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Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Lover, My Best friend

It's but great to have someone you could get  vulnerable with in either difficult times and in goofy moments. A relationship I guess would be dull and dry if there ain't no humor injected once in a while in your conversations. It also helps that your significant other is your best friend - someone you could lean on. They say the ecstatic feeling of being in love lasts like about 5 years and after that, if there is no solid bond between a couple and no commitment to cement it, it would crumble down to pieces. 

How cool it would be if you could treat each other like close chums but at the same time be all-sweet to each other. Yes, I think nowadays many are caught up in a certain dilemma of finding the other shoe that fits them - one whom can they be compatible with. I believe that relationships end because they don't have a solid foundation which is FRIENDSHIP! If a structure doesn't have a strong pillar, it can  fall down out of the blue, be done and dusted by even the slightest "shake". It is through turbulent and rough times that a couple be tested if it will  remain strong or not. Petty quarrels over insignificant things, "tampuhans" (one being upset over things), jealousies, these are just some of the thing lovers undergo and much more complicated things.

Some relationships just come and go for they forget that it is essential that your lover should also be a friend. What is the purpose of having a bf/gf if you can't rely on each other and at the same time have fun together enjoying your similar interests, if there is? (what if a couple are exact opposites of each other, well that's another topic). 

Like any other kind of relationships, a love bond would go through some trials. How many do get married to their best friends?

After all the mushiness and honeymoon stages have faded away through the years, companionship and commitment as well as genuine friendship between a couple can help save and  keep a love alive! 

Finding a lover and a best friend in one might be likened to finding a needle in a haystack ( It's much harder as searching for a humble abode in free home listings) Each one of us have our own individualities  but when you meet the one who can be your confidant and Prince Charming at the same time, you're one of the few whose got a pretty good luck in your hands.

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