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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What's Stopping You? (The Age Excusitis Syndrome)

Get a hold of your life right now. Yes, right now! You say time is running out, slipping through your fingers  like fine dusts but then what are you merely doing? Procrastinating over things you could do in the NOW, holding back yourself - waiting for the right time 'til your age catches up on you . Then again, you make awesome, out of this world  EXCUSES - that you are already old  for such things, that you can't have the stamina to engage in this and that activity.

"Age excusitis" a term used to refer to an alibi to postpone in attaining a dream or goal because of one's "age" as used by David Schwartz, the author of "The Magic Of Thinking Big." Each one of us have our own elusive dreams in life that we always wanted to achieve but then at times, we should blame our own selves too, why we never quite get around doing them - we simply avoid taking risks, some would rather play it safe and even tell themselves, "I can't do it!" without even giving themselves a first try.

This syndrome can be magnified in various aspects of one's life be it in one's career shift, going on an adventure travel, getting the body one is obsessing about, going back to school and even FALLING IN LOVE (ever heard of "we are neither too young or too old to fall in love" ?).  According to Schwartz, at certain points of our lives, we tend to buy into that idea that we are either too old or it is too late to do something different other than staying put in our own comfort zone. And it's not just age but as well as social norms  and other's perception of what our role in life should be that may influence our decisions.

NOTHING SHOULD STOP YOU FROM CHASING A DREAM. There is simply no age limit to go to the direction  that you've always wanted. We can always reinvent ourselves and life has such an array of wide possibilities we can embark on. Part of us has this ageless mind ( no form no boundaries, no beginnings, no endings) that is beyond the physical aging process that is readily available if only we encourage ourselves to go and chase our own rainbows! 

So whether you are in your 20's , 30's  or pushing 40's or even beyond, you can jump-start on your new life ASAP! Maybe to some, they have unattainable dreams while they were still youngsters that even if they're grown older, they've made a pact ( like a business plan service) with themselves to fulfill them so they wouldn't have haunting regrets in their twilight years.While some start early in life reaching for their pots of gold, others are quite late bloomers but what matters is you gave yourself a chance to take on challenges in making your dreams come true.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Lover, My Best friend

It's but great to have someone you could get  vulnerable with in either difficult times and in goofy moments. A relationship I guess would be dull and dry if there ain't no humor injected once in a while in your conversations. It also helps that your significant other is your best friend - someone you could lean on. They say the ecstatic feeling of being in love lasts like about 5 years and after that, if there is no solid bond between a couple and no commitment to cement it, it would crumble down to pieces. 

How cool it would be if you could treat each other like close chums but at the same time be all-sweet to each other. Yes, I think nowadays many are caught up in a certain dilemma of finding the other shoe that fits them - one whom can they be compatible with. I believe that relationships end because they don't have a solid foundation which is FRIENDSHIP! If a structure doesn't have a strong pillar, it can  fall down out of the blue, be done and dusted by even the slightest "shake". It is through turbulent and rough times that a couple be tested if it will  remain strong or not. Petty quarrels over insignificant things, "tampuhans" (one being upset over things), jealousies, these are just some of the thing lovers undergo and much more complicated things.

Some relationships just come and go for they forget that it is essential that your lover should also be a friend. What is the purpose of having a bf/gf if you can't rely on each other and at the same time have fun together enjoying your similar interests, if there is? (what if a couple are exact opposites of each other, well that's another topic). 

Like any other kind of relationships, a love bond would go through some trials. How many do get married to their best friends?

After all the mushiness and honeymoon stages have faded away through the years, companionship and commitment as well as genuine friendship between a couple can help save and  keep a love alive! 

Finding a lover and a best friend in one might be likened to finding a needle in a haystack ( It's much harder as searching for a humble abode in free home listings) Each one of us have our own individualities  but when you meet the one who can be your confidant and Prince Charming at the same time, you're one of the few whose got a pretty good luck in your hands.

What Scary Movie Gave You The Creeps?

This is a late Halloween post folks :

And since it's Halloween, might as well write about some eerie stuffs though I know some don't dig them and just cringe at the mere thought. (some would even maybe try a self storage to hide themselves first)Tongue I composed this post just out of the blue after having a horror movies marathon yesterday. I have watched " Death of A Ghost Hunter", "The Legend Of Sorrow Creek" and "The Nun" and will continue to still see some more today.

Not a goth or something, I simply love frightening flicks and even adore the Master of Terror, Stephen King's masterpieces! Smile Got a cd of his classic "Salem's Lot" and a multitude of his bestselling books in my room cum mini library. I am also into paranormal phenomena maybe because I got this third eye that I don't wanna develop, though. Tongue I'm too sensitive to feel things around me. Tongue

Some here might know about the infamous "The Exorcist" starring Linda Blair, well youngsters may not have heard of it but I'm sure some of your parents have watched it too. ( it's not that I'm "old", though Tongue ) The film is quite a scare, really. I guess that one gave me the creeps and was all goose-bumpy! Smile When I was younger, my family and I used to watch Christopher Lee's vampire movies in Wednesday Shockers.

I also dig mysteries in the "Twilight Zone" and Alfred Hitchcock's "Are You Afraid of the Dark? " Some would find it weird but then each one of us is weird in some ways. LOL Tongue

The Japanese horror flick, "The Ring", I don't find that frightening though, just surprising when Sadaku suddenly appears from inside the well or right through the television. LOL Tongue I'd rather find it amusing. TongueWhen you get to see our some of our local Pinoy horror films, they are not that scary too and some you would find somewhat funny. (in the tradition of Scary Movies) Wink I'm not much into zombie thingys, less on vampires now but I prefer those based on true stories like "Grave Encounters", which I yet to see. Smile

So folks, which horror flick gave you the creeps and kept you at the edge of your seat?

Happy Ghost Hunting! Tongue

Creepily yours,

Morticia Addams in behalf of my hubby Gomez Addams Tongue

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sleeping Beauty, Hasn't Your Prince Arrived Yet?

At my age, I'm way past believing about fairy tale romances and meeting the ideal Prince. Having met different kinds of people around and having been to relationships ; witnessed other's who either succeeded or failed in their pursuit for the One, I can readily say, "there is no ideal Prince/ Princess."

As we humans are born imperfect, we all have flaws and frailties that our significant other should come to accept and love. (as i said before in my previous blog entry- Buy The Whole Package) The more we have high standards/qualifications before we can "hire" Tongue the One, the more we can get disappointed when each one we cross paths with in this avenue called life wouldn't fit in. ( some ought to go visit resume writing services online maybe to get good results) Smile Some would say it's plain "choosiness" or one is just waiting for Mr/Ms. Right who either got lost in the woods still finding their way or is not yet born into this world. LOL Tongue

I should have been married years go but then maybe it was just not yet meant to happen and that my exes weren't my destinies. Tongue I was yet to meet the One who's really my match and all. Smile waiting for the Right One is a good idea so you wouldn't rush yourself getting involved or taking the plunge at the spur of the moment or due to raging emotions that will just subside in the passing of time, and just regret it the rest of your life. Other times, it can also be a drag for it's quite exhausting- this cycle of life.

Whoever said that finding a lifetime partner would be an easy one? Others get all pressured with the time constraints - age, biological clock ticking, the world nearing it's end Tongue and of annoying friends and relatives who frequently ask dreaded questions of when are you getting married or having a child.

But we couldn't force things to happen if it ain't the right time yet, not the right person and not even the right place at times. These are just humble thoughts coming out of a lady's coconut shell. Tongue