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Friday, December 28, 2012

Hearing The Angels Cry

"For children are innocent and love justice, while most of us are wicked and naturally prefer mercy.” 

In a grim day of the 14th of December, 2012 just less than two weeks before Christmas, a mortifying tragedy struck Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, USA. All were in shock and deep sorrow learning of this terrible fate that fell on innocent children and martyr individuals. 

With a collaboration spearheaded by Author Stephen L. Wilson, a global charity anthology was born out of the contributions of kind-hearted and talented authors and artists from around the globe. 

In this global anthology, we bare our heartfelt sympathies by expressing our souls through literary works and art pieces hoping that in our own little ways, we could offer comfort if not ease the sorrow being experienced by the families that were left behind. 

"Angels Cried" is a fund-raising anthology for the victims of the Connecticut tragedy with proceeds going to the Sandy Hook School Support, managed by United Way. We maybe comprised of various races from across the globe but we have one common voice - to help.

Me, as one of the authors in this collaboration together with my co-authors look forward to your support for this noble cause. You could purchase your e-copies of the anthology through the following :


Barnes and Noble:


You can also find us at Goodreads:

***blog pic courtesy of  the cover for the anthology "Angels Cried", contributed by award-winning cover artist, Gretchen Steen

Sunday, October 28, 2012

What Scary Movie Gave You The Creeps?

This is an updated entry which was posted last year. And since Halloween is coming, might as well write about some eerie stuffs though I know some don't dig them and just cringe at the mere thought. (some would even maybe try a self storage to hide themselves first) I composed this post just out of the blue after having a horror movies marathon yesterday. I have watched " Death of A Ghost Hunter", "The Legend Of Sorrow Creek" and "The Nun" and will continue to still see some more today.

Not a goth or something, I simply love frightening flicks and even adore the Master of Terror, Stephen King's masterpieces!  Got a cd of his classic "Salem's Lot" and a multitude of his bestselling books in my room cum mini library. I have read somewhere that some people who are crazy about horror flicks simply love scaring themselves and immersing themselves in another dimension with encounters of the third kind along with other spine-tingling adventures. I am also into paranormal phenomena maybe because I got this third eye that I don't wanna develop, though.  I'm too sensitive to feel things around me. 

Some here might know about the infamous "The Exorcist" starring Linda Blair, well youngsters may not have heard of it but I'm sure some of your parents have watched it too. ( it's not that I'm "old", though ) The film is quite a scare, really. I guess that one gave me the creeps and was all goose-bumpy!  When I was younger, my family and I used to watch Christopher Lee's vampire movies in Wednesday Shockers.

I also dig mysteries in the "Twilight Zone" and Alfred Hitchcock's "Are You Afraid of the Dark? " Some would find it weird but then each one of us is weird in some ways.

The Japanese horror flick, "The Ring", I don't find that frightening though, just surprising when Sadaku suddenly appears from inside the well or right through the television. I'd rather find it amusing. When you get to see our some of our local Pinoy horror films, they are not that scary too and some you would find somewhat funny. (in the tradition of Scary Movies)  I'm not much into zombie thingys, less on vampires now but I prefer those based on true stories like "Grave Encounters" which makes it even scarier for the scenes are based on actual videos of a documentary done inside a haunted hospital in the USA. I also had a chance to also watch this Korean psycho-thriller film, "The Sisters" which I really don't find scary at all.

So folks, which horror flick gave you the creeps and kept you at the edge of your seat?

Happy Ghost Hunting! 

Creepily yours,

Morticia Addams in behalf of my hubby Gomez Addams 

**blog pics courtesy of my Prince Bry's mystic photo art blending

Thursday, September 13, 2012

When Artists Unite For A Cause Not Just For Applause

The God-given talents one has are not merely for his own disposal and enjoyment. These are placed on your custody for a definite and meaningful purpose which maybe beyond what you see with your naked eyes and can comprehend. They were given not only for your own selfish motives and mundane desires but to share and spread the message across that the world can be united  by showing our compassion as well offering our amiable efforts to help our unfortunate brethren. The world today is plagued with numerous global concerns heeding our immediate attention. Famine in less than blessed countries, drought and lack of food supply rendering children to get sick with lingering illnesses and much worst scenario is dying helplessly all rooted in one common denominator- poverty.

