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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dew Drops Falling In His Eyes

Is crying merely a sign of weakness? Or of just being human? Men are told that they should control their sensitive sides and hide from the crowd when in tears. Machismo, the concept of strength and toughness of the male species.(Or maybe not all were raised this way though)While women as we all know are way more emotional than men, we find some guys who aren't afraid of showing their feelings complete with tears to other people or telling their significant others how touched they are with some things done or uttered.

Would you be embarrassed if your man can cry his heart out in front of you without any hesitation and in total abandonment? I can vividly remember what my father told me before about men who cry because of their lady loves : " If a  man cries because of a woman, meaning out of his love for object of his affections, his love is true." This can be true of my Dad since I know for a fact that he loves my Mom so much! I carried that "thinking" up 'til now. 

Don't assume though that the guy is sincere just because he cried in front of you begging you to love him! That's another case. In tears because of overwhelming love for another not crying  out of getting hurt or something.

I suddenly blogged about this after my bf broke down in tears out of happiness thanking me for my patience and my being good to him all this time. LOL I was taken aback after this scene and it's not  the first time he cried he said, but at times too when he thinks of me always there by his side not leaving him. Of which he warned me "Don't laugh. " I think it's not just called PATIENCE but LOVE for me to be always there for him even through tough times and stormy weathers in our relationship. So, the Kungfu Master was in tears, imagine that?( oops, I dissed him out in public again. :P) He doesn't visit my blog site often anyway.

Not that I couldn't make fun of him crying but then of course there are times we can goof around and periods of being "dramatic". LOL I wouldn't take it againts a man if he breaks down sobbing over something. Well in fact, I admire those guys who aren't afraid to express their pent-up emotions. It's a sign  that you're still human and all that. And everyone deserves a good cry once in a while they say.

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