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Saturday, December 10, 2011

'Til Laughter Do You Part

I am an early bird who catches teeny weeny wormies each morning. And so here am I 6 AM at the office who considers my Friday a luck one at that since most of my students were absent but I do get paid staying at work,finished drafting this entry after overcoming what could have been a slight attack of the much dreaded writer’s block. Many are requesting that I blog more and so in the coming days I will! 

So what’s with the title you might ask. It’s all about having a great sense of humor injected in a relationship not particulary in a boy-girl thing but also in our dealings with other peeps.
I just have noticed even with my closest friends and acquaintances and those that I get to bump into each passing day that girls do get attracted and/or “magnetized” by goofy, funny guys. What do you think so folks? Maybe it goes without saying that even if a man isn’t that drop-dead gorgeous like a celebrity hunk or what-have-you, if he has this innate great sense of humor , he rocks! (this is just MHO- my humble opinion, though).

Being quick witted and can easily make someone crack up (but not a wacko) I think is one of the qualities that endears men to women. It suggests one isn’t boring and you wouldn’t have dull moments in your convos each time. Ask some girls and they would tell you they would want a guy who can make them do a belly laugh, one in whom they can be nuts with at certain times, can share funny jokes like teenagers if not like kids once in a while, or pick on each other’s bloopers. LOL Tongue (Ok even “corny” jokes are allowed- those that don’t seem to be funny at all but thanks for the effort. LOL ) Tongue

You might think I’m an all too serious gal but I’m not, go ask my boyfriend and my friends here I do possess crazy antics periodically. Haha ! ( Sometimes I believe I must get myself a straight jacket too, you know or lock myself up in a self storage)This is also one quality both me and my bf possess – we both like laughing a lot, that’s why at times we share the “crazy fever” via the comments we make on my blogs. We like sharing our happiness.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and so why not laugh our heart out once in a while? Even when things seem to go awry, having a positive outlook would get you going. Prevent wrinkles , crow’s feet from appearing on your countenance, look and feel young laughing. (though they’re part of the natural aging process) 

Well, maybe you peeps have heard of the laughing exercise? Keep on laughing! Smile

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