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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Of Being A Supportive Partner

When we say  being supportive of our partner, what do we really mean by that? To stand by his side whatever endeavor he wants to get involved with though at times you oppose to some of his ideas of doing such things. To  be a moral booster so one can hold his chin up high and attain his goals on a positive note.To be at his back through good and rough times in his career and personal life.

A popular cliche : "Behind every man's success is a woman. " Does this merely mean men always need  guidance and support from their gfs/wives ? For me personally, it works both ways. Who would want a significant other who  happens to be your worst critic? (though a constructive criticism would be a great help) Or one who opposes you all the way though you know for yourself it could do wonders in your life and yet he doesn't think so?

Couples should be able to bring out the best in each other and not the other way around. It's but wonderful to think that both of you are doing great in your respective fields and  that way can contribute much to the betterment, growth of your relationship! You should be able to feel proud of your partner's accomplishments and strive on your own too, not treating it as some sort of challenge or competition between you. Well, that's another controversial issue: when one partner gets jealous of the attainments of the other and/or when the woman gets higher remuneration than him causing a big issue or conflict.

It also helps that the love of your life is quite understanding and patient of your demanding job or your hectic  schedule.  No matter how  busy one is, he must find quality time for his lover/family so as not to have petty quarrels and arguments along the way.

When you share the same interests in some if not all I think it's another plus factor for you can appreciate  the same things. Like me and my bf , we share the same passion in the arts. And that's one thing why we click from the start. We are both artistic, seeing the beauty of things and people around us. A great tandem if you can call  us as such- the photographer and writer!

The success of any given relationship relies greatly on your "team work" in all areas. Who else would feel proud of your lover first and foremost but you. If  what your partner is doing is worthy of  being  proud of that is. LOL :P 

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