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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Readers, Commentators Categorized

A little disclaimer: This was not posted to insult or rather malign and judge people. :D Was created based on observations and dealings with both commentators and readers. Only for info, fun and not solely to criticize each kind. :P This can be applied too even if outside this website. :D

Would a blog/article be judged as a good one based on the number of comments it generates or the number of hits/views it has gotten? This could merely be statistics. A good blog I guess is something which stirs something inside it's audiences. It hits you from nowhere and in one way or the other let your heart skip a beat. In some you would notice, if you are observant, that the same people react on the same blog that makes it gain more comments. When in fact at times, what they're saying is beyond the topic and just for the  heck of saying or reacting to what his/her buddy says. It's called "kulitan" in Tagalog. :D  It could just be 2-3 very same people with nonsense blah blahs which sometimes get out of hand. LOL :D
But hey, let them be for they're having fun! :P Ok, live and let live. :P

Just like there are different writing styles and kinds of writers, readers and commentators can also be categorized as follows :


1. The Browser- goes to the blog section and  just flips through it, choosing which one could possibly catch his attention.Could be the title, the number of views or "weird" comments :D

2. The Active Reader- this one not only reads but comprehends and when he can relate to a certain topic, won't hesitate to drop a commentary sooner.

3. The Passive One - though he has a lot of ideas sprawling on his mind, he might as well share, he just leaves it at that for he's got some other better things to do than type comments.

4. Behind-the-Scene Reader- those who read blogs everyday even on offline or "stealth" mode. LOL But they care to let you know they've read and loved your posts. :D

5. The Critic - This one disagrees with  what he has read , saying negative things by himself and  after gathering enormous energy would then tell the  world what a lousy post (if not the writer) it is. Spewing hot lava here and there. Well, it helps if its a constructive criticism but if directed personally to the one who wrote isn't nice I guess. :D

Now, down to the  COMMENTATORS:

1. The Ranter- she readily came across what you want to express in your entry but then  will  start saying about her issues on hand as "comments". LOL :P

2. The Kilometric Commentator- need I say more? Longer reactions than the blog itself. Well, can't blame them for some really has a lot to say and they  just wanna share. :D

3. The Scene-Stealer - she just wants to gain attention from the readers that she is still existing! So out of nowhere even if she doesn't know what some people are talking about, just butts in. :P Even commenting on things that are out of the topic and should just be discussed in chats not publicly. :P

4. The Fanatic- this is the every loyal fan of your blogs who always comment back and tell you how he appreciates your post every now and then. :D

5. The  Blocker/Know-It-All- one  who thinks it 's just a waste of time posting things that people shouldn't be worried about. Then states about "things" that are off the topic to appear great in the eyes of the readers.

6. The Repeater - Yes, one who just repeats what the others just said or what the writer has just said.Or those who just say they have agreed or disagreed then not expounding on it too much. :D

7. The Jolly Commentator- One who always have positive reactions to each entry and shows his infectious sense of humor even of things are rather getting tensed among the other comments.

8. The Offended -  the one who barks, thinks the post is entirely about him and would then  have this mega reaction of negativity. :D Keep your cool even if you are guilty! LOL :P

9. The Preacher Who Lacks Practice- what's  she's saying  is the exact opposite of what she is doing in real life. Just wants to appear good  and righteous stating she has a reputation to take care of.  duh :P

In which category do you fit in? LOL :P I can  be guilty of some of the above  and may not know it at all, too. :D As much as I love reading blogs, articles, I also love reading comments as well. Not just on my own posts but on the others works.

Well freedom of expression and as long as you don't go through prohibited things and stick by the rules, so go and comment on if you like! :P

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