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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Wanna Be-Head Shrink's Superman Powers

The rant box. Shock absorber. Trusted friend and confidante. The Sponge. The Good Listener.

I wish I could be a 24-hour hotline with all my friends who need my good ears to comfort them through troubled times. But then like any other hotline numbers, all cannot get through to me even maybe if it’s an 800 phone service. We all have different moods in each running second and you can’t expect your confidante will be available for you 24/7. She maybe experiencing her own personal issues that time and/or cannot attend to you as of the moment.

Not all people have broad minds to readily understand that you have your own life to fix sometimes and you cannot sympathize to whatever predicament they may tell you. But, it’s a good asset I think being a trusted, good listener by your friends. And you maybe quite amazed at times when even those mere strangers or you just met feel comfortable talking to you. Yes, at times, it can be quite draining if 2 or 3 pals pour out their sentiments on you at the same exact moment in time! No matter how much you tell them to look at things in a positive way, their minds are just in one direction – the rot they are into!

It’s not that I’m whining much less complaining but I’m just wondering how could head shrinks deal with all those psychological cases each day ? I can easily give up listening to a whiner, make absurd, obvious excuses but it’s different when it’s your profession. It’s like the “couch” is never left empty, for there are troubled, distressed patients for every split of a second! And you could just imagine all those negative vibes they’re absorbing every time that could suck up all their energy in a nano second?

I have this “6th Sense” which lets me take a peek into another being’s mind and know things even before she tells me about it. When I establish a “connection” with somebody, I can amazingly “read minds” like Superman does – without the need for uttered words. Just simple gut feel and feeling an in depth understanding of one’s behavior. (Now, that’s entirely different from being a “nosy one”). This goes hand in hand with being observant of things around me and analyzing each person’s ways. I let them do the talking most of the time while I do the listening part. Much is learned in listening, guys. So being quiet doesn’t necessarily mean I know less and being afraid to mingle. Quiet ones are simply observing talkative sometimes nonsense people deal with each situation. You may have noticed that silent individuals have more to offer than those all talk no action ones. I guess having a sensitive side is one of the qualities of a good head shrink. They know each person’s situation and how they can help these troubled ones open up themselves and accept reality. When friends trust me with their secrets and tell me their problems, I appreciate it of course. But there would be times I may not be in the mood to be a good listener when I’m having my personal issues too.

Now, if I’m going to be asked if I’d like to shift careers from being a writer to a head shrink? I wouldn’t dismiss the probability as long as I can still keep my sanity for wacking my brains out continuously or I’d be one of the patients.

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