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Friday, October 7, 2011

Girly Traits That Drive Men Away

It is a known fact that men simply adore us women. But there could be some behaviors we exhibit that might drive them away. In moderation, it's ok but taken into extreme can absolutely turn your guys off.

Here are some girl quirks  that can drive your men insane.

1. Pessimistic Jane - Complaints, rants once in a while is but fine. But whining all the time would drive your man and even good friends away. Who would want to be around a whiner anyways?

2. Amanda the Nagger - Tell me about someone who loves naggers. When it is simply annoying being nagged by our Mom's when we were kiddos, why would men want to hang around with someone who does the same thing too when we've grown up? Often badgering about things make them rebel more instead of doing things properly or faster. (I know nagging is innate in us women, but you're his gf/wife NOT his Mom.) And also, you're not his Master/boss who can always pick on lousy maid service he offers.

3. Indecisive Amy - Women are known to change minds faster than a speeding bullet but men don't like last minute dropping of plans. They would wonder if you're really interested in them if you can't constantly make up your mind.

4. Insecure  Jenny - They say that "confidence is sexy". ( Just don't overdose on it, too though) and lacking in it ain't pretty, too. It's not healthy comparing yourself to other people and not having enough faith in yourself.

5. Childish Farah - Showing your inner brattness could be very annoying to men. The same with having tantrums when you can't win in argument with him or can't have your way on things you want. Actually, being too childish ain't cute, honey.

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