I believe engaging one's self in charities need not be necessarily confined just within one's own country for we all are connected - black, white, yellow or brown as the case maybe- we are One. We are each other's responsibilities similar to the infamous saying "You are your brother's keeper." And I believe too that this is one of my callings from above - to share the talents I am gifted with not just for gaining fame or getting a lot of bucks, even getting fast payday loan being published as a writer/poet. I have been lucky to get myself involved in some international poetry anthologies with fellow foreign poets from all over, the books having been published on Amazon, Blurb, Lulu and Booktrix. 3 global charities to date, the first one being the prestigious "Live Life: The Day Dreamer's Journal:
(  for the benefit of the American Cancer Research and was a "World Record Holder For Most Artists Contributing To The Cover Of An Anthology" and the most recent was a tribute to 9/11, "World Trade 9/11 Tribute" released on Lulu with all proceeds from the book sales going to a chosen charity for the families of the horrifying terrorist attack of 2011.

The Song of Sahel Anthology (Poetry, Art, Music Photography) spearheaded by the award-winning social entrepreneur, an environmental campaigner and a singer/songwriter, Dr.Niamh Clune, the author of the Skyla McFee series: "Orange Petals in a Storm", and "Exaltation of a Rose" as well as author of "The Coming of the Feminine Christ" and "Every Child is Entitled to Innocence",  is yet another global charity project I am very much honored to be a part of together with fellow talented and wonderful  writers and artists from around the globe. To be launched on September 15th, the proceeds of this charity project will go to SOS Sahel, an NGO in the Sahel region of Africa which helps African children in the said area. Click on the link to know more about the anthology and meet the contributing authors, artists and photographers who chose to make a difference in this world by collaborating their talents, time, hearts and efforts to make this good endeavor into fruition! 

This anthology is close to my heart for the fact that I am a witness of the plight of some street children in my country, the Philippines- lack of  proper meals and a decent home to sleep in. I am quite excited about the event like what the others feel too I know and exalted at the same time that I have become part of this global project and that in my own little way, I can somehow make a difference in the world together with my fellow artists! In the future, when my dream of getting my own books published, I will still engage myself in these good endeavors for my less fortunate brethren for I believe it's one way of showing God my appreciation for the gifts He has given me.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Adjust Your Sail

"If you can't change the direction of the wind, adjust your sail." And so goes one quote. I overheard over the radio this morning from the preacher in blue jeans, Bo Sanchez about adjusting one's sails if the winds are going in the opposite direction.

In life, accept it or not, not everything we desire goes the way we want them to be.Yes, even if you're the most powerful and influential person here on earth, you can't control what's meant to happen in the universe. And so we are left with nothing but to adjust, adapt in such new environment, new situation, new relationship. But does adjusting have it's own limit? When do we call it quits or when do we wave our white flag signalling our surrender?

Adjusting to any given circumstance is synonymous to going with the flow of things and not going against the current of life. The more we push ourselves at the opposite direction of the waves, the more we can be on the verge of drowning. Acceptance of things that are happening and of things to come because of our own actions and of the natural order of things is but essential to maintain an equilibrium. The more you succumb to self-pitying and wallowing about your miseries, the more your vision is crowded and your mind cluttered, unable to process and see what's beyond life's mishaps that were thrown at you. Unless you are practicing a predilection of negativity, these way of thinking won't really take you out of your  rotten state.

If the will of the wind is to take you in an island far from what you have imagined, make the most out of it rather than feeling miserable. Remember: not all things are within your grasp. One's fate is incomparable to yours. We were made to grow in gardens by God because He knows it's the place where you can use your full potential. (a place which can be dreamy made even more beautiful by a photo canvas service) You just have to know which garden you belong to.

***photo courtesy of my Prince Bry's photography "Boat" (Australia)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happiness Is A Choice

Life is a beautiful, constant struggle. A roller coaster ride with up turns, down turns, slides and cross roads. A gigantic maze, an enormous labyrinth bringing us excitement, heartaches, hope, sorrow and memories worth reminiscing. In this journey, we humans search for that authentic happiness all our lives. Some turn to some mundane things (money, fame, material things) to feel complete while others depend too much on other people to fill that emptiness within themselves.  

But how do we really attain that elusive happiness which we pilgrims are dying to experience? For each and everyone of us being HAPPY can be defined individually. While others feel happy simply being themselves, others aren't yet contented to what they already have and still want some more. ( I guess humans aren't really contented.) But what if the HAPPINESS we are longing just resides within ourselves and was there all along? 

