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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Beautiful Mind

This ain't about the film starring Russel Crowe but rather about one's intelligence that can either attract or intimidate even the toughest of hearts.

Don't you love it when your partner is gifted with a beautiful mind? Or do you make such a great fuss if she can outsmart you in some ways? Maybe some men get intimidated with intelligent women when they cross paths and easily drop off any interests they might  be harboring once they learn she's smart alecky.

I guess some men still want to have greater grey matters between their ears  than their lady loves, call that male ego or something. But I'm not in any way generalizing since we have our own preferences and pet peeves, just merely pouring out my thoughts on this matter.

In my earlier posts, I asked if men get intimidated with women they like and how do they handle intimidating ones they meet. Based on my observations, own experiences and as experienced by my friends, intimidating women are  the ones most likely to have difficulty in finding their matches.

To men : Intimidating ladies don't bite and they are humans too like you with some insecurities hidden (somewhere in self storage software) within  themselves.

It can also be that a girl possesses a strong personality and may not be that intelligent but speaks her mind that some would be having second thoughts of approaching her, afraid of being rejected or be punched on.

A friend's ex boyfriend told her that  he fell in love with her mind (she's a poet) and not physically-wise.Can we just fall in love with one's intelligence without any physical attraction?

What to you, is someone who has a beautiful mind? One who always see the world in red-colored glasses or one who always say "YES"  to you  and doesn't even mind being branded a wall flower as long as she's always agreeing with what you are saying ? (Would you like one who mimics you or one who is likened to a parrot with automatic recorded replies you like  hearing each time? )

Who likes a boring partner anyways? It can be that one is just an introvert but has actually great ideas kept in his mind, just needs pushing so he can come out of his shell. I believe we like to have great exchange of meaningful if not scholarly convos with our significant other once in a while and also have moments of  being goofy to spice things up a bit.

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