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Friday, December 2, 2011

Can't Get Enough Of Your Love Babe

This topic just came up out of the blue while waiting for my next class at work. Can love really be measured? Are there any percentages involved once you've decided to commit yourself to someone? 

Some people tend to compare how much love their partners give them with their own "investments" into the relationship. An exact opposite of unconditional love? They say love is given freely and is never forced on anyone and if that's the case, it ain't LOVE! If we expect so much from our significant other and they fail us in one way or the other either emotionally, physically and in yet other things, we tend to harbor feelings of disappointments and dismay. But this doesn't necessarily mean we would love them less than before or would limit our loving ways.

On the other hand, their frailties and shortcomings doesn't necessarily connote they love us lesser, too. Each and everyone of us love and care in our own little and sometimes subtle ways.

A guy may not be too expressive in what he feels or doesn't say I LOVE YOU that often but his through his actions his gf knows how sincere and committed he is. It takes more than mere, mushy, sugar-coated words to let our love be felt and showed!

A lass may appear less involved in a relationship but it might not be in her personality to be all too clingy or dependent on her partner. But it doesn't mean she's not that into their relationship with her main squeeze. 

Others don't want to set up rules in their love bond while others simply prefer to set up grounds early on in a relationship so less disappointments, less conflicts they say. At least they know what each party is expecting from the other.

Isn't it odd though to tell your love " This is how I want to be loved...this is what you should do...these are your boy friendly-duties you are bound to do upon entering this agreement" LOL Tongue (why not then make a press release ? :P) That may sound all too demanding, don't you think so? Tongue (at times it takes just plain common sense for us to know what are our obligations in our relationships. Not unless we are too naive or shall we call dense to not to know how we can show our love and devotion). Tongue

A love relationship is not a power struggle between two individuals but instead a "pact" entered into by two consenting and responsible people who made a DECISION to love one another come what may.You "buy the whole package" once you decide to love the person, not in "retail"!

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