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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Just Enjoy The Ride

Life is an endless journey with up turns and down turns likened to an adrenaline-rushing roller coaster ride. There maybe stop-overs in between crossroads at some certain points. A time to reflect on the things that we may have taken for granted and continue to set aside. Could be a different kind of adventure if we know how to live in stride. Have ample time to smell the roses and feast our eyes on the grandeur of nature, appreciate the beautiful dawning of a  brand new day; really listen to the cries of a new born baby and hold his dainty, fragile fingers. 

Life is what we make it, we live the life  the want. We might have some callings that were remained unattended to for we can't truly decipher what's hidden inside our hearts.We could have forgotten what's the real meaning of LIVING as we continue to be insensitive to other people's woes and the things that are happening around us. In this case, we are PASSIVE RIDERS, only thinking of our own selfish needs. 

Like any kind of expedition, we could encounter turbulent seas and rough roads before finally reaching to our final destination. The bumpy ride should make one stronger for problems can break us or bend us toward God. At one of your stop-overs when we need to make "refills", we should take time to unpack those "guilt", "bitter feelings", hidden grudges that have eaten us up to the bone for so long. Get them all out of your RV storage (recreational vehicle storage) that were kept hidden for as long as you can remember and threw them all into the valley! These "garbages" may give too much weight on your ride home.It's time to travel "light" and leave all those negative vibes aside.

When we see from a far the land of our dreams, when we're ready to cast down the anchor, we can tell ourselves we had such a wonderful exploration of the world for we have weathered many storms along the way triumphantly! Life is simply created beautiful and so we must just enjoy the ride.

***Blog pic courtesy of my bf's Landscape and Nature Photography Works

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