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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ahmm, How Old Are You Again?

    How would you take it if someone out of the blue asks how old are you? Would you nag him saying Its not an appropriate question to ask a lady. Or would just let anyone guess your age or much worst lie about it? I find it fun to let people guess my age each time they pop up the question a few others dread. It pays to look younger beyond your years, I guess.

    Ive read somewhere that we do have a lot of different ages a chronological age, a biological age, a psychological age, an emotional age, a spiritual age. You can have the mind of a 20 year old with the biological age of 30. You can have a psychological age of a 25 year old trapped in the body of a 37 year old. One can have another age I coined, physical age of a 26 year old less 10 years from your real age.

    At the legal age of 18, one begins to think long-term and wonder if the course he took up will prove to be useful after graduation. A nervous career newbie at 22, asking ones self if her first job is well suited for her or not. At age 25, one can be in a limbo or quarter life crisis. Many questions are raised in ones head on this stage. Should I change jobs? Move out and be independent? Get hitched? At times, frustrations set in when things arent turning out the way we wanted. So many choices and yet cant make a right one. A financial status freak at age 28 when one starts to wonder why doesnt she have enough savings yet instead have an outstanding credit balance and high bills to pay.

    A wandering soul at age 30 especially for women when they start worrying whey they havent found the One yet and will they ever still have the chance to get married. While its common cliché Age is just a number, its but normal to feel anxious about the added years and not just the number of candles on your birthday cake. Well, its just a matter of embracing ones precious years.

    Next time when someone asks your age, tell them to be specific. Let them have choices or like a self storage quote with price tags a chronological age, biological age, emotional age, spiritual age, physical age and so on. I do feel like Im still 25 coz Ive stopped aging at that stage and its a choice. You should make it believable though if ever you want to fool people about your biological age.

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