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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Will The Future Still See It's Majesty?

The world  doesn't  belong to the present alone, it belongs to the future generation who have the ultimate right to witness the enormous beauty of our wonderful nature.

The Philippines is really blessed with rich, pristine waters and majestic getaways. Our country’s exoticism abounds with the conglomeration of natural rain forests and urban stretches.It was also endowed with mystifying  marine life. The Western Pacific have the highest marine biodiversity in the world.  But sadly, out of 400 species of reef forming corals in the country, just  5% remain.

According to Ocean World, 10 % of the world's reefs have been completely destroyed and it is the worst in the Philippines. A shocking news recently revealed that the destruction spot is as big as the city of Manila!There are countless threats baffling our country's seas and how can we in our own little way help save it?

Such threats may well  be man-made or mere accidents like the ship carrying coals.  But what about those abusive exploitations like the recent wanton destruction of coral reefs areas involving a syndicate in Zamboanga City? 

There are other news of  merciless killings of  marine animals like turtles for they use their shells for making up decorations and accessories.  Such a sad affair. 

If we don't initiate the prompt actions today and/or let  the public and especially the authorities know that they should do something about such drastic exploitations of our natural resources, who else will? Now is the time to take the lead!

Our future children must be able to still enjoy and see their eyes in dire  amazement while looking at these majestic beauties.Let us not just think of our own motives and temporary riches  brought by  abuse of these God-given resources.


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