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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Embracing My Years

So what is good in getting older? Though a good number out there men and women wouldn’t like the idea of them getting older by the years, it is one such inevitable thing no matter how much you try to hide your age under coats and coats of thick foundation, you’ve got to face and accept this dire reality. Age is just a figure as we always say in defense of that dreadful question, “how old are you now?” Do we mature as we age? Definitely not, as they say men mature slower than women. So we’ve got a biological age and a psychological age then? Happy

People nowadays rely too much on cosmetology, hiding their wrinkles and other signs of ageing. The lines, the crow’s feet, sagging skin, eye bags and what have you are all parts in the process of getting old. Each crease on your face no matter how awful they may seem to appear, signifies every knowledge and experience gained throughout your lifetime. I am just one lucky soul who’s blessed to possess a God-given baby face that people whenever I ask them to guess my age, often mistaken me for somebody who’s way too younger. (and that’s one thing that brings a huge smile on my face all the way up to my flapping ears!) Why can’t we just age gracefully and not be too dependent on aesthetics to make us look younger? Tongue

Ageing gracefully is beyond the years, the figures but more on one’s contribution to society, fulfillment in his life through his various endeavors and how one values each of his relationships. I am embracing each year of my life as it passes me by and will still continue to be a better citizen of my country, be a loving daughter and sister to my family as well to my friends. One thing good about getting older? The stock knowledge I gained throughout my lifetime, for nobody could ever take that away from me. Happy

Are you conscious with your age? It's more than just the number, it's how you lived your life that counts. It's how many storms have you weathered along the way, the relationships you've formed and how well may people remember you when you're gone - how have you touched countless souls by your mere existence in this world! Happy

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