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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Office Romance, Boon Or Bane?

Have you had experiences of finding love at your workplace? Do you think it is advisable to date your office mate or it could pose big conflicts along the way? While proximity often brings you easier ways to deal with prospective lovers, working together  5-7 days a week in long and straight 8 hours or beyond, having those occasional lunch outs, company outings or team buildings and the works. Familiarity almost always breeds interests between the sexes.

You have to take into serious considerations various situations you as a couple can delve in professionally and romantically. At times we cannot not simply tell ourselves to set the boundaries between love and one's career especially if you belong to the same team or department, it will surely pave the way for some issues to come up once in a while.

Once the love affair has gone sour, couples break up after some time, there would be a lot of awkward moments between them affecting their work and way they deal with the people around them. Maybe if this happens, they could go to resume builder sites to help them prepare for another job application in another company to save grace.

 There are some thoughts to ponder once you decide to bring romance into your work :

@ You don't mix relationship issues with your work. If you and your partner had misunderstandings prior to going to the office, leave it up first and control yourself from finding faults of the other so you could somewhat feel you've gotten your sweet revenge over some matter you've disagreed upon. Act professionally when in the confines of your workplace.

@ Don't treat it as a competition  between Romeo and Juliet.If you are both on the same team working on some projects, it's not a good thing to let work get the better of you or else you would find yourselves competing with the other to prove to himself he is smarter, more adept or efficient in his work

@ Don't take work issues at home. Don't ever let your home be a mini extension of your office. Have a breather by letting yourself  break free of some job related issues first.

@ Leave lovey-dovey time and petty quarrels at home. Some couples just can't help it but practice PDA (public display of affection) in front of their colleagues. Still in the honeymoon stage? Discipline yourselves from having your hands on each other all the time for its not your own space (not your love nest), there are other people around watching you. And it's not the place for such sweet nothings.

@ Agree to disagree. This is more on accepting each other's differences especially if one of you has a higher position than the other. 

@Quit keeping it a secret.  At first some couples don't want to expose their new found love among their office buddies and their bosses. But there are ill effects of keeping your  romance a secret. You could treat each other awkwardly which could spark office gossips. Don't let yourselves be misunderstood by people by keeping things clear but don't take advantage of you being  a "hot office item" to wanton in deep PDAs!

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