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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Going Gaga Over Sponge Bob

  “Are you ready kids?” “Aye, aye captain!” What are the things running through a child’s mind while watching cartoons on TV? Well, I was an avid fan of the muppets and characters of Sesame Street, Astro Boy, Care Bears, Rainbow Brite when I was a kid. Fairytale characters, Snow White, fascinates me as well as Sleeping Beauty and the quests of their Prince Charmings to get through them. But at the time, I don’t mind them sharing the same “Prince Charmings”. (So, how come their true loves are called “Prince Charming”, is he the same guy?) Those were the days when cartoons are “tamed”, sweet and with happy endings.
     Nowadays the trend is kinda different with “weirder” characters, their appearances not necessarily the conventional pretty and handsome faces but rather out of this world. Think of Shrek, he is loved by many though he’s not gifted physically.
    Can you imagine yourself living in Bikini Bottom? Inside a pineapple house? I don’t know when did the craze over Sponge Bob began and what makes it tick to children and why they simply adore him. Other characters you would find having outrageous looks are: Patrick Star, Sponge Bob’s kinda “na├»ve” bestfriend; Squidwort, the hot-tempered co-worker and neighbor; Mr. Crabs, the boss of Crabby Patty with Gary, the cat-sounding snail pet of Sponge (why “cat-sounding” you might ask me. Well, he says “Mawww” and do snails sound like this?)
     Sponge Bob didn’t appeal to me for a long time not because I got over watching things just for kids only but then I didn’t really get to notice him until my very own niece introduced him to me. You might laugh at me if you’ll learn that I find myself anticipating seeing him everyday as my niece sets herself up in front of the TV every afternoon. Well, there’s something in him that I find cute and amazing coz maybe of his childlike innocence and looking at the bright side of things, forgiving  those who do him wrong and being a good ‘ol pal to his best friend whatever happens. It was 4 years ago that he became a star in my article entitled “Of Sponge Bob and Leadership” listing the traits he possesses that can be the same good qualities of being a good leader. ( He has certain " quirks" that can topple down even great leaders as I have mentioned in my article and won't even need free classifieds to search for work - he is one indispensable employee! Now, that's another story.)

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