Learn to make yourself happy. In this way, even the simplest things would really make you ecstatic about your life.Being contented with what God has given you with, sans the envy we often feel when we get to see other people's luxurious estates, those who can afford to go to the best winter resort, sums of money and gorgeous sport cars. Being happy doesn't also mean being in a romantic relationship or coupled up like what desperate ones strongly think. We don't get happiness from another person, love is given freely and not primarily just to feel happy and "saved" by that other person. It would utterly be unfair to that other person to just be an "escape goat" of someone who can't find joy in her proclaimed miserable life.

The real truth: we create our own happiness and it starts from within ourselves.Another factor preventing one from experiencing the bliss of being happy: cannot let go of past hurts. Forget about the horrible things that have happened to you in the past. Learn to let go and free yourself! Holding on to bitter-sweet things that have disappointed you would be a great barrier towards attaining everlasting peace, contentment and ultimate happiness.

** blog pic courtesy of my Prince Bry's photography (Australia) 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Let Go Of the Shadow of Fear

How can we truly or authentically love other people if we are always living behind the shadow of an unknown fear? "We first have to overcome fear if we truly want to experience love." 

Some might have traumatic experiences from their past love lives that affect their present relationships. Close the old chapter of your past and turn the pages to a new and fresh beginning. The bad chapter of your life story doesn't necessarily define your present circumstances. Embrace the dawning of a renewed plot of your prospective love story and don't live a life full of fears and doubts stemming from flawed and broken chains from a time long gone. Crisp, fresh pages are created for you by the heavens just waiting for you to welcome  them with open arms and enjoy the wonderful new experiences yet to unfold. Remember : God will publish your love story but you must help Him compose a beautiful script full of life and lovely fond memories instead of always sorrows and strife.(how lovely it is day dreaming of a wonderful time with your significant other in a winter resort, right?)

There are other factors which deter a prospective love to unfold. Let me share these below as pointed out by Relationships and Life ReInvention Coaching (Philippines) :

"With men - they're afraid to try; always afraid of getting rejected
 With women - too afraid to encourage men; they're always afraid of being judged."

Who likes to be rejected anyways? Rejection is but natural in our lives since we really cannot have all things which we desire no matter how hard we try. The problem in this case is acceptance of disappointments and still have that drive and motivation to carry on and try again. If one guy blows up the chance to propose to a girl he likes, that could be one of his regrets - of not trying. He will just be bugged of asking himself "what if" questions. But what if the girl likes him too but was just waiting for him to make a move? 

Some women are really afraid of encouraging men for the fear of being judged. They always think of what will the guy or other people say if she makes the first move or be too friendly  which can be misinterpreted as being aggressive. "Subtle flirting" can be applied maybe or what one preacher coined as "flirtsoming". You make him feel special without being a pushover or throwing yourself at him like a desperate one.

Men and women are wired differently that's a universal fact- one is from Venus, the other hailed from Mars. So what is then the key here but to TRY and experience life. Without these disappointments and trials, one cannot be made strong to face whatever would still come their way. This does not apply only in the love  department  but in all aspects of our lives. Life involves risks - and they help shape what kind of person you would become. Having fear take charge of your life is like quitting even before you have tried doing something just because you feel discouraged or lack the drive.

Let go of your fear and move out of your comfort zone and experience how it is to really be alive! Try, fall down, get up and try again 'til you find your ultimate happiness.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


How deep can a single scar get? Some run deep while others are just shallow but still, a scar is a scar out of a wound that awaited itself to be healed in due time. Is it then true that people who have experienced the deepest hurts turning into remarkable scars all their lives emerge even more stronger than those who don't?

As the old adage says, "Experience is the best teacher" and one actually being in that toughest of situations can relive in his memory the most vivid of scenes the rest of his life. Time heals but I guess it will not simply erase the memory of how painful it used to be. No matter how long time ago it was, time won't let you forget
the struggle of overcoming such physical, emotional or psychological pain inflicted on you.

For every scar, there was suffering. For every suffering and grieving, there are corresponding stories behind those anguish, the desperate cries and longing for loved-ones lost separated by either life's circumstances or worst is by death. The pain caused losing someone by death is graver than just physical separation from another person whom you know still breathes life. At least he is still there and anytime you can still see and call and speak to him. But when one is the afterlife already, no matter if you have a backup cell phone, you can't hear his voice anymore, can't touch him once more and just hope you meet again one day in heaven.

In losing a loved-one, each has his own coping mechanism. While some may go through their lives normally, deep inside they grieve out of other's sight and carry on with their daily routines for life still goes on. Some others succumb to depression and desolation, self-pity as if it's the end of the world when one leaves them. They cannot function well at work, may become a nuisance or worst is they might not have the drive to live anymore out of their lonely state.

