tweets pushing some to file libel cases againts each other. Be careful what you post on the social net working sites especially if they are deemed too personal since they can stand as proofs againts you in  court. Much so when you are applying for a job, prospective employers can trace you out if they're conducting a background check on you.

The Netizens should be responsible enough online as much as they are offline. What you post can have a deep impact on your own reputation and/or can change if not ruin one person.  Have you heard of some celebrities who have committed suicide  because of  the rumors about her circulating in one forum site?

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