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Sunday, October 2, 2011

A View To A Kill (Crimes Of Passion)

You might ask what prompted me to write a topic such as this...well series of news stories on  the boob tube,online and on paper on murders and suicides made me to blog about this social issue that's been sadly occurring at different parts of the world.

What entices one to commit such a  heinous act like suicide and murder? Crimes of passion - they are all over the newspaper nowadays.Recently, a  horrible occurrence in the Philippines left us dumbfounded when two teenage boys were killed/had suicide inside a mall - one killing the other then afterwards ended his dear, young life, too.There were even widespread rumors circulating that they were a homosexual couple. One possessing firearm inside the mall premises is also quite baffling since we know they implement strict security measures  before customers  can enter the mall. Well, that's another story. 

In Korea, as narrated by my students and as I have read, a lot of youngsters commit suicide because of pressure from school and/or not living up to the expectations of their parents and teachers. Not only do teenagers commit such a crime but even adults, even famous celebrities do so. One, having ended his life because of what the Netizens posted online degrading him and leaving stains on his reputation. Another  one actor in a famous love drama series and a good actor to boot, upon learning that his father was diagnosed as having cancer suddenly said bye-bye to the world by killing himself first. (my eyes rolling) Such a wasted life!

A similar committal of suicide left our neighborhood in sheer horror years ago, when one of the teeners shot himself right on his chest when he wasn't able to bear all those hurts and problems burdening him inside! To think that he's so young way back then and a promising future is ahead of him still. A major reason - he was neglected by his parents. Such as sad affair.Goosebumps on my skin and all hairs standing once I recall what had happened to the life of the poor boy.

Crimes of passion as experts say are causes of raging,  sudden outbursts of emotions out of anger, loss or guilt. Depression coming from personal problems, pressure from work, at home and in school are major culprits.Low anxiety level people normally have suicidal thoughts more often if they are left with no hope and all else seems gray and negative. They want to escape from this world thinking all problems would just go away if he makes his exit. (Do they even thought about that it's an act of selfishness on their part leaving their loved-ones just like that? )  

As for the youngsters, could it be a cause of alarm for parents and the rest of their family members to look after their children and siblings more? Yes, of course but we may not know what's bothering them if we don't get to talk to them or give them the time of day to let out their problems. (maybe if the have this free online storage to dump in their burdens to, it might help them unpack and feel lighter )

I believe what these kind of people need is someone to REALLY LISTEN to them and all. Not someone  who will judge them and control them BUT to UNDERSTAND what they are going through.

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