The grieving or mourning stage maybe the worst part for it may sap the energy out of you when you give in to your emotions but is necessary to go through this phase before quickly moving on to the next. At times when I go through losing someone, I wish to just skip the in-between stages so I can move on in a fast phase but then how can my "wound" heal properly if I just pretend that I am already OK, alive and kicking once more?
Now my family's wound is but still "fresh" with the sudden loss of our dear father Roberto but it has made us stronger than before with God's grace as braver souls have we become facing the tragedy together that has befallen us.

I guess it will take years to heal this kind of wound that can leave the deepest scar in our entire lives, losing a prominent figure in our family. Along with my grieving, is the denial phase when at times I still can't get myself to believe that my dear Dada has really left us but I know all of these shall come to pass. Yes, a scar would then emerge from the wound but even if that scar shall have to peel itself over in due time, he would always be remembered and will always have a space in my heart.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

What's Your Glory?

"Everyone belongs somewhere." "To be able to understand the essence of your existence in this world, you have to "do for others". Do not only be ecstatic of what worldly things can give you temporarily but learn to understand the pains of those people around you and those close to you. We are our "brother's keepers". Only by then can you perceive and answer the question, "What's your glory?" -Elizabeth's Quotes

The latter quote I just made up was inspired by the movie adaptation of Mitch Albom's book, "Have A Little Faith". Too often when we are at the crossroads of our lives, we ask ourselves what is our purpose in this world? How come we are here and what is our ultimate mission? There also comes a point when we question why do we have to experience sufferings, failing to vividly see there are other people carrying far heavier burdens than us. That we ought to feel blessed and be thankful at least that we are luckier than some unfortunate souls. If you haven't experienced the dreaded pain yourself, you will not be able to understand the sufferings of others as well as the beauty and essence of living. "It is only through suffering can we see the light after some realizations have kicked in."

In the movie "Have A Little Faith",  the main character  was actually Mitch Albom himself but portrayed by an American actor, a Jewish sports journalist who was requested by a pastor to write a eulogy for him that he found rather absurd at first but did it anyway. He was able to meet also a pastor from another religion who was a former drug dependent and criminal but whose life had a turn around after choosing to offer his life to God. One rainy night the man was supposedly be ambushed by his former drug Lord boss but he prayed to the heavens earnestly and made a pact that if God save him from this mess, he would serve Him in church. It's true that God listens to each everyone's prayers and forgives those who repent from their sins - either a criminal or not. He looks into the hearts of each one no matter how dark their pasts are.

The pastor who requested for a eulogy from Albom wrote this book "What's Your Glory" and that's how my blog title came to be. During the last days of his life he was provided with the best home care of his wife and said his glory was  "teaching" people how great God is. Th ex-criminal who became a pastor himself's glory he only got to realize after experiencing his "pains" too. From a family whose Mother was a convict to a father who was irresponsible to having a messy life, losing his child from his wife's miscarriage and succumbing to worldly things that are but temporary, he finally landed in his own glory- to proclaim God's goodness too. So what was Mitch Albom's glory then? Of course to write and touch people's lives using the gift of words God has given him. Religion is not a question here in the story but rather our FAITH.

So how about you? Do you now know what's your glory? Each and everyone of us has a mission we ought to discover."Everyone belongs somewhere."

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Last Three Leaves

This blog is inspired by the movie I have recently watched starring Eddie Murphy- A Thousand Words. The words we utter leave a profound impact to the universe. As the self-help guru Dr. Signia played by Cliff Curtis in the movie have said, we are all connected. The power of our words greatly affect our destiny. 

Murphy known for his stand up comedy did justice to his character in the film and what's  more interesting is that there's a mixture of drama and not just all gags we are all used to seeing him in. In the movie, Jack McCall, a literary agent portrayed by Murphy was somewhat connected to a magical Boddhi tree which sheds off its leaves each time he says a word. Yes, he was put under a strange curse.(ain't all curses weird?) A thousand words were left for him to speak and so must be careful in opening his mouth. Even if he plays deaf mute or writes them down, all are counted to the 1000.When all of the leaves have fallen off, he will also die. This tells us to carefully choose what we utter for words have the power to either lift people up or hurt them.Words also have the power to solidify or strengthen one's relationships. Jack in the movie has an unresolved conflict with his deceased father and his forgiveness was the one which saved him on the brink of death.

