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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Wanderer

Wrote the draft of this post in the office in between online classes, eyes drooping , ready to close anytime and yet my mind is still struggling to let out enveloped ideas. A "wandering stage"  this is what one of my Korean students refer to his "rebellious  days"  when he was  younger. He used to be a frustrated guitarist - a rock star at that but him pursuing his dream was strongly opposed by his doting parents as he told me. The guy simply adored strumming the chords of his electric guitar and banging drums and was in fact a member of a band when he was in high school.He said he could release his tension and stresses in his life and freely shout to the world his thoughts through these musical instruments.Although his parents were very much against his passion, he found his way and sneaked out of his den to do his thing.

Teenagers go through some "identity crises" at that phase of their lives wherein they are in search of their "true selves" and their niche in this world, what they really wanna be and the sorts. These teeny boppers are often misunderstood and if not guided properly by adults could turn out to be juvenile delinquents of society.

In my own perception, this "searching for yourself phase" comes knocking at any given point of someone's life when we feel at a lost, our souls begin to wander somewhere. Our thoughts clouded with conflicting emotions all locked up in a sort of self storage of our own creation.

With no vivid direction of where we are headed for,  we sometimes take the wrong routes...but with anyone who gets lost will one day be found again, finally following the right way out, a brand new world would dawn on us opening doors again. And all we have to do is allow  a new beginning to take its course again. The once vagabond no longer would travel aimlessly but would now meander to the right path where  he truly belongs under the sun.  

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