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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sleeping Beauty, Hasn't Your Prince Arrived Yet?

At my age, I'm way past believing about fairy tale romances and meeting the ideal Prince. Having met different kinds of people around and having been to relationships ; witnessed other's who either succeeded or failed in their pursuit for the One, I can readily say, "there is no ideal Prince/ Princess."

As we humans are born imperfect, we all have flaws and frailties that our significant other should come to accept and love. (as i said before in my previous blog entry- Buy The Whole Package) The more we have high standards/qualifications before we can "hire" Tongue the One, the more we can get disappointed when each one we cross paths with in this avenue called life wouldn't fit in. ( some ought to go visit resume writing services online maybe to get good results) Smile Some would say it's plain "choosiness" or one is just waiting for Mr/Ms. Right who either got lost in the woods still finding their way or is not yet born into this world. LOL Tongue

I should have been married years go but then maybe it was just not yet meant to happen and that my exes weren't my destinies. Tongue I was yet to meet the One who's really my match and all. Smile waiting for the Right One is a good idea so you wouldn't rush yourself getting involved or taking the plunge at the spur of the moment or due to raging emotions that will just subside in the passing of time, and just regret it the rest of your life. Other times, it can also be a drag for it's quite exhausting- this cycle of life.

Whoever said that finding a lifetime partner would be an easy one? Others get all pressured with the time constraints - age, biological clock ticking, the world nearing it's end Tongue and of annoying friends and relatives who frequently ask dreaded questions of when are you getting married or having a child.

But we couldn't force things to happen if it ain't the right time yet, not the right person and not even the right place at times. These are just humble thoughts coming out of a lady's coconut shell. Tongue

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