The last three words he used for the last three leaves hanging on the tree branches- I forgive you. This is a kind of a spoiler, pardon for those who haven't seen the movie yet.(and the disclaimer was purposely placed  at the middle of the blog) Expressing and affirming our love for those dear to us is also vital and not just mere words but coupled with actions. Also in the movie, McCall's wife is yearning for affection and affirmation which also mirrors why some relationships break at times with one partner who feels taken for granted while the other is busy with other things. If you love someone, say it but mean it! Spend quality time together and let them feel they are special while they're still alive.

How long do we hold on to grudges? It could be the one eating us up all this time. We often search for inner peace somewhere which could transform our lives when we just have to examine our inner selves first and find out what it is. "A life well-lived is one in which we only not have lived fully but one that is inspiring and have lead us to our inner peace."

So I leave you with this question : What would be the last three words you would choose to utter before you bid good bye to this world?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

You and Me Affect Eternity

I am me, simply me born into this world with a certain mission to fulfill. A beautiful creation of the Almighty Artist, I am His immortal Masterpiece! I was made out of the wonderful Perfect Image of God and I believe each one of us was created this way. 

I am ME, nothing and no one could change that fact. I won't let obscure criticisms dampen my free spirit into it's downfall. I wouldn't let negativity enter my conscience and cloud my soul and not to let grudge make me hate people and things that made me suffer in pain in the past. I don't have to change my thoughts, my ideals, my beliefs and my life path just to fit into the crowd or follow whatever society tells people to do. I create my own happiness and in no way will I be dependent on other people and mundane things to attain the authenticity of it's elusive pursuit. My thoughts is what makes me and what I have brought into the Universe will come back to me a thousand fold whether it be good or bad I have done in the course of my life journey. 

I create my own legacy and if I want people to remember me well as someone who has touched their lives in one way or the other,  I must remain steadfast in aspiring my dream of conquering my fears and finally take the risk to let my voice heard and let my star shine in the field of my expertise. I am a unique creation of God  (He must have used the best app maker for human kind) and what could be a wonderful token of appreciation I could bestow on Him is the fruitful use of my God-given talents not only for my own selfish desires but also for touching people's lives especially those who need even a single soul to listen to them. If through my words and the mighty use of my pen would heal a suffering soul in distress, that would forever be embedded in my heart for I want to spread just LOVE and PEACE and would want to be an ambassador sent from Heaven above.

Me and you affect eternity and what you contribute in this world would forever leave a footprint in the days, months and years to come. Generations and generations would come and if you and I have planted good seeds in our journeys, we expect to reap good fruits in the form of people appreciating our existence and thankful of what we have imparted to them. It's up to you my friend how would like to be remembered in this world, how would you affect eternity! What mark would you be leaving ?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Divine Love Of One's Self

"Too often we long for and make illusions of a wonderful romance with another person. How many of us "romance" or love ourselves first before dreaming of our own fairy tales?"

A lot of us yearn to be loved and continuously roam the world just to bump into the One True Thing - HAPPINESS. Is the feeling of being loved in return equated to being in bliss? Why do so many people think another person or being attached to worldly things can gain them authentic happiness and satisfaction in this life?  That "elusive happiness" is the source of some unfateful individual's heartaches and discontent in what they  brand to be miserable lives.   

Some become too desperate and beg for love so they may be complete and whole like they said. Authentic happiness resides within you. It's not dependent on being tied to the hips with a lover or gaining the richness of  the world. Come to think of it,  material things may give you a "temporary high" but once you go back within the four corners of your room, would welcome you with this dreaded melancholy again for these mundane things can't make you whole.

Just the same, we cannot love another person unless we first learn to love ourselves. Who else will adore the you  in "you"? If you can't find happiness on being alone, be content and feel blessed with what God has gifted you with, you cannot find this "real happiness" in the company of other people. 

Loving thyself is considered divine. We are created in God's beautiful image and for this, we are all wonderfully created! We are His masterpiece, His work of art. ( He must have been using a good photo canvas service, don't you think? ) What could be a  better token of appreciation  we can give Him than loving ourselves first and foremost. When all else fails and you cannot count on those people around you - you are left with nothing and no one but yourself!  

Take good care of this borrowed life and live it to the fullest. Be not just a pilgrim traversing the seas and the open wild but leave remarkable  footprints on this earth by contributing to it's beauty and splendor. Love thyself divinely.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Petition Scribblings On The Pew

At times, I drop by the cathedral in our city to hear mass even on week days and as always as I have stated in my past blog ages ago, I am a perennial wedding spectator. I can never count now how many nuptials I have witnessed but that's not the point of this post here.

