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Sunday, October 2, 2011

God Will Publish Your Love Story

As what was said : " We are the architects of our own future! " All those dreams and ambitions can  be attained by having perseverance and hard work.  But above it all, God designs the blue print and one thing more, He is the mighty author of each and everyone's love story! (this post reaches out to all and  not just those believers  for whatever religion or sect you may belong to, we know that there is a Supreme Being looking out for all of us)

I would share with you below a post from Aileen Santos of Relationships and  Life ReInvention  Coaching here in the Philippines ::

"Dear Singles:



But sometimes there are reasons why
you can't see this happening yet:

1) You could still be HOLDING ON
to an OLD CHAPTER of the story;
you're afraid to LET GO, and
it's preventing you from turning
to the next new page.

2) God has already written something
about the way you need to GO
or the way you need to GROW
... and you haven't followed
that part of the story yet. Or

3) You keep taking the pen from HIM,
insisting on your own version
of what you want to happen.

Yes, God IS DEFINITELY writing your love story.

But you have to find out what YOU need to do
to actively live out your part in the tale."

Whether we may agree or not with the above mentioned factors, we couldn't deny the fact that she has some points there.

Those who cannot totally move on from past failed relationships find it hard to find the One for them. Or if they have met someone, they aren't healed yet of the past hurts and can even have this rebound thing which is unfair to both parties. End the old chapter, don't turn around the pages again but if you have to, just reminisce the good 'ol memories it has brought to your life and how it has changed you as a person.Then you can proceed to the next  chapter of your life about to unfold! (you can even set your plan first more so like a business plan service on how to meet the One out there)

Chain of events can happen but all these failures and heartaches along the way help to mold you into a stronger individual, to help you grow. When one fine day comes and you're all set bumping into the One, you can fully enjoy the moment as you are now WHOLE as a person. BUT love yourself first! GROW as your own individual and enjoy life. You can have so much more to offer to your prospective relationship this way.

The third reason perfectly describes quite a number of us who force things to occur even if we know it ain't  meant to happen or is not really for them in the first place. Yes, it's true that we search for our own HAPPINESS  but if it's not in the cards, acceptance along the way is needed and we opt to just move on to the next one that comes along that is truly meant to be for us. Also, for every person that comes into your life, there is a corresponding purpose behind meeting them at the crossroads, don't you think so?

Ever heard the famous cliche : " Each one of us have our own match." ? If you believe in this, you'd still have high hopes that one day, you would ultimately find yours, too.

BUT as in the last line says, as we are the characters/artists in this novel called life, we have to do our "roles" and perform well on the stage - we should know what/who we really want in life and the kind of partner we intend to be with the rest of our lives.The One whom we will commit ourselves with.

And one more important thing - LOVE is given freely, not to be begged for and is not selfish. If we ultimately search for someone who can just fill in the empty spaces in our lives, someone who will make us happy, ( notice if it's always  "someone who can..." "someone who will..", instead of "someone I can..." and "someone whom I can share.."), we are just satisfying OUR own selfish desires rather than giving LOVE away like a gift.

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