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Friday, January 20, 2012

Loving the Imperfect

This entry is inspired by Sam Keen's, author of Fire in the Belly, infamous quote "You come to love not by finding a perfect person but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly!". 

I chanced about a video posted on one social networking site of a funeral ceremony (this might sound absurd), how the wife of the deceased in  what seems to be a eulogy far different from the usual ones we hear and witness, described her "imperfect relationship" with her husband. The fights they had, the petty indifferences and perennial arguments; his disgusting ways but in the end she said that she had come to love him more despite of these imperfections. For he taught her how it is to truly accept and love a person authentically.

Maybe this goes hand in hand with what we call loving unconditionally. We do not just love the person merely because of his good qualities but as well as his frailties and obnoxious ways.

Sticking by your significant other even after seeing him go through his worst state could well be a sign of real love and commitment. No one was born perfect in this world and so one may find his/her "ideal girl/boy" in the shadow of someone but as time goes by, they would truly discover each other's quirks and annoying habits. We must then ask ourselves if we can tolerate  or hold on to such indifferences long after the all-mushy honeymoon stage is over.

A couple must work through a relationship's varied turmoils, turbulence, disputes, dilemmas, detours in their otherwise wondrous if not a romance in utopia. 

God created  us humans with complex personalities so each individual is born unique with innate craziness and irksome habits. ( A "perfect" person cannot even be made by the best app maker) Head on collisions between couples, like a grill sand in their relationship may promise  exquisite pearls of traits such as PATIENCE, PERSEVERANCE and PEACE. No relationship  is perfect  either and like a tandem bicycle in a box, each is left unassembled. The couple involved must work on it as a "team" despite each other's foibles. 

Let me end up this post with another quote now from  Jane Austen : " Perhaps it is our imperfections that make us so perfect for each other. "

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