Among the seats inside, I choose to be at this pew lying separately at the side of the cathedral where I can readily have a view of the grandiose place. Yes, the one beside the saints in the likes of San Lorenzo Ruiz (our very own Filipino saint) and the Immaculate Heart of Jesus and Mary and the others of which I unintentionally forgot the names now. 

And as I was about to kneel one time, I noticed the scribblings on the pew. Can we utterly classify this as sheer vandalism since they are leaving unnecessary marks on a public place? But the writings are not that common ones yes, they are prayer petitions. While many are used to writing their requests on paper, these people opted to leave theirs in some other  furnace. It was just interesting to know these young ones and maybe young once have sincere wishes and have a strong belief that God would read their written prayers while He glances on this special "pew" and grant them all anew. You might be curious to know what are some of these prayer petitions are. 

At first read could leave a temporary smile on your face as some are what might we call "shallow" but then couldn't judge whoever wrote them that time. Some I couldn't actually make out of since they are unclearly written and could well use the help of the best portable scanner maybe. Things like " Lord, I hope me and my gf could get back together." "Dear God, pls let my parents kiss and make up." "Dear Papa God, pls make my bf love me again".   Requests of the depressed lovers or the oppressed you might ask but then we may not know what's the real intention of the authors the very minute they wrote those. Unless we could sneak into their hearts.

Some could have the faith the size of a corn seed or better yet some the size of a watermelon. Boils down to one true thing - FAITH. Yes, faith can move mountains and make the impossible, POSSIBLE. We must learn from the children - they possess stronger faith than us adults at times. We who have such little faith and who just crash and burn each time an adversity strikes. 

The "pew" is actually covered with various petitions right now and I get to visit it each time. At times I am quite tempted to jot down my own prayers on it so I could join the others and leave my handwriting too there, like a "fingerprint" of my existence and my presence each time. But I already have this "direct dial" to God which doesn't go on busy or cannot be reached mode. He always hear each prayer and answers them in His perfect time! 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Take A Leap Of Faith

It's another leap year again and some do associate this with doing extraordinary things or a chance to step out of one's comfort zone and dive! 

I don't know if it's only in the Philippines wherein this certain "belief" is known when women can make the first move to a guy she's been eyeing since yes, it's a leap year! Or could  be a gf proposing to her man instead of waiting for him to pop up the "magical" question. Yes, silly as it may seem, it is  believed that women are "excused" once every 4 years to be kinda aggressive and make the moves. Well there shouldn't be any season, year or special days when ladies can do these stuffs in our modern lives nowadays.

For me, taking a leap of faith is not just mainly focused in the love arena but far more importantly stepping out of your way to accomplish things that have been put off for ages or succumbing for a dive into an unknown territory. Risky you might say? Well everything in life is a risk would you agree? It is in doing unfamiliar things at times which really give us excitement and a feeling of adventure in our otherwise routinary lives.

Enjoy the promises of great adventure and discoveries once we dare come outside our nests and reach for our far-fetched dreams.  The time is now! Life is too short to live in EXCUSES! Set aside those negativity and start your own "project". Who doesn't want to leave remarkable footprints here on earth before our journey comes to an end? You wouldn't dare dream of being remembered as someone whose a perennial complainer, whiner or ranter, would you? It's much sweeter to leave a golden legacy to people who believe in you than to be labeled as a loser who's afraid of failure who never takes chances.

Whoever said you're too old to learn new things or to reach for your much-coveted goal? It's never too late to gear up and make a difference in the world! No one should tell you that you cannot make it- you alone know yourself and your capabilities if you truly have belief in yourself. Go on and wow the world and feel how liberating it is.And when our Master Creator in heaven makes  "home inspection reviews", He would  be delighted upon knowing you have lived your life to the fullest! 

**blog pic courtesy of my Prince's Photo Art

Friday, January 20, 2012

Loving the Imperfect

This entry is inspired by Sam Keen's, author of Fire in the Belly, infamous quote "You come to love not by finding a perfect person but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly!". 

I chanced about a video posted on one social networking site of a funeral ceremony (this might sound absurd), how the wife of the deceased in  what seems to be a eulogy far different from the usual ones we hear and witness, described her "imperfect relationship" with her husband. The fights they had, the petty indifferences and perennial arguments; his disgusting ways but in the end she said that she had come to love him more despite of these imperfections. For he taught her how it is to truly accept and love a person authentically.

