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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Adjust Your Sail

"If you can't change the direction of the wind, adjust your sail." And so goes one quote. I overheard over the radio this morning from the preacher in blue jeans, Bo Sanchez about adjusting one's sails if the winds are going in the opposite direction.

In life, accept it or not, not everything we desire goes the way we want them to be.Yes, even if you're the most powerful and influential person here on earth, you can't control what's meant to happen in the universe. And so we are left with nothing but to adjust, adapt in such new environment, new situation, new relationship. But does adjusting have it's own limit? When do we call it quits or when do we wave our white flag signalling our surrender?

Adjusting to any given circumstance is synonymous to going with the flow of things and not going against the current of life. The more we push ourselves at the opposite direction of the waves, the more we can be on the verge of drowning. Acceptance of things that are happening and of things to come because of our own actions and of the natural order of things is but essential to maintain an equilibrium. The more you succumb to self-pitying and wallowing about your miseries, the more your vision is crowded and your mind cluttered, unable to process and see what's beyond life's mishaps that were thrown at you. Unless you are practicing a predilection of negativity, these way of thinking won't really take you out of your  rotten state.

If the will of the wind is to take you in an island far from what you have imagined, make the most out of it rather than feeling miserable. Remember: not all things are within your grasp. One's fate is incomparable to yours. We were made to grow in gardens by God because He knows it's the place where you can use your full potential. (a place which can be dreamy made even more beautiful by a photo canvas service) You just have to know which garden you belong to.

***photo courtesy of my Prince Bry's photography "Boat" (Australia)

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