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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Price Of One's Diploma

Having a degree in college doesn't guarantee one a great job after graduation. This isn't always the case even if one attended the best if not popular universities in the city. Though some companies are quite choosy as to where did the applicant for the position graduated, it doesn't necessarily mean too that the candidate would be a more efficient employee than those who went to less famous, classy schools. Once you stepped out of your academic world, it's a far different jungle out there where the famous cliche " survival of the fittest" is deem fit.

I didn't find it hard to land in a job after graduation since I had a cousin who was working in a bank before who recommended me and you bet I didn't like the idea. And as I have stated in my previous rants in my blogs before, I don't like my course and was just made to take it as I ditched my dream first of becoming a journalist/writer. This lass who abhors numbers as much as they dread me, found myself working as an accounting assistant for a bank in Makati! Though some would be amazed how I got that position so soon and how envious they are, I feel the exact opposite of it. I'm not simply ecstatic about my new crisp uniform and that I am one Makati  yuppie girl dragging my feet inside  a high class building each morning.  

I do feel sorry for those who find it hard searching for jobs. I think before, we don't have this thing called a job map yet so one can easily look for appropriate works within  their  vicinities or nearby places that are quite accessible to them.My first job was 2 solid hours away from home and so imagine me all too exhausted and worn out at the end of the day. You have to consider the accessibility too and your transportation allowance, budgeting and stuff.

Too  many fresh graduates each year,  but not enough  jobs to fill in. So there is this tough competition as many are hunting for immediate work. The high percentage of unemployment rate each year is such a drag and we couldn't blame a  number out their  who just opt to leave the country to search for greener and  silvery if not golden pastures. 

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