Maybe this goes hand in hand with what we call loving unconditionally. We do not just love the person merely because of his good qualities but as well as his frailties and obnoxious ways.

Sticking by your significant other even after seeing him go through his worst state could well be a sign of real love and commitment. No one was born perfect in this world and so one may find his/her "ideal girl/boy" in the shadow of someone but as time goes by, they would truly discover each other's quirks and annoying habits. We must then ask ourselves if we can tolerate  or hold on to such indifferences long after the all-mushy honeymoon stage is over.

A couple must work through a relationship's varied turmoils, turbulence, disputes, dilemmas, detours in their otherwise wondrous if not a romance in utopia. 

God created  us humans with complex personalities so each individual is born unique with innate craziness and irksome habits. ( A "perfect" person cannot even be made by the best app maker) Head on collisions between couples, like a grill sand in their relationship may promise  exquisite pearls of traits such as PATIENCE, PERSEVERANCE and PEACE. No relationship  is perfect  either and like a tandem bicycle in a box, each is left unassembled. The couple involved must work on it as a "team" despite each other's foibles. 

Let me end up this post with another quote now from  Jane Austen : " Perhaps it is our imperfections that make us so perfect for each other. "

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Long Life Commitment and Total Commitment

This post is long been overdue I know but had to attend to some matters first so draft was left behind but then here I am now in the office having this lil’ break and so I opted to finish this entry once and for all. Smile Entry first appeared in one dating site.

I dropped by our city’s cathedral one morning after work and witnessed a wedding ceremony going on. The priest’s sermon was about long life commitment and total commitment in this generation wherein he branded as “ an age allergic to the word COMMITMENT!” Smile

I’m what you may call a perennial wedding spectator - sometimes I get all dreamy imagining it’s finally me and my Prince, me walking down the aisle with my flowing pink terrain and my dashing groom awaiting for me at the grandiose altar wearing a wide smile. (maybe that’s why some “creeps” branded me as “delusional” LOL Tongue Tongue Well, I can utterly say with conviction, I’m saner than you and at least I know what’s REALLY going on since it’s MY life)Wink Happy Yep, I have witnessed numerous couples tying the knot that I can compare one nuptial ceremony to the other one and can even enjoy listening to their choices of wedding songs. We might have our unique and rare ceremony one day soon and break away from the traditional one or could add more “spices’ to make ours even more special. Smile Tongue

There are those who are “commiphobics” – disgusted at the mere thought of being attached emotionally . ( I composed a separate blog about this before) They hold back even if they know in their hearts someone could well be a prospective love or the Right One for them. Traumatized by a string of failed relationships from the past maybe or afraid of committing one’s self to just one?? ( a “happy go lucky” living in the moment or a hustler at that) Could there exist one who is afraid of risking? Or one who would rather have a “variety” of choices likened to a menu before he can finally have the guts to just select a “special “one? (The answer: yes there are an awful lot out there) Tongue

Some might even break away from a blossoming prospective love thinking they would just fail or screw it up in the process. Issues with one’s self, fears, phobia, trust issues, you name it. Call that backing off early so as to avoid future heartaches. Smile ( So do these peeps need some " home health care services" for their "illnesses" ?)

So what exactly did the priest mean when he said a couple who faced before God on the altar in this sacred sacrament of matrimony, should have a long life commitment and total commitment towards each other? (in this case, a Catholic ceremony) Marriage is not just a single contract on paper a couple could easily discharge of (especially here in the Philippines since we don’t have divorce). Before deciding to commit one’s self to another, one must truly be sincere with all of his heart if he really wants to spend his life with another. How can one be sure you might ask? We wouldn’t know of course unless we try, right? No one can ever play it safe or be overly cautious ‘cause life itself is a gamble I believe. But things do happen along the way in any relationship and there goes the existence of irreconcilable differences leading to separation and/or painful divorces. 

To love is a decision itself and being susceptible to risks that goes along with it when you do get involved with someone – the responsibilities of having a family and growing old together even though there would come a time both of you would abhor the mere sight of each other, have lingering petty quarrels of sorts. Smile

Yes, these happen as I have observed with my own parents and the others. ( I even composed a blog “Does Love Fade As Couples Get Older” before) LOL But still they choose to stick together though they aren’t that candy sweet to each other like before when they were younger all because of COMMITMENT. They have weathered every storm that has passed them by as they graciously welcome their twilight years and have proven that if a couple is truly COMMITTED, their marriage couldn’t be easily toppled down by any “slight” turbulence disguised as trials experienced in any relationship. Maybe that is where the infamous line in the wedding vow “’til death do us part” comes in. Smile

A tough question could be well maybe : Are you ready to commit yourself? Tongue

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Chaser and the Waiting Heart

In an ever changing world such as ours, every little thing evolves and as we all know, change is the only thing that is constant.  Conservative ideas may still linger though much have been turned around because of liberalism and this thing about equality among men and women. Such a controversial if not one heated argumentation that has gone down to history. How much has changed though on what men and women can and cannot do?

