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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Application For A Wife Now Ongoing

It has always been the  butt of jokes  that a man should find himself a "slave" instead of a wife if he reiterates that the prospective lover must know things around the house - cooks real good food up to his tastes, knows how to do the laundry and iron them and other stuffs. While a woman must really know how to be a good housewife, get around with the household chores, it is simply but annoying  to hear these- she should be like this, like that.

I even encountered here once, a guy who laid his "platform" once he gets to marry the girl he was pursuing (and that time it was me). The future wife  should just be actively immersing herself on the ladies volunteer club of the company he is working for, should take care of the kids and CANNOT indulge herself with other things such as personal hobbies and/or have  writing jobs even if it's home based! Whew! To think that he was still  courting me and here I was feeling as though I'm one of his "applicants" for the said "job". (eyes rolling) Maybe if he thinks, it's but necessary, he can look up to some  maid service on the  Net so they "supply" him of YES-woman types up to his standards. LOL The guy needs a "trophy wife" I guess...

Pressure also overwhelmed me at that very moment having told myself, " Nah, it ain't the life I want to be in. " Even if I'll be "economically-secured" with this man, I won't be happy. For it's like everything I would be doing will be dictated by him. And that he will deprive of my happiness of sharing my thoughts to people which I know is my mission here on Earth and not just go forth and multiply!

One cannot confine me to the four corners of the house doing just mere cleaning stuffs for I need to have my brain continuously working!And my partner should be able to understand that and so I  chose my  current  bf over that guy and I'm happy with my decision.

I could still see the man's "classified ads" stating "Applicants for A Wife  Now Ongoing" since he doesn't have one yet  and he knows his time is running out. 

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