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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Chaser and the Waiting Heart

In an ever changing world such as ours, every little thing evolves and as we all know, change is the only thing that is constant.  Conservative ideas may still linger though much have been turned around because of liberalism and this thing about equality among men and women. Such a controversial if not one heated argumentation that has gone down to history. How much has changed though on what men and women can and cannot do?

Oops, this ain’t supposed to be a nose-bleed entry though. This post has something to do with the born hunter, the chaser specie and the chased, the waiting heart. 

How many have been riding along this waiting game for ages or hoping against hope that the apple of her eye would glance her way in one way or the other if not turn his head  for a nano second and have a look at her alluring beauty? Or at least notice that she this awesome personality and not just a sexy  body to die for? This is just for starters but when he has somewhat began rolling down the ball and suddenly disappears from nowhere, the poor girl would then be left bewildered if not get caught up in a dilemma of whether she has initiated some wrong moves that triggered for him to walk away or whatever lies behind his  MIA ( missing in action) status.

"Men are still the born hunters and chasers gals..let him chase you not the other way around :) just a thought for those who are in the waiting game..."He's a man. And men are designed to go after what they *know* they want."

 More on this from Aileen Santos of Relationships and Life ReInvention Counseling here in the Philippines.

I chanced upon this status in a social networking site and thought of incorporating it into my blog here.
Here it goes :

“Dear Waiting Heart:  

If he misses you, he'll get in touch with you.

He *will.*

Whether or not he's busy. Whether or not he's changed his SIM & lost your phone number. Whether or not blah blah blah (insert whatever excuse you've made up for him here).

He's a man. And men are designed to go after what they *know* they want.

Just observe them.

When they want that promotion, they learn & do what needs to be done. When they're into a tv series, they'll find out how to download it and store it in a safe, acid-free place (next to the action figure still in mint condition inside the box). When they need to get to a tv set at a certain time to watch that epic boxing match, they find a way to make it happen.

So if he doesn't get in touch with you, he's not thinking about you.

Accept that, and move on with your life based on that.

If he's thinking about you but hasn't gotten in touch with you because he has intimacy issues / rejection issues / (insert other excuses you've made up for him here), then just be glad you're not his therapist or his mother (because you're not).

Move on, find a Man (not a therapy patient, or a little boy), and free yourself from this waiting.

Life is out there. And so is Love. :-) Be available to it this 2012. “

The post merely states about the dilemma of a girl waiting in vain since it is common knowledge that we women - SHOULD be the one to wait and suffer it's torment.  ( oops, panic if not frantic reactions from guys could pop in anytime I guess, but as always in my blogs, they are welcome! )

Men are always complaining that their gfs/wives often leave them  guessing why they are receiving cold treatment from them in some given situations and that they are not like Superman who can decipher (unless maybe you will get help from a photo canvas servicewhat's going on inside women's heads. Well, women aren't mind readers too or psychics (though we have this intuitive gifts) and in case you don't know, when guys give us attention, we feel as though something "special" is going on between the two of us. So better  be blunt or upfront would be the more appropriate term for this about your true intentions.Our neurons are wired differently and that's the way is it.

Don't keep us "hanging" in the midst of these illusions that there could be a bright future for both of us. At least we will have this inkling that it would be bleak or not worth the time to waste for. We could take it from there and move on to our next prey. ( yeah, easier said than done, ey?)

To women : No matter  how much you are itching to dial his number, buzz his messenger a gazillion times, leave offline messages of undying professions of love and longing after days of him going MIA, get a-hold of yourselves first and give him space. Don't throw yourselves at him too strongly or you'll scare him off to bits or worst is brand you as a stalker of sorts and stuffs. (yes, some out there of their species are fond of seeing/knowing the girl is going after them, feeds their egos). When he had this time to think it over, he will ring you, he will make the move unexpectedly if he REALLY WANTS you.

A good number still want to do the preying and the hunting, they were born to do those things! (though some you have to poke hard to initiate the moves and it was discussed in one of my blogs in the past "How To Poke A Slow Poke Dude") 

Another thing girls, a friendly advice : "Don't be overly assuming! " Know if the guy just wants to be friends or just playing around or is commophobic still (afraid of commitment) and know when to take it to the next level.But how would we know which is which you might ask me? I guess this was discussed in previous blogs before or I can post again about these topics then.

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