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Monday, June 20, 2011

Beauty Pageant Style Job Interview

Some if not all of us maybe have gone through on toward awkward job hunting incidents before. Like any other job seeker on space before, in my quest for a decent bread and butter, I've had my share of disappointing rejections, funny interview propers and disgusting encounters of the third kind. Suffice to say, it has even made it quite an adventure and learning experience for me!  For job hunters out there, it takes more than obtaining a good resume service or preparing your own. It's the screening, testing  and the series of interviews thereafter that is the life blood of any job searching escapade.

There was a time I even applied at a big mall as a salesperson but was readily turned down because I was overqualified! Was just a new graduate that time and I was just looking for some job experiences so I tried my luck. I still can't be choosy since I'm just at the genesis of my soon-to-be career life. I think being rejected because you're OVERQUALIFIED is better than losing the position to someone whom you think isn't worth it.

Pushed my way at some call centers when I switched in between jobs searching for my niche in the "underworld" (odd job schedule) likened to a vampire's. Before I landed in a fairly good one, I had this most ridiculous job interview conducted. Imagine 5 applicants being interviewed by just one "personnel" at the same time.And this is his idea of a "panel interview", huh.  The "gay" HR Officer asked me first this question : "Ma'am are you sure you know what you're getting into? I mean you've got an impressive resume and here you are applying as a call center agent? " (is this the proper way an "HR Officer" should  ask questions in a formal interview?)Heck, I know what I'm getting into, I 'm looking for a job! (eyes rolling) To make it worst, "he" asked next : " Can you please tell me why should I hire you over your seatmate here? ( another applicant) What do you have that she doesn't? DUH! I think that he must have come out of a bad dream, he being a ghostly apparition in front of me. I still gained my composure and refrained myself from  butting in to tell him the interview came out straight from a beauty contest  and ask was he a frustrated judge and all that?

I wished we could have traded places and I'll be the interviewer. I could have been a better one you know. That was the lousiest job interview there is and it sucks! To think it is one famous call center  before. And since I was overqualified again, I went home with a rejection slip in one hand but it's not a lost! Was even thankful I will not be associated with them. LOL I got myself 2  high paying call canter jobs after that, one in  sleek, classy building but had to quit for I can't continue being a night owl.

Hunting for jobs can be fun at first though it's somewhat tiresome and your feet would really ache with all those walks you have to do from one building to another and the brain-drain exams and interviews. I love the interview  questions a lot for I even memorized them already since they were asked to me a hundred times before! LOL Mind you, I'm referring tho those good ones not the beauty pageant style I had experienced.

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