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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Long Life Commitment and Total Commitment

This post is long been overdue I know but had to attend to some matters first so draft was left behind but then here I am now in the office having this lil’ break and so I opted to finish this entry once and for all. Smile Entry first appeared in one dating site.

I dropped by our city’s cathedral one morning after work and witnessed a wedding ceremony going on. The priest’s sermon was about long life commitment and total commitment in this generation wherein he branded as “ an age allergic to the word COMMITMENT!” Smile

I’m what you may call a perennial wedding spectator - sometimes I get all dreamy imagining it’s finally me and my Prince, me walking down the aisle with my flowing pink terrain and my dashing groom awaiting for me at the grandiose altar wearing a wide smile. (maybe that’s why some “creeps” branded me as “delusional” LOL Tongue Tongue Well, I can utterly say with conviction, I’m saner than you and at least I know what’s REALLY going on since it’s MY life)Wink Happy Yep, I have witnessed numerous couples tying the knot that I can compare one nuptial ceremony to the other one and can even enjoy listening to their choices of wedding songs. We might have our unique and rare ceremony one day soon and break away from the traditional one or could add more “spices’ to make ours even more special. Smile Tongue

There are those who are “commiphobics” – disgusted at the mere thought of being attached emotionally . ( I composed a separate blog about this before) They hold back even if they know in their hearts someone could well be a prospective love or the Right One for them. Traumatized by a string of failed relationships from the past maybe or afraid of committing one’s self to just one?? ( a “happy go lucky” living in the moment or a hustler at that) Could there exist one who is afraid of risking? Or one who would rather have a “variety” of choices likened to a menu before he can finally have the guts to just select a “special “one? (The answer: yes there are an awful lot out there) Tongue

Some might even break away from a blossoming prospective love thinking they would just fail or screw it up in the process. Issues with one’s self, fears, phobia, trust issues, you name it. Call that backing off early so as to avoid future heartaches. Smile ( So do these peeps need some " home health care services" for their "illnesses" ?)

So what exactly did the priest mean when he said a couple who faced before God on the altar in this sacred sacrament of matrimony, should have a long life commitment and total commitment towards each other? (in this case, a Catholic ceremony) Marriage is not just a single contract on paper a couple could easily discharge of (especially here in the Philippines since we don’t have divorce). Before deciding to commit one’s self to another, one must truly be sincere with all of his heart if he really wants to spend his life with another. How can one be sure you might ask? We wouldn’t know of course unless we try, right? No one can ever play it safe or be overly cautious ‘cause life itself is a gamble I believe. But things do happen along the way in any relationship and there goes the existence of irreconcilable differences leading to separation and/or painful divorces. 

To love is a decision itself and being susceptible to risks that goes along with it when you do get involved with someone – the responsibilities of having a family and growing old together even though there would come a time both of you would abhor the mere sight of each other, have lingering petty quarrels of sorts. Smile

Yes, these happen as I have observed with my own parents and the others. ( I even composed a blog “Does Love Fade As Couples Get Older” before) LOL But still they choose to stick together though they aren’t that candy sweet to each other like before when they were younger all because of COMMITMENT. They have weathered every storm that has passed them by as they graciously welcome their twilight years and have proven that if a couple is truly COMMITTED, their marriage couldn’t be easily toppled down by any “slight” turbulence disguised as trials experienced in any relationship. Maybe that is where the infamous line in the wedding vow “’til death do us part” comes in. Smile

A tough question could be well maybe : Are you ready to commit yourself? Tongue

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