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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Happy Place

Ok, so as I compose this post, “I Want To Break Free” by Queen is rocking, playing at the background.

Each and every one of us have this sacred sanctuary, a “happy place” we often go to. To get out of the wilderness once in a while, to get away from the hustle bustle and daily grind of our too fast and hurried modern lives. More than smell the blooming roses as we pass by, more than listening to the humming bees and noisy crickets at a lost jungle incognito.

If there could be a secret hide away from the mountains, where only the chirping birds and the sound of the running river nearby amuses you, that would be my happy place.
Life can be sometimes routinary and burnt out feelings and boredom may strike us at certain points of our lives. There is simply a time you must reflect, call that a moment of silence to awaken our eyes and mind to a possible discernment from above.

A happy place need not be noisy or full of live entertainment and sumptuous foodies to feast on. At this moment, my happy place is our living room with really good 80’s music rocking at the background, composing entries for my next week’s blog writing assignments (yep, still work). With a gray, gloomy weather outside, the heavens still crying but yet this doesn’t stop me from laziness and boredom to wash all over my senses.

Have you ever wished sometimes that you can be “invisible”? If there could be this self storage software, I’ll avail of it and let myself fly into the air and vanish from my world for a second and be in a place where there are no chaos, no conflicts but only HAPPINESS surrounding you. Could be a castle high up in the air with this Princess simply enjoying the enchanting beauty of peaceful silence.

Could be an imaginary getaway on my mind in a secluded beach somewhere in my dreams with cool breeze caressing my blushing cheeks, as my feet walks daintily over the warm white sand while the setting sun at the far horizon is gently waving good bye to me, with the rhythmic sound of the dancing waves nearby as music to my ears.

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