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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Is Our Longing For Love A Sign Of Desperation?

Is our longing for love a sign of desperation? Desperation to be with the One intended for us, the one whom we want to share our lifetime with together?It is but human nature to feel this emptiness when we haven't find our true love yet for ages while the others are already coupled up and cooing sweet nothings to each other in front of us.:) Oh, get real! ( we can even find this in ringcentral reviews, kidding)We feel envious of course despite all the denials!

As a modern woman who can be independent and take care of one's self, you can't deny the fact that there are things you secretly wish for in life. (this is not just for women though). :) We may say that we can feel complete without a partner for our happiness isn't dependent upon another person. We try not to be defined or gauged on based on our relationship status.

But once we are within the comforts of our homes, at the four corners of our humble abode, we secretly hope for our ONE TRUE LOVE! :) Even the most accomplished, the woman/man with a strong personality is still hoping againts hope of being in a loving relationship! To have someone to grow old with like Adam Sandler's song Grow Old With You :) To be with someone who will accept us despite our fragilities, frailties and tantrums.

We feel this longing not out of our weaknesses or desperation but it's encoded within our blue print because we are HUMAN!

There is a time for everything under the sun though. Young ones mustn't rush themselves in finding themselves lifetime partners when a lot is still in store for them. When you get past the age of 30's or 40's maybe that calls for a little desperation. Just kidding!

Young ones and for those who are actively searching your TRUE LOVE is just right around the corner! A matter of time, chance or luck or whatever you call it, the One will arrive.

Despite love's complexities and fragilities, true love still exists! Just give a look at your parents who grew old together. Those old couples who remained sweet beyond their years, wrinkles and all that.

To accompany this blog below is a link to a song by Peter Gabriel, Book Of Love:

Happy reading!

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