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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jump And The Net Will Come Later

I've derived the title of this entry from one of the stories in "Chocolate For A Woman's Spirit" by Kaye Allenbaugh. There is a saying there that goes like this : "Sometimes in life you must jump, and the net will come later." Many of us go through life's journeys cautiously as if always  preparing a safety net that we could fall into in case we meet some mishaps along the way. Some afraid to take risks practicing low-risk secured route to where ever they want to go or whatever they want to do.Not all of us can afford to have a self storage insurance.As if we can keep all the protective gears and even if inevitable or fortuitous events happen, there is still a fall back. Isn't it that everything in this world is a risk? 

Many of us whine and incessantly complain about our jobs that are  burdening us each and every waking day. But have they done something about it? They still stay in the same pit for long and continue to feel miserable not even appreciating they are more blessed than the other unemployed people roaming the streets. And another thing is that they can  shift careers if they are getting sick and tired of their predicament but they don't dare take the risk since they aren't sure if anyone would still accept them.Who said that nobody worked in a job they ENJOYED? We make choices in life and if we don't take the plunge and jump on another level, regrets would then haunt us when we get old. The "what ifs" , "should haves" , "could haves" will follow you even in your dreams as nightmares and then blame fate as well as people around for your misfortunes and all.What a sad affair.

This just doesn't apply to one's job  but as well as other choices in life and the risks we have to take. In love, setting up a business, relocating, and even in some simple things like buying things. It's all about faith in one's self , faith in God that He will provide you and guide you on your journey, faith that things will fall in all their proper places one day.Tell me if I'm wrong for I perceive that those who are afraid to take risks are quite the pessimistic ones who think about possible negative things first before they have even tried.Being too careful isn't bad at all too but always staying at the safe side either won't get us further in a way for we avoid challenges that could leave a mark if not improve out potentials. 

How can one we attain our dreams and we don't take chances and risks?Dare yourself to jump and  the net will come later  without you knowing it, things would be better in a glance.Simplified : BE POSITIVE!

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  1. Hey! Thanks for sharing your blog on 12Writing. I really like the way you bring up motivation and action here - it's never easy living your dreams, but sometimes you just have to make the sacrifice to get out and be someone.



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