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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Attack of The Food Statuses

In every conversation, there is this "universal topic" which we all can relate to - FOOD. Even if we aren't good cooks or are not knowledgeable in different cuisines, this is such one enjoyable if not one  "stomach growling" experience. :)

Some of us if not all are guilty of indulging ourselves with this "trip". Flooding sometimes the wall thread with mouth-watering, delectable, oh-so-yummy foodie statuses that's enough to make one crave for some and would even dare them to go shop outside pronto just so they can try tasting what they have read. :)  As much as you can see in their statuses, "I'm cooking_____ for dinner..", I just have observed that commonly, women are the ones involved in this but why? LOL :P

Well, even here we can see them at times. :P

I post at times where I dined and when I've satisfied my dire and ongoing cravings for chocolates and cakes. :P

Have you ever wondered what prompts people (including me and you) to post such stuffs?

A fan page in a social networking site made a survey out of this and here are some of the reasons :

1. wants to gain attention (In Tagalog. KSP Kulang Sa Pansin) :P

2. doesn't intentionally mean a thing just like the whole wide web to know what she ate (burp)

3. they  are "endorsers" of such food LOL :P

4. they are born to "flaunt" what they have letting people know they've dined in a posh, classy restaurant last night so they may appear part of the elite in society (high-class)

5. they are just day dreaming...what they've posted is just a by-product of their wild, hungry  hallucination and result of overdue cravings :P

6. they can't think of a good shout out to enter and so they just posted the gummy (gammy) bear they had for dessert :P

7. just want their friends to envy them (In Tagalog : "manginggit lang") :P

8. they want to simply appear "cool"

9. simply want others to crave such foodies too

10 some want others to learn about such rare exotic finds they have

11. they simply want to post it without any motives at all (democracy) :P

Ok, I admit I added a bunch here since all the answers to the survey boiled down to one reason: "To let others ENVY them!" True to some, yet not to the others. :D :P

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