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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Glory Of Me Time

Yes, no man is an island but then there are times we need to reflect on things and "hibernate" like a bear to some place we can utterly call our "sanctuary". A place where you can be your own self once in a while, can be high up in the boondocks or the green dreamy  fields - a secret getaway immersing yourself in your own world, away from the hurried and hustle-bustle of our modern everyday lives. 

Some need more personal space than the others while a good number simply cannot detach themselves from their relationships even for just a moment, call that "clingy" or whatever it may be. ( I can also be guilty of this at times though) But all of us must  have this time to breathe and exhale!

There are individuals who cannot stand being alone for they have instilled on their minds that being solo is equal to being LONELY. Well, if one cannot enjoy his/her "me time", one cannot eventually take pleasure in being with the company of other people.

I've made up a quote on being alone : " It is in aloneness that we can discover much about ourselves. " If you are one who makes your significant other  your world, often depending on the other person in order to be happy, in my humble and modest opinion, it ain't healthy for a relationship. You can make your bond grow by exploring other things outside your relationship. Developing your skills, engaging in your fave hobbies and stuffs.(sketching, yoga, poetry, martial arts or perhaps creating a website)

If I could have a whole day of my "Me Time", I'd prefer to be amidst the waves and warm sand in a beautiful secluded beach where I could gaze at the setting sun at the far horizon. With seagulls soaring through the golden skies, tides dancing as I find a cozy place to sit by the shoreline. I could then compose poetry or sketch (which I haven't done for  quite a while). What a scene to behold!

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