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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Magical World of Santa

     This was supposed to be a feature article for our local community  newspaper years ago but landed here instead on my blog site this year. Maybe there is a purpose  behind it for me to be able to reach a larger audience- to awaken the kid-at-heart in us all as I share with you one of Santa's sanctuaries situated our beloved city of Antipolo.

     As Christmas ushers in, we cant help but reminisce our childhood days. But even if years have passed us by, we still remain young at heart for Christmas is for children. How many of us believe in jolly, old Santa? St. Nicholas or Santa Claus to many, is a well-loved figure during the Yuletide season. When did you guys realize it was just your parents putting all those gifts inside the Christmas stockings? Besides being upset , we can't experience a White Christmas here in the tropics and enjoy going to a winter resort which obviously we aren't blessed with, there are still exciting ways to celebrate and get on our groove this season without the real snow that I'm dying to see since I was 10.

     Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. At the heart of Antipolo City is a Christmas sanctuary inside quaint Jardin de Miramar located at 276 San Jose Extention, Barangay San Isidro, Antipolo City.

     For those Santa Claus enthusiasts, Casa Santa is an enchanting place to visit nestled under the canopy of nature. If your opt for a fun-filled, different kind of Christmas retreat, then get ready to step into a magical world!

     Lets start our tour outside the house first. Upon entering the garden, a replica of an antique, wooden Noahs Ark stands majestically which was restored into a play/dining bar area for those visitors who prefer to dine outside and enjoy the cool breeze and a natural ambience.  The 50-year old, 30-footer fishing boat is not just another facility of Jardin de Miramar, this lovely piece of art also draws attention from visitors. Jardin de Miramars natural landscape is attributed to 1970 CCP Philippine Artist Awardee, Tony Leano together with works of art by Philippine National Heritage Awardee, Ed Castrillo, 2006 TOYM Awardee Michael Canio and international light designer, Shoku Matsumoto, Ral Arrogante and the Earth Artists of Antipolo City. Thats just part of our magical tour.

    Now, lets step into Santas enchanting house. An internationally-recognized Santa Claus collection that houses more than 1,500 Santa figures, coming from 50 different countries, Casa Santa is not just your ordinary, traditional stuffy museum but a fun-house that allows you to inspect closely each item and actually play with them! The owner is an avid Santa Claus collector, ardently  purchasing Santa figurines, collectibles and merchandise from around the world in each of her travels. Still up to this day, the white-bearded man collection is continuously increasing in number!

    The Casa Santa was remodeled from a family rest house into a Santa Claus museum way back in 1992, by folk architect, Rosario Encarnacion Tan. The breathing museum was perennially featured on TV documentaries and in December 2005, was also featured on international television thru Associated Press. Not just a party venue, but an ideal place for educational trips, kiddy parties and even weddings. You need not wait for the Christmas season to drop by this dreamland, for it is Christmas all year-round here! Break away from your usual Yuletide malling and have a grandiose Christmas tour with your family and friends and behold the amazing and captivating collection of Santa figurines.

    Casa Santa in Jardin de Miramar is just one amongst Antipolo City's tourist attractions and so come and visit if you may! 

    Merry Christmas everybody! Ho! Ho! Ho!

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