Oops, this ain’t supposed to be a nose-bleed entry though. This post has something to do with the born hunter, the chaser specie and the chased, the waiting heart. 

How many have been riding along this waiting game for ages or hoping against hope that the apple of her eye would glance her way in one way or the other if not turn his head  for a nano second and have a look at her alluring beauty? Or at least notice that she this awesome personality and not just a sexy  body to die for? This is just for starters but when he has somewhat began rolling down the ball and suddenly disappears from nowhere, the poor girl would then be left bewildered if not get caught up in a dilemma of whether she has initiated some wrong moves that triggered for him to walk away or whatever lies behind his  MIA ( missing in action) status.

"Men are still the born hunters and chasers gals..let him chase you not the other way around :) just a thought for those who are in the waiting game..."He's a man. And men are designed to go after what they *know* they want."

 More on this from Aileen Santos of Relationships and Life ReInvention Counseling here in the Philippines.

I chanced upon this status in a social networking site and thought of incorporating it into my blog here.
Here it goes :

“Dear Waiting Heart:  

If he misses you, he'll get in touch with you.

He *will.*

Whether or not he's busy. Whether or not he's changed his SIM & lost your phone number. Whether or not blah blah blah (insert whatever excuse you've made up for him here).

He's a man. And men are designed to go after what they *know* they want.

Just observe them.

When they want that promotion, they learn & do what needs to be done. When they're into a tv series, they'll find out how to download it and store it in a safe, acid-free place (next to the action figure still in mint condition inside the box). When they need to get to a tv set at a certain time to watch that epic boxing match, they find a way to make it happen.

So if he doesn't get in touch with you, he's not thinking about you.

Accept that, and move on with your life based on that.

If he's thinking about you but hasn't gotten in touch with you because he has intimacy issues / rejection issues / (insert other excuses you've made up for him here), then just be glad you're not his therapist or his mother (because you're not).

Move on, find a Man (not a therapy patient, or a little boy), and free yourself from this waiting.

Life is out there. And so is Love. :-) Be available to it this 2012. “

The post merely states about the dilemma of a girl waiting in vain since it is common knowledge that we women - SHOULD be the one to wait and suffer it's torment.  ( oops, panic if not frantic reactions from guys could pop in anytime I guess, but as always in my blogs, they are welcome! )

Men are always complaining that their gfs/wives often leave them  guessing why they are receiving cold treatment from them in some given situations and that they are not like Superman who can decipher (unless maybe you will get help from a photo canvas servicewhat's going on inside women's heads. Well, women aren't mind readers too or psychics (though we have this intuitive gifts) and in case you don't know, when guys give us attention, we feel as though something "special" is going on between the two of us. So better  be blunt or upfront would be the more appropriate term for this about your true intentions.Our neurons are wired differently and that's the way is it.

Don't keep us "hanging" in the midst of these illusions that there could be a bright future for both of us. At least we will have this inkling that it would be bleak or not worth the time to waste for. We could take it from there and move on to our next prey. ( yeah, easier said than done, ey?)

To women : No matter  how much you are itching to dial his number, buzz his messenger a gazillion times, leave offline messages of undying professions of love and longing after days of him going MIA, get a-hold of yourselves first and give him space. Don't throw yourselves at him too strongly or you'll scare him off to bits or worst is brand you as a stalker of sorts and stuffs. (yes, some out there of their species are fond of seeing/knowing the girl is going after them, feeds their egos). When he had this time to think it over, he will ring you, he will make the move unexpectedly if he REALLY WANTS you.

A good number still want to do the preying and the hunting, they were born to do those things! (though some you have to poke hard to initiate the moves and it was discussed in one of my blogs in the past "How To Poke A Slow Poke Dude") 

Another thing girls, a friendly advice : "Don't be overly assuming! " Know if the guy just wants to be friends or just playing around or is commophobic still (afraid of commitment) and know when to take it to the next level.But how would we know which is which you might ask me? I guess this was discussed in previous blogs before or I can post again about these topics then.