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Monday, June 6, 2011

Dating & Relationship Nightmares And Bloopers

What are some of your worst dating nightmares? Are they enough or too much to spare yourself from entering the dating scene once more? From the minor just run-of-the-mill ones like " He/she stood me up" or "He  never called again" sob stories to serious fax paus, some frightening, disheartening at the same time , enough to create an insane person crawling under the covers out of you.

Based on what I have read before, my experiences as well as others', I've divided this into two.  The dating boboos and relationship blunders.

Dating Boo-boos :

1.  Talking to your cell the whole night away . - If you want a second date, ditch your fone first and focus on your date across the table. You can  be  half-crazy updating your frantic friends  of what's going on, if he's truly charming and a gentleman and all that but it can be pretty annoying you know. 

2.  You're a TMI dear! - TMI for too much info, information overload. You've just bumped into each other for a nearly hour and a half and yet here you are divulging your abusive past, archives of your "ex-files" and blah blahs! Leave out intimate stories and emotional baggages (and luggages) at home for at least a few more dates.  Before spilling the beans baby, allow enough time in getting to know each other and pls GIVE CHANCE FOR YOUR DATE TO TALK. It's a two-way street and it isn't merely about you!

3. "Red-in- the-face" Moments- It is your first date, so you must leave a lasting good impression. But if you drink too much margarita or what have you and worst threw up on your date, do you think you will still hear from him/her again?
     Here are some "ruin-worthy" crawl under the table  moments :

     - having an amnesia, forgetting your date's name!
     - not realizing that you've forgotten your bulky wallet until after the bill is in front of your red face
     - spilling food all over your blouse/shirt and pants like a clumsy toddler
     - choking on some piece of  "cheese" (some pieces of food) letting your date hit you on the back !
     - belching like a crazy car motor loudly! (PUFF the magic dragon! ) :P
     - having "butterflies" and other "intestinal  issues" always saying brb (be right back) to go to your fave room

4. Opening up  the "ex-files" - He/she seems to be perfect but the problem is the person still  can't get over the EX. can't stop talking how sweet and handsome he was, how thoughtful and charming she was and stuff.
This is  big NO NO when you're on a date!

5. The  "Emotionless" Fish - The exact opposite of the "love at first sight" homie thing, this date just goes through the motions and is effortless in knowing you.Catch the red flags like not prettily responding to your queries that much, doesn't ask questions about you,  he undecidedly took you to unromantic places. It could be that  HE IS NOT ENTIRELY INTO YOU but is interested  with the girl on the next table or the man sitting at the bar.

Relationship  Blunders That Women Do :

1. Acting Like  His Second Mom- You are the gf not the Mom! He grew up  having one so don't act like one.Overly nagging, scolding your bf for every bit of silly things or promises broken ain't nice.Give him chances to make up for it and just practice  diplomacy. LOL Some gfs tend to let their bfs feel grounded for some bloopers they've committed. Talk to him like a lover not like an annoyed mother dear.

2. Ceasing to be Pretty For Him and For Yourself - It doesn't mean that when you're already with someone, you will ditch prettifying yourself and all. Like some wives/gfs who are called "pindanggas" (untidy, not taking care of themselves) by their bfs/hubbies because they've stopped making the effort of looking good. Men are visionary creatures. And we women must take care of ourselves well if we don't want  their eyes to wander somewhere else.

3. The Possessive Green-eyed Monster Gf - Men don't like it when their gf's put them on a leash for the more  they want to break free from you.This one's tried and tested  by me. LOL You don't have to know every bit of thing he is doing and where is he is, checking on him minute by minute. Give him space to do go bonding with his chums and do his own things.

4. Predicting Too Much Into Your Future- While weaving dreams with your bf is quite nice, too much looking into the future will somewhat put pressure on your man for he might be caught between your expectations and his own.

5. Letting Other People Get Involved With Your Love Life - You can  count on your friends for a sound advice  but  you shouldn't let them decide and think for you and your relationship.If you are sure about your true feelings, don't let them get involved or worst interfere between you and your bf. Your man might get offended and things might turn sour if he discovers you've dissed him to your friends.

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