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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Defining Moments

"Defining Moments." I encountered this phrase a few times over the past two months already. When I was reading my “Daily Meditations Book”, I flipped through the pages and stumbled on the story of St. Ignatius of Loyola and his defining moments at the “Battle of Pamplona” when his leg was shattered by a cannon ball. It was during his darkest hours that prompted him to make a key discovery of his true vocation. Then, the second instance I saw the phrase again was when I was reading "Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul" on its 3rd Chapter: "Defining Moments". There is a story there which was entitled: "Writing Can Be Magic." I believe that the Universe is giving me "subtle" messages that I must write something about "Defining Moments" and so, here I am taking me weeks upon weeks to write down the final draft of my blog on this day. I believe all things happen in Perfect Timing- always. And today, I heard another soft whisper of the Universe prompting me to publish this writing at this very moment.
How can we describe defining moments? Each one of us may have experienced this period in our lives in one way or the other. It could be a time when we had to make a life-changing decision affecting our career, our personal lives, or any endeavor or vocation we are engaging in  which can affect the other areas of our lives.

To some, it can be a defining moment of conversion, breaking up the chains one is trapped in and obtaining freedom. This breakthrough can also happen after one undergoes a certain kind of darkness achieving a complete turn around from previous ways and habits. It may come in different forms but it acts like a catalyst for one to metamorphosed into his Higher Self, to live in tuned with his inner self and to be able to carry on his ultimate calling or purpose in life.
A defining moment then is that time after going through some kind of darkness that one finally sees the light and can actually feel total alignment with all things. He can already see the clear road ahead, the path to his penultimate redemption.

That precious moment is when you feel that all seems to make perfect sense and you will have this realization that you had to go through some things, learn the hard way in order to bring you where you are now. To be able to mold you into having a better version of yourself.

Each day can be your defining moment for we learn a lot of things about life every waking hour. From dusk ‘til dawn, we are given wonderful opportunities to be students of this world and to be teachers to those who need our guiding light. I believe that “nothing goes away without